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Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray

When nasal congestion makes breathing difficult and you need natural, non-drug relief, ENTSOL can help. This is the only comprehensive pre-mixed, pre-measured nasal wash system that offers a convenient method of clearing nasal passages of allergens, pollutants, dust, and dirt while helping to clear congestion and reduce nasal swelling. The convenient and unique push-button nozzle delivers a perfect dose with each spray making ENTSOL easy to use and convenient to carry when traveling.
Product: Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray
Brand: Entsol (More Products)
Size: 3.38 oz
Dosage: Use up to 6 times per day
Retail: $16.49
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29 Customer Reviews

by Margaret Dutka

I have been using this product for about ten years. This is excellent. I used to have terrible problems with sinuses but this product is a God send

It works!
by Errol

This is the first saline spray that I've actually liked! All the others come in bottles that squirt huge amounts of liquid up your nose, which winds up running back out, making a mess. I always wind up throwing the bottle away, wishing someone would make a saline spray in a bottle that has a mist affect - more like the bottles that the medicated nasal sprays come in! I guess those other bottles are ok for people that like to "irrigate" their nasal passages, but I don't have allergies, and generally have good nasal health. In the winter the air gets rather dry, and that causes a little nasal discomfort, so an occasional nasal moisturizer is all I need. I tried Simply Saline for the first time today, and it is EXACTLY what I had been hoping for. It has a nice, gentle, fine mist that you barely even feel except for the wonderful moisturizing effect it has. No harsh streams squirting up your nose, no mess of solution running down your upper lip...

Wow it works !
by william

Wow, it works! I used this product for a while to help my sinuses. It worked only some of the time for me. Also, after using this product for so long, my nose started becoming very sensitive to it. It began to feel as if my nose had a sore inside of it. I stopped using this product and tried something else.

Nasal relief FINALLY!
by James

Three weeks ago I had to housesit for a friend to help take care of their cat and dog. I didn't think I would be allergic to any of them since I myself have a dog. Several hours into the stay my sinuses got very uncomfortable and I was extremely congested. I immediately went to the store and decided to try Entsol, it was the first thing I grabbed. I can't say what a relief it was that I grabbed something that worked! After the first spray, I felt immediate relief from my congestion. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Moisturizes too!
by Stephanie

I received this product from my aunt at Christmas last year (as a stocking stuffer--she's a nurse), and used it during the winter to help keep my nose from being dry and itchy. It really works! I don't use it for allergies or congestion, but I have also heard that saline spray is good for clearing your nose of cold-causing bacteria (that's what my aunt said??) so I like to use it during the cold season and it really seems to help.

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