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Ambrotose Complex

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Ambrotose complex is Mannatech’s original glyconutritional, formulated to support effective cell-to-cell communication. Thousands around the world have experienced the benefits of Ambrotose complex, which supplies the raw materials your body can use to create glycoforms, the structures on cell surfaces used to communicate vital messages to other cells.

This nutritional supplement provides sources of raw materials for the body to use for optimal cellular communication. Its blend of specific plant saccharides provides support for the immune system.

What can effective communication between cells mean to your health? Proper gland and organ function; proper system function, including your immune and endocrine systems; and ultimately optimal health.

Product: Ambrotose Complex
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily
Retail: $37.33
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4 Customer Reviews

by Veronica Craig-McFeely

This product taken in larger doses (3 teaspoons daily) reversed my Dad's Stage 6 Alzheimers. After 4 months he was able to speak again (in 2 languages), write, read, he knew our names, was witty and just as he used to be. I published his story Hans Story in the Seniors paper a few years ago and was told that it took 12 hours to check all the details (generally peoples testimonials are checked for approval to go to print in about 4 hours).
Pretty amazing science, nothing 'placebo effect' here, as Dad was virtually a vegetable when he first got the powder.

by Phil Latz

After being diagnosed with cancer of the larynx I was told that my radiation treatmen would probably result in many horrible side effects. Like losing teeth, loss of taste and possibly even requiring a tube into my stomach for nutrition.
However, fortunatelly, I found and began taking Ambrotose plus other Mannatech products as my treatment began.
As a result, all I experienced was some fatigue and a sore throat during the last of my six week period of radiation. I was able to eat normally throughout and only lost a few pounds.

NOTHING Compares
by Garry

My wife and I have been using the Mannatech Optimal Health range for over five years and the results we have experienced have been fantastic. - It's incredible what the body can fix when it's got the right tools.

If like me you have been looking for the 'creme de la creme' of nutritional supplements you can stop looking. It took me 10 years to find Mannatech and what an amazing (research and development) company they are - simply head and shoulders ahead of the rest mainly because of their commitment to and investment in R&D. They just keep coming out with major new health breakthroughs.

Thanks Nutritionaltree for your great site - I intend to do a review on all my favourite Mannatech Products.

Please note my opinions are honest! - I am NOT the Mannatech merchant on this site

Great Product
by Josh

This product is hard to find because it is not advertised very well. I use this product to help my internal organs stay healthy and maintain homeostasis. I recommend this product to keep your immune system strong and healthy.