f Sinol USA, Inc All-Natural, Sinus Spray With Capsaicin Reviews and Information

All-Natural, Sinus Spray With Capsaicin

Sinol can be used for quick relief and as preventative maintenance if you have persistent headaches or sinus congestion. It is completely safe and FDA registered. Since Sinol contains pepper plant extract (capsaicin), you may experience a light burn sensation for a few seconds after use, like you might when eating spicy foods. This sensation means that the formula is working to relieve your headache or congestion! Sinol is recommended for ages 14 and up.
Product: All-Natural, Sinus Spray With Capsaicin
Brand: Sinol USA, Inc (More Products)
Size: 30 ml
Dosage: Use daily as needed
Retail: $17.99
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20 Customer Reviews

On a Clear Day...
by Joseph Thomas

I am an actor and I have used this product to clear my nose before a performance. My director from a few shows ago gave me this when I came down with a cold two nights before opening. It really hurts your nose. The first time I tried it I was shocked! I started to tear up a bit but after a while you get used to it. For me it is cost effective. I love how quickly it clears me up. I would/am still do buy this product.

Very Innovative!
by Alex

This nasal spray is extremely inventive. The fact that this sinus spray contains capsaicin (the same chemical that makes chilis hot) piqued my interest on this product. I used it when my sinus were extremely clogged up, and it worked very well.

When I used it, it caused a burning sensation in my nose and sinuses. After that subsided, I nolonger felt decongested and could breathe more easily. It really cleared up my nose, and I couldn't recommend it more.

Eexcellent product
by ndats

My husband has really bad allergies and his sinus gets worse when the weather changes. We tried a lot of sprays which would provide relief for an hour or two but would be the same later. then one of our friends suggested we try this out. This has worked wonders for him since he started using this 6 months ago and has provided relief from his congestion and lessened his headaches. I would strongly recommend this product

Burns like Hell! Works like a Charm!
by Kerry Hays

Ok, so as far as products go, I'm usually one way or the other. This product, I'm split right down the middle. The fantastic effects of this product are easily noticeable as it does indeed clear your sinuses. The pepper in it really works, however, I should have listened to my mother and my own body language to never put pepper up my nose. You know how you sneeze if you sniff pepper? Yeah, that's because it doesn't belong in there. Shortly after using the spray, it felt as if my entire sinus cavity was on fire. Maybe this fire is what cleansed my congestion, or maybe it was because it made my eyes water so much that it all leaked out. Maybe it was just trying to escape the pepper too. Great product, works fantastic, but if you have a sensitive nose, you may wish to stay away!

by BA

My pharmacist recommended this product to me! This nasal spray is unlike anything I have ever tried before. The key thing with this product is the slight spicy peppery ingredient within. I know that sounds odd and I would probably never have tried this without my pharmacist's recommendation, but it really does work. I had never tried a nasal spray with pepper inside, nor had the thought ever appealed to me before, but the pepper seems to wake up my whole head. When I use this, I feel a slight heat and then I feel somewhat better instantly. I have tried many other nasal sprays over the years, but none have worked for me like this one.

Some tips:

- Shake the bottle really well before using

- Use it as soon as you get the signs of congestion and it may prevent a full fledged problem

- Make sure that after you use it that you tip your head back a bit to really make sure that it gets into your nasal cavity

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