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Immunity Booster

Twinlab’s Immunity Booster was developed to help support immune activity and response, year round. This proactive (as opposed to reactive) formula contains an exceptional blend of clinically tested ingredients including a precise amount of Arabinoglacan plus Beta Glucan which help support the body’s immune system function.

Product: Immunity Booster
Brand: TwinLab (More Products)
Size: 90 capsules
Dosage: Take 3 capsules daily
Retail: $22.99
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9 Customer Reviews

Amazing product!
by S&DBwell

I find it hard to believe this product has not worked well for these people. My husband now 58 at he age of 19 was in a horific motorcycle accident and lost his spleen,his left kidney severly damaged but saved. As you may know the spleen produces white blood cellls that enhance our immune system. My husband is in great shape from eating well, taking a variety of suppliments and working out at the gym at least 3x per week.None-the less without a spleen has struggled with fighting off colds for most of his adult life but since I discovered Twinlabs Immunity Booster he and I rarely get hit hard by any cold or flu bug. He takes 5 the moment he feels something coming on and I just take 3. I usually kick whatever it is within an hour! He may take another 3 or more later in day to kick it out. We both have not been sick yet this cold season and our professions expose us to many sick people! We do not take the product on a regular basis but save it for our fale safe health insurance remedy. Can not hank you enough Twinlab!!!

Didn't Help Me
by M B

I am really disappointed with this TwinLab product. I have used TwinLab products in the past, and have been pleased with some of them. This immune booster isn’t one of those products. I work for a public school, and am around a lot of people. This product did nothing to enhance my immune system. I was ill just as much as I usually am in the winter.

Not Worth it
by Kate

My sister has an autoimmune disease. She tried the Immunity Booster thinking that it would prevent her from getting sick all the time. It did nothing, she still caught every single cold and virus that went around. Besides, adding the recommended three pills a day to her daily routine was a little much. She is already taking prescription meds and OTC vitamins. Just remember that it's only a one month's supply in each $23 bottle.

Stick to vitamins
by Candice

For the price and the amount of pills you have to remember to take, this immune support booster is a no go for me. I tried this product when I happened upon it on sale. I figured I'd try taking these instead of my regular regimen of vitamins I take in the morning. Being a busy stay-at-home mom of two, I found it difficult to take all three pills and it seems you really need to with this product. I'll stick with my vitamins!

good product
by nivi

My immune system is really poor. I catch cold and cough very easily. So I tried this product. It really helped me a lot. Now I get colds only one or two times in a year. My immune system has become so strong now. Thanks for this product

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1 Customer Opinions

Don't expect a mircle
by Taser

I've read the comments and I think people are expecting it to be a mircle vitamin or something. I believe it was created to protect and strengthen the immune system, not stop you from catching colds and and viruses. However, I do feel that 3 pills a day is excessive. My body doesn't like it. I take 1 or 2 pills a day; usually in the evening with a meal and when I'm going to be outside for most of the day. I find it to benefit me okay. My body can do without it, but I prefer to have that extra protection to my system.

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