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Respitrol™ is a nutritional matrix formulated to supplement what you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Respitrol™ helps support your respiratory and immune system health ... without negative side effects.

Respitrol™, in its final encapsulated form, contains a new and improved proprietary non-isolated blend of ingredients in their natural, unrefined form -- the way nature intended your body to consume them. The blend incorporates eight conditionally essential monosaccharides, sometimes called the eight miracle sugars, and other healthful ingredients, contained in all-natural form, which are designed for maximum results. Unrefined all-natural ingredients are far superior to the overly refined, purified, and processed substances found in other manufactured products.

Respitrol™ can help put the breath back in your lungs.
With Respitrol™ you can enjoy:
Help for relief from wheezing, coughing, breathing difficulty, and shortness of breath
Natural respiratory support
Natural relief from chest tightness
Support for natural respiratory health
Revitalization of your respiratory system
Improved sense of well-being
Support for healthy breathing
Conditionally essential glyco-8 nutrition
Better overall health

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Product: Respitrol
Brand: MicroNutra (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: Use as needed
Retail: $67.00
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10 Customer Reviews

by Vincent Martucci

I had a constant weez especially at night when I went to lay down in my bed--it was awful. But after taking the liquid Repitrol in the morning and at night, I have no weezing and breathing is great. I cant believe this all in one week. Please try this--as I recommend it highly

respitrol review
by Angela Crawford

I have had moderate asthma for about 7 years. It is always worse in the winter, and when I get a chest cold, can cause big problems. If I use the respitrol, I can get through a cold without even using my inhaler! Amazing! I really recommend!

by Pauline Cook

Respitrol kept me asthma free after only one week. However about six months ago I ordered one bottle of the capsules. They were charged to my Mastercard BUT I never recieved the order, so be careful.
I tried calling many, many times but never got anyone to answer.(866 850 3170)

This Product Changed my Life!
by Lara

I started using Respitrol around one year ago. I have a breathing aid and was having to use it quite regularly, so I thought I would give this product a shot. I have not had to use the aid more than a few times since. Respitrol has worked wonderfully for me.

it worked!
by Jessica

I took Respitrol and it really worked. I was always harbored by my breathing difficulties and I couldn’t do anything. I can assure you that Respitrol really works. I wanted to be in the National Guard and couldn’t because of my breathing difficulties, but now I can join without having any symptoms! Thank you so much!!

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1 Customer Opinions

Holistic Health Practitioner
by Amanda Costello, CPhT

The manufacturer of this product maintains GMP practices which is essential to quality, however, I did not notate 3rd party testing. I recommend supplements which are 3rd party tested...this means that the strength of the product being purchased is verified by another source. I would recommend checking with the manufacturer to verify 3rd party testing.

I had a difficult time locating the ingredients. I am writing this review based off the website and based off the ingredients they have listed for the product, however, I am not certain the ingredient list was all inclusive. There should be an ease to finding an ingredient list on a supplement company's literature/website, but I did not experience this.

If I did not know what this product was used for (respiratory issues), I would think this was a product for digestion, gut healing, and over all immunity. I would actually recommend this product for someone experiencing "gut" issues.

I would not recommend this product for respiratory health based on the listed ingredients. I would expect to see Vit C, pycnogenol, and other anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant type ingredients in a respiratory health product. However, that does not mean that it may not help someone...this is soley my opinion.

Amanda Costello, CPhT.
Holistic Health Practitioner

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