f 4Life Transfer Factor® Go Stix Reviews and Information

Transfer Factor® Go Stix

Are you ready for an easier, tastier way to take 4Life Transfer Factor with you no matter where you go? Now you have it! Go Stix offers the same great benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula in yummy, vanilla-cream powder packs.

Product: Transfer Factor® Go Stix
Brand: 4Life (More Products)
Size: 30 Packets
Dosage: 1 packet daily
Retail: $47.95
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5 Customer Reviews

by Tiff

Transfer Factor Go Stix are the best thing out there. I never drink water; I hate the taste of water because it is so plain. So, I add a Go Stix to it and now I drink about 12-16 glasses a day. These help my stomach out a lot. I use to get sick all the time from not eating and drinking and the Stix made a big difference. I have many of them in my purse so when I'm on the go I can have them. It helps my immune system a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone that has a weak immune system!

Boost Your Immune System
by A G

I am always on the go and I have a weak immune system. I tried this product because I was trying to increase the amount of water I drank each day. I keep a couple packages in my purse and in the car. It is hard for me to drink plain water, so I add a packet of Go Stix to the water bottle. I drink more water (over 8 glasses a day now) and I have more energy. Easy to use and they taste great.

Convenience is great
by Amy

I originally bought these for their convenience - loved the individual packets. They are a bit pricey, but I don't mind paying the price because I do feel like they work. I feel that it works better in certain drinks so you may have to play with different combinations before you find a taste that you like. I prefer taking it with plain water - it has no aftertaste that way. I would recomend these Go Stix if you have a weak immune system.

Easy to Use
by NRK

My husband has allergies and therefore cannot use many preventatives in conjunction with his allergy medication. I found this product for him to use last year, and have seen an effective improvement in his overall health. They are super simple to use, so he doesn't feel inconvenienced or like he is taking yet another vitamin/mineral. The only complaint that he has had is that sometimes, it doesn't blend well with what he is drinking and leaves a "chalky" aftertaste.

It's A Go!
by Christi

I used to get sick fairly easily during the winter months. My past respiratory illnesses had weakened my immune system for years and it always seemed like when winter came I would get every cold, virus or flu outbreak that came along. I decided early on before winter this year that I was going to try and go preventative by boosting my immune system. Transfer Factor Go Stix was my answer. I have been trying to drink more fluids and being able to mix this with water was a distinct advantage for me since I don't like plain water. The vanilla cream flavor is very good, the product is easy to take along and it has decreased the number of illnesses I have had this winter. It hasn't stopped all my illnesses but there has been an 80% reduction for me. I feel better and I have more energy. I have even started giving it to my kids so they don't get sick and miss a lot of school. I do find the price a little high but like I said I am really only using it during the winter months for added protection. This product really works.