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Esberitox delivers uniquely powerful immune system support in a chewable tablet. It is preferred over single-herb echinacea products because it is made with an herbal combination that is more effective and addresses a broader range of immune functions than echinacea alone. That combination includes the key components of two echinacea extracts-Echinacea purpurea and pallida (purple coneflower), with Thuja (white cedar), and Baptisia (wild indigo). Esberitox has been the number one choice for immune support in Germany for more then 40 years. This revolutionary new immune system helper is sure to fight off those nasty colds and flus that seem so abundant around this time of year. Help your body get rid of colds before they even begin.
Product: Esberitox
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 100 tablets
Dosage: Take 1-3 tablets daily
Retail: $17.95
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4 Customer Reviews

The best
by Sue

It immediately relieve me of my 4 days of terrible running nose n cold!!

by Yogamom

First found this product overseas (England) when I needed Airborne or something equivalent. I have now changed to using this as it is fabulous! And since it is chewable, my boys can take it too (in smaller doses). Really boosts the immune system!

by Amy Chambers

I first bought this about 6 weeks ago. It was recommended by a friend. My daughter got very congested with a cold coming on, so I gave her 5 tabs to start, then 3 three times a day. After 2 days, the running nose dried up and sneezing stopped. I took the tabs too, so I wouldn't catch her cold. They are chewables and taste ok. I'm no scientist, but I believe the Esberitox really did boost our immune systems to fight off colds. We don't take it on a regular basis but would resume taking it if we didn't feel well.

This Stuff Works
by Trudi Konzem

I have been using this product for about the last six months. It really does help improve all my symptoms. I use it to ease my coughs and sore throat. It works really well before bedtime too, helps me get a good night sleep. If you have nights where coughing keeps you awake, you will benefit from taking this.