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Xoçai Activ

MXI Corp recognizes the importance of providing multiple products focusing on the benefits of unprocessed cacao and açai berries. As we are all aware, there is not a single product that can please everyone. MXI Corp would now like to share with the Network some exciting information about the new Xoçai Activ™.

Xoçai Activ™ combines the wonderful flavors of unprocessed cacao, açai berries, blueberries and concord grapes, leaving you with a lasting, “dark-chocolate” taste. The antioxidant content or the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Value of Xoçai Activ™ is similar to the present Xoçai™ Beverage and Nuggets. However, the approach of Xoçai Activ™ is slightly different clearly focusing on the “All-Natural” consumer.

Activ™ has been formulated with no added colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives! Xoçai Activ™ is ideal for the “PURIST”, who wants nothing but the raw, high-antioxidant ingredients or for the “ENERGETIC”, who wants nothing holding them back in life!
Xoçai Activ™ should be stored in a cool, dry place and can be stored for up to one year before “activating”. To activate, just add warm purified (bottled, not boiled) water. The product is much lighter, so it will be easier to take wherever you go. It is ideal for the “active lifestyle”!
Product: Xoçai Activ
Brand: MXI Corp (More Products)
Size: 4 bottle pack 26 oz.
Dosage: 1 Fluid oz. per day
Retail: $150.00
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3 Customer Reviews

by Kathy

We use this, and we love it. Our family health has improved dramatically! Eczema, gone! Sinus infections, gone! Endometriosis pain, gone! Allergies, colds, gone!

Huge ORAC scores, and great value
by Elise

Activ by XOcai has helped me get rid of aches and pains that come with exercising and aging (arthritis). I also have stopped having any problems with my allergies and sinuses. I have been using the healthy chocolate drink for two months. I work out in the early to midmorning.... My energy levels during the day are steady when I used to want to nap early to mid afternoon. My crazy afternoon and evening cravings for sweets and caffeine and snacks are gone too.
This product is safe (low glycemic) for diabetics, and will write again when I find out how the grandparents are doing using it too.

by lindy turner

This is very good - acai helps get rid of toxins so your body feels fresher and healthier- it also gives you some energy!