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past buyer
by Anna

I tried this product for a long time. It is different for all who take it. With me,I couldn't figure out how or why my HAIR WAS FALLING OUT. It was the drink. It's a scheme!!!

by Charly

I have tried this product for 2 weeks and have a strong view.
Firstly it is a peasant taste and if anything can only do someone good..
However because of the multi-level platform of selling the product is quite ridiculously priced ..
if this were a product put simply through a standard sales format it would be a fraction of the price..
Its nice but not that nice!! As always Buyer Beware

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink
by LaoshuWkw

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink

new user
by kris

So I've been using this for about 2 1/2 weeks and have noticed zero difference in anything (health, allergies, joints--nada). I have a friend who fell for this scheme, but gave me 2 bottles for free...I promised I would try it. I'm following how many times and how much they told me to drink. Frankly it's a cranberry tasting type juice, but seriously..what are the green slivers in it that make it kinda chunky??? I have to work through some serious texture issues to drink this juice twice a day. They were so passionate about it, so I decided to give it a try. No help for me. I think it's just freakin juice and people get so caught up in the sales pitch and hype it's a placebo effect. And it's wayyyy too expensive for me.

energy drink
by sukhdeep singh

i want to know how going process n results

by Ric

All I know is that in this my second week using Mona Vie Active, my cartilage-reduced knees are now able to walk up and down stairs without a grimace. I am not cured, and I can't run the 100 meter dash, but this has definitely done something for my old knees. Reason I can't complain about price and all the stuff I'm reading here is because I know where I've come from. If anyone has a better way out of my pain then by all means, you have my ears.

Buy Virectin
by Paul

This the excellent post which I have seen and it helped me a lot , Thank you

Average guy
by Mark

I really get great results with MonaVie Acitive and my wife has lost 55 lbs with MonaVie RVL. Like all big companies out there some will love it other won't. For those who have not tried the product but write something negative, I think you should throw their opinions out the window. How can you comment on a movie you haven't seen yourself? We enjoy the product and know a lot of people who want the same results we are getting.

by customer

I have tried the juice and yes it could be expensive but, I see how people spend money or even steal money borrow to get a cigarette box or cartoon which cost less but, gives cancer proven. I have hypoglecimia and it has done so much for me and my health it really has improved my health and my entire family line of diabetes so try it really work

by Cheryl Relf

Not only does the juice contain low glycemic berries, it is full of antioxidants....... hey you guys out there who say it 'doesnt work', what are your criterion??? Not only has the glucosamine relieved my joint pains, but the energy factor is HUGE! Why knock it, it is just juice...... Now the 'wellmune' has 250 milllion in research into it. Please, go see for yourself!

no one special
by JR

Mona vie is nothing more than expensive berry juice with no more redeeming qualities than grape juice. I tried it for a couple of months and all I got was lots of calories and temporary sugar buzz. Keep away from this scam and save your money

by Suzzie

How does juice improve your diabetes? Interesting concept...

by Jellyman

Got sucked into the Monavie lies and find it quite embarrasing that after a year of thinking I was really doing something positive for my health and future that I was just wasting tons of time and money on a product that provides no more benefits than a glass of OJ. Why does the FDA allow so many false claims about such a mediocre product and a band of multilevel marketing racketeerers?

by Jim Silvestri

MonaVie has been around for awhile and has some proven benefits... so do bananas and apples and prunes and almonds and brussle sprouts and milk and water and air...oh man I could do that all day. Eat right, stay away from processed foods (MonaVie) and drink plenty of water. Why make some lazy snake oil salesman wealthy? MONAVIE IS A PYRAMID SCAM. They will all be belly up in a year. Karma is a good character builder.

Monavie Rocks!!!
by boo

I have been drinking the juice for a month and a bit and can say without a dought that it works. My mom has arthritis and has been in pain for years and after drinking it for a month is now off her prescription meds. The only reason people are bashing monavie is because they are jealous that people like us are feeling better and getting more financially stable from it. They are just to darn scared to step out of their comfort zones and do something to better their own life. It makes them uncomfortable when they see people doing something that they wish they could do. All I can say is it is changing my life and they are missing out!!!

by believer

ok so all you people who put down this product, have u ever actually tried it for the right amount if time. probably NOT. i am 15 and play alot of sports and used to get sick alot. my uncle first introduced me to this and i was like no way to the juice and the energy drinks. then i actually tried it and was amazed. it does make u feel better and gives u that great energy that doesnt make u hit the floor and crash. and for all of u yes my family does work for the business but dont complain about something when u havent tried it. or if u had a bad experience dont put it down b/c u probably didnt get your butts up and work. things dont just handed to you.

by Sherrill

I can actually attest to the power of this drink. I can not tell you exactly how or why, but for the past ten years i have had a severe problem with mouth ulcers.....5 or 6 at a time, ALL the time....however when I drink Monavie I have NO mouth ulcers and when I stop the drink they return. I ran out not long ago and was plagued by the painful ulcers, but I started drinking it again and they went away with three or four days, and they have not and will not return until I stop the drink again.. I hope this testimony will bring relief to others and will testify to the REAL power of the drink.

Alaska Juice Lasy
by Maggie


Why isn't Monavie sold in stores????

Why are MANY other things are not sold in stores?

Like, Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef...just to name a few...

I guess they are all Pyramid Schemes....

Really people, think before open your mouth....

Alaskan Juice Lady
by Maggie

An Ad-on to my previous post:

I have read all the reviews and have to say that people who don't like this product either never tried it themselfes or selling the competitors product and feel threatened.

And another point: You DO NOT have to become a Distributor to buy the Juice !!!!!
I am a distributor and have regular customers. There is no need to become a Distributor unless you want to make the opportunity yours.
If someone tells you thais is the only way to get the product they are lying.

Alaskan Juice Lady
by Maggie

hello all,

for beginners, I LOVE MONAVIE !!!!
A friend gave me a bottle to try, no strings attached....after 4 days I noticed all sorts of energy, which had left me long time ago. I could not go past 2 pm without crashing. No longer need that nap.
My knees feel better, no more cracking going up the stairs. No more migraines or cold feet in bed at night.
Over all I feel a lot better and healthier then I had for a long time.
Was not looking to sell anything, but MonaVie is such a great product, I would feel very guilty to not share it.
You gotta give it at least a try.....what do you have to loose ? Spendy ? Not at all if you figure you spend $4.50 a day on Coffee dribks which give you no benefits a all...check it out at

by TP

I have used the product only once before. I have read the "miracle" stories but for some reason can't find the research to back up the product. I have found, however, doctor's who don't support it, Oprah is suing MonaVie, and juices like Welch's grape juice is still better. When you type a products name into google and it comes up with words like scam and pyramid... you know its probably not a good product. I agree with someone else that marketing is taking over the actual benefit of the product. Plus, YES if you decide to workout and eat a little better you will lose weight, no matter what you are drinking. I'm sure these are the same people that buy really expensive water because its only found by the north pole or something. Get real people.

Fantastic Result
by Siman Dig

I am very appreciate on Monavie juice that helps me to reduce my weight and diabetes. I am very much thankful on Monavie.

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Average Joe
by Manard G

I have nothing to gain only an honest opinion.
When I am not taking this product I live on pain killers and have no energy. After two days on MonaVie all the pain is gone an my energy level returns. I suspect not everyone will react the same but if you are living in pain you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

resort owner and distributor
by Tom

Firstly, I will say that I drank the juice because of a very good but sick friend suggested I try it because she had very good results. No claims but when you know someone who was very sick with lupus and all the doctors do is prescribe more meds that were later taken off the shelf because they were killing just too many people than acceptable. Maybe we need to try it. I agree $3 to $5 per day for someone who was paying $3000 to $4000 per month on drugs that were shutting down the vary organs that she was trying to save is a very small price to pay for a juice that has worked now for almost 3 years.
I am a resort owner and prior a Police officer who understands what a illegal scheme is. Canada like most other countries have laws in place for this purpose. For someone to suggest that Mona Vie is illegal, lacks any sort of common sense or knowledge for that matter.
I decided to tell everyone else about this product because what it has done for me as well as my 82 year old mother. Do I make money, yes, can I give more, yes.
for people who truly want to educate themselves on the business model check
This site just explains the business model and as a business owner, I know why it's called brilliant.

Excellence is priceless
by Martha

I was introduced to Monavie in May of 2009. I did my research before started drinking it because I do not put anything in my body before investigating about it. When I read the high level of antioxidant that this product contains, I asked the person who presented the product to give me a bottle. After a week, the terrible allergy I had disappeared.

My co-workers, who all knew how bad I was feeling for a couple of weeks, noticed the difference and asked what helped me. I then mentioned the Monavie and they started drinking it too.

My right knee was swollen and hurting, from riding my bike. I then tried the "active" (green label) and the pain was gone and no more swollen knee. I am not in the business, but would recommend it to any one, as I do with my children and friends. My nephew, my sister and a couple of friends drink it.

by health nut

Every business is a pyramid, you have the big guys on top, who hired other guys who hired others who hired the general laborers, people failure with mona vie is that they didnt put the work into it so they didnt get anything out of it... i have seen paycheuqes made out to a friend of mine for this company, you will make money if you do the work, just like any other job

by Jim Dras

Textbook case of good marketing, packaging and priced as a premium product making all kinds of unfounded and unscientifically proven health claims followed by numerous testimonials supposedly backing these claims.
Shows that there is a sucker born every day. Interestingly enough a study conducted by Men’s Journal testing 8 juices placing Welch’s grape juice (which costs under $4.00 a bottle) at the top of their list using 4 key criteria.

1. Phenolic Acids,
2. Anthocyanins,
3. Vitamin C and
4. Cost per serving

Monavie on the other hand scored poorly on all counts.

People need to get back to the basics. Eat healthy, exercise and stick with products that have withstood the test of time, not some flash in the pan multi-level marketing scheme, that probably won’t be around in 10 years. Welch’s grape juice has been on store shelves for decades. Sometimes getting back to the basics seems to make the most sense for your healths sake and your pocket book.

Yes I have tried this product and THEN did my own research. I gave my remaining bottles away to a friend who was on the program but has since quit. I will be surprised if this product survives the long haul.

Satisfied Customer...
by Dominic T

Wow! some of these people are very lost. Me and my daughter started drinking it a month and a half ago. Its the best thing we had ever done for ourselves. You should not put a price on good health. I will never stop drinking it. Listen, my daughter has Lupus, since drinking this, has been feeling Great! that is just our experience. My back pain from being a truck driver and my knee pain from the Marines, gone ! Try it, what do you have to lose besides pain ?

by Lesia in Tennesse

25 years ago I was in a head on car accident. My foot was almost severed, knee cap crushed, & internal injuries. Since the accident I have suffered from chronic pain. 2 years ago my ankle had to be fused and my knee had been swollen for a year, so I was looking at knee surgery next. 4 months after my surgery it was still painful to walk. My ankle surgeon told me that if he could get rid of 75% of my pain they considered it a success. I decided to give Monavie a try. Within 2 weeks of drinking the active the swelling was gone from my knee and my fused ankle was 100% pain free. My doctor said I had done better than any patient he had ever had and released me a month early. Monavie has been a miracle for me. It has helped several of my friends, that were also skepics. If you are in pain give it a try, what do you have to loose.

Only idiots would buy this.
by Liam

The people who buy Monavie and any other miracle juice are the same ones who buy shake weights, ionic breeze, ear candles, magnetic bracelets and ab rollers.

It is painfully obvious to anyone capable of rational thought that monavie distributors are the ones making positive comments about the product.

Marketing Company Owner
by Roger Kirby

You should really read the Wikipedia entry, research them on the BBB website or the FTC website. After having all this evidence that this product is an expensive bottle of juice with no proven benefit would you want to sell it.

Also, by the very nature of its sales organization this is pyramid scheme, pure and simple. You will make the 7 folks at the top of the pyramid even more wealth than they are

Beware of comments on this board from people who are associated with this company

Not a scam
by Cindy Valush

I have read some of the reviews since mine was posted. Yes there are many skeptics but to call this a scam is silly. I have my own business so I am not in this for the money making. Like I said, I tried it and became a believer of the benefits it has to offer. Nobody is twisting your arm to try it so how are we scamming you. Pull your head out and maybe try some. I don't know what it's doing internally but I can tell you that all of the obvious benefits are positive from the better energy level to the better skin and on to the better overall feeling of well being. Nothing else in my life has changed, just added MonaVie. P.s. I am a huge veggie eater and I have 2 juicing machines (since I dislike eating fruit) and I have never felt as good as when MonaVie was added to my diet. Be a skeptic but until you try it you have no ground to stand on.

New Distributor AND Physical Therapist
by J. Montrie

I was recently introduced to Monavie and had some of the same reservations as the negative posters. However, the person introducing me is an old trusted friend who also has a health background. I decided it wouldn't hurt to at least give it a try. I don't care what ANYBODY says who wants to slam this product without ever having tried it themselves. I am a licensed physical therapist and not a stranger to health and medicine. I have woke up with a progressively worsening back ache for the last several years of my life....and I'm not quite 40. It's not surprising as my grandmother has been severely disabled with arthritis and paget's disease from a very young age as well. I HAVE NOT HAD A DAY OF PAIN SINCE I'VE BEEN DRINKING THIS STUFF. I know many people personally who've had similar experiences. Please don't criticize a product without ever having truly experienced could be detering others that could REALLY benefit!

by Lynn

You can't talk bad about something you never tried they have spent 250 million in research on this product and my whole family is doing better because of it, so do not comment if you have not tried it. it can help alot of people in this world with their health, relationships,and finances if they decided to give it a try.

skeptic turned believer
by smp

I had been in several network marketing companies before and I was sick and tired of them.
I didnt even want to start drinking this juice. I couldnt believe that a "juice" could help me. Plus, I am 21... I am fit and healthy.
Well about a month ago I got into an accident. I totaled my beautiful 328i bmw. Well, about 4-5 days after the accident I began to have SEVERE pain throughout my shoulder and neck. I could barely go to work or do much of anything at all.
Well my boss, who is a monavie distributor, told me to drink the juice and it would help. I nearly laughed at him. (actually I did laugh at him).
Well needless to say, I started drinking it and about 3-4 days later I was COMPLETELY pain free. Not only that, but I was sleeping better too. Pain free, better sleep, and of course that put me in a better mood.
You CANT claim that this was a coincidence! Pain like that just doesnt go away for no reason!

Well, after monavie helped me overcome my injuries I was still a skeptic of the network marketing idea.
My boss really wanted me to get involved though, so he took me to Canada with him for a convention.
It was there, after seeing the big picture that I decided to become a distributor.
I have been in Monavie for 3 weeks now and I have just started to make money. YAY! Its been so much fun! Dont get me wrong, its not easy. In fact, it is really tuff trying to build this business. I have to really work at it.
To all you people out there who are claiming its a scam... either you had a bad experience, or you are one who believes that multi-level-marketing companies are "evil". Either way there is no way anyone could ever convince you that Monavie is the REAL DEAL!
I just hope that one day you can come out of your shell and realize that network marketing is one of the only ways for the average joe to make millions.
There are about 3,000,000 distributors in monavie currently. If only 1 in 100,000 make it, then thats 300 very successful people that were not previously successful and probably never would have been.

by Cynthia Valush

I started MonaVie with reluctance almost a year ago. I don't believe that any one product can fix your health issues... even if they are mild. I was WRONG. I have severe allergies and just started getting shots for allergies a few months prior to MonaVie. My Dr. told me that I need to commit to weekly shots for 3 - 5 years before I will see real results. I still get shots (only now for 13 months) but my allergies do not bother me since being on MonaVie. No symptoms even after the weekly shot. No inhaler. No allergy meds. Nothing. Also, my skin is more clear and bright, my hair looks better, my mind is more focused. I sleep like a baby and my lab work from my last physical is the best it's been in years. By todays medical standards I am probably a good 40 lbs. overweight but I am healthy and I have the blood work to show. Don't let me forget to tell you about the ENERGY that I have. So, I am not a fitness freak just someone that wants better health. I have found it with MonaVie. It is not a scam. You can make legite money. I became a distributor and have signed up 2 people. MonaVie sent a Visa Debit card to me with $115.00 on it. I literally did nothing but share it with my friends. Imagine if I really went all out to spread the good word. Don't believe me, try it for yourself.

monavie 4 me
by kurt

For all you skeptics mona vie is the best source of nutrition there is!!! I know so many people that have achieved so many results!! When their doctor`s can`t even believe it !! monavie has personally fixed my wrist!! I have had a bad wrist with a ring of pain for the past 7 yrs! 10 days on the active, no pain!!! I have more energy, I sleep like a rock! monavie is a good buisness oppertunity if you are not LAZY! It has replaced my income with an average 0f 10hrs a week part time!! The people that are involved with this company are like none other! nice , friendly and willing to help you every step of the way! now how many job`s can you go to and find this!!! nothing beats passive income! monavie does deliver!!

If it sounds too good to be true...IT IS
by Anonymous

I attended one of those "MonaVie Tasting" meetings and I can actually say this is the fourth network marketing scheme I have stumbled upon in the last couple years of my life. These marketing schemers know that most people will believe anything they believe will help them make money or live the lifestyle they've always wanted. This was the worst meeting I have ever been to, the people who were doing the sales pitch did not know much about the product and repeated word for word what the "MonaVie bible" said. They believed they were part of a great company and that they too could become "Black Diamonds" if they just sold more MonaVie, although they did not know anyone who became one personally. I can't believe how stupid people are nowdays, if you even type in MonaVie to google, all that come up are scam warnings. Why would you buy a $32 wholesale bottle of MonaVie when you could just buy some fruits for about $7 at a farmers market and get better results? Do you even know what kind of crap they put in that bottle? Are you going to test every ingredient in there? Waste of time and money if you ask me. Oh and to all those who create these marketing schemes, check google before you start making "legitimate" claims about your product. Maybe you should pay to have those revealing scam sites covered up.

I wouldnt touch this with a 10 foot pole!
by Me

Go ahead and Wikipedia Mona Vie. There it will show you numerous reasons NOT to trust MonaVie. Through contract laboratory studies, it shows that this product contains low levels of any antioxident or vitamin. And if your going to get info on something dont get it from someone who sells the product 'cause obviously, theyre going to boast on their own product. This 'rich$active' individual comes off as very unproffesional to me in the sense that, ANY good trust worthy seller would have advised to do your own research rather than saying- Theyre wrong, my product works, I make a lot of money with sales on this product,so buy my product! To someone just giving there opinion. ... ; I did my research,,, And for those interested in taking an authentic acai berry supplement, Make Sure to check out Perfect Acai, that gets their product straight from the Amazon,is pure and all acai pulp, and have been approved w successful studies.

regular guy
by Joe

People claim to be healthier, and you don't like it. People are making money, and you don't like it. Some of you guys must be socialist.

It's the real deal.

Sounds too good to be true--but it does work!
by livingwithoutallergies

I reluctantly gave this a try and am so happy I did. I have lived with allergies and all the cost and inconvenience that entails for most of my life. Since starting to drink the Monavie, my allergies are almost nonexistant. It sounds too good to be true, but I am proof that it isn't. It is cheaper than living with allergies.

It works!
by rich$active

First off directing this review to Cheryl who wrote her 'empty promise' Review. Unfortunatley your body isnt capable of benefiting from fruits. That and you work for Barlean haha. This product is amazing and trying it for one day and goin to the ER? From fruits? Were you not keen enough to check your allergies? The facts are there, yes it is a business as well, and the reason why people are making money is because the PRODUCT WORKS! it is a form of MLM marketing but to be honest most pyramids require you to sell product not share it like Monavie. I myself began just by drinking a bottle that was givin to me. To this day I have never slept so good, and maintained the smoothest bout of energy the whole day. I would really like to see the evidence that you went to the ER from the juice. It is not a scam, you don't lose any money at all. It's not a get rich quick scheme but there is money to be made if you set it up properly and stay plugged in. The people to think these companies are scams should think again. Would a scam be offering a product that really works! would a scam be making me an xtra $2000 dollars a month? (Working 5 hrs a week being involved with it) If it is a "scam" so to say it is the best "scam" I will ever be a part. Monavie changed my health and my financial worries. Taste, Feel, Share Monavie!

empty promise
by Cheryl

This product is not geared for the health of individuals. I sat in on a meeting and there was little discussion about the product itself, many of them false claims. There is NO scientific proof with this company. Mona Vie is all about profit, how many people one can lure in order to make money. I have been with these marketing companies before and find the majority of them to be a scam.

I had tried the red-pulse, and green -active, for just one day. You want to know where I ended up because of the ingredients in this stuff...ER after an allergic reaction. My body is sensitive and if there is crap thrown into any type of product this is how I react to it. Two bottles cost me 70.00, the ER cost me, that is not fair. I suffered a horrible migraine, red blotchy rash over my body, and extreme fatigue. There is no 100% factual data on this product and those with intellectual brain knows this...I sought out the real scientist and did manage to get the complete info on Mona is pure garbage and a money making pyramid scheme..same as an marketing system.

I gave my daughter a small portion of the green active and she herself had the worst headache. She felt fatigued and out of sorts. If a company produces a product please have the true scientific facts before you think this product is great.

Barlean's carries a wonderful product called Olive leaf that cost only 18.00 for 24 servings. Also, Reservatrol by enzymatic therapy is pure and contains no sugar or any other garbage.

If you are thinking of Mona Vie...stop and don't bother. A product that is supposed to make you healthy ends up making you sick. Really check your sources online before getting into the scheme of this. If it is too good to be probably doesn't work! Don't wast 2 hours in a meeting listening to how the head guy is going to buy a Lamborgini with how much he makes. How about the true health of a person. Also, the Acai Berry is not the most potent.....the MAQUI superberry is by Orac...get your facts straight.

Still trying to get over the effects of is like a bad flu shot.

by Richard

My wife sighned up for monavie and did not tell me about it.Just started feeding it to me.I hate v8 and most fruit drinks taste horrid to me but i liked monavie from the first time i tried it.I suffer from herniaded disc in my back and was on pain killers for over a year with no sighn of relief.from therapy nothing worked.Suffered from daily migrains as well that would keep me in bed some days and knee pain from multiple sugerys.I was a train wreck on a good day.A couple of weeks went by and came to the relization that my migrains were gone and it did not take me 10 to 30 seconds to get out of a chair i was able to jump out of bed in the morning.I was walking and climbing stairs without having to stop half way up. I was feeling alot better about everything my energy level was way up. I finally got the courage to ask my wife what it was she was feeding me. She told me Monavie .Which i replied "Monawho!" .Since then i have gone out my way to make monavie a part of my daily ritual.I also discovered you can make a little money relieving the pain and suffering of others.Monavie is anything but a scam.Please don't pass up this opportunity.If you suffer from pain like i did were told you may never work again.told to go on disability and huury up and die.Monavie is life and i offer any one who wants a piece of life to try Monavie.If you do not want to be a distributer than don't.But don't walk away without trying Monavie! Just 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces at night is all it takes. give it a shot.The only thing you got to lose is your pain and suffering.

MonaVie Helps
by Jeff A

Like many here, I spent the first three years after hearing about MonaVie calling it snake oil. I was sure that nothing in a bottle could really impact your health. Most research (and water treatments facilities) show us we just pee out most vitamin pills and supplements. I believe in the philosophy of food in its more natural form ... unprocessed when possible.

One and one half years ago, to finally prove my secretary was just gullible and to try to shut her up, I tried the juice as recommended: three months 2 x per day. Within 14 days my family realized that something was different. We felt better and had more energy. I researched the competitors extensively and the published articles on MonaVie as well as fruit itself. My family owns a California vinyard with a multitude of fresh fruit trees. So we always appreciated fresh, naturally ripened fruit which you do not regularly get in grocery stores. But lets face it, even with fresh fruit we don't have the time to prepare or juice a variety of fruit every day of every week of every year. My key conclusion was the getting nutrician from a whole food source was the most important. When possible I get it from fruit right off the tree, as a backup I have my MonaVie whole food, minimally processed juice of 19 mostly wild fruits.

So we've determined a liquid whole food supplement with a per serving cost of only ~$0.45 is a great thing for us (70+ servings in a bottle/$32 wholesale). Please go to Whole Foods and buy 19 different organic fruits and eat 10 servings worth every day of the week. In our busy life it doesn't happen. We found we couldn't do it for less money and the convenience and taste is great.

I wonder why I hated this product for so many years? The marketing method is the reason. I'm not used to it and its different. I admit, I'm much more comfortable with million dollar TV commercials and product placements in movies that try to subliminally get me to 'want' their product or service. Like most of us now, I 'research' by looking at Google who's search results are funded by companies trying to hock their products and discredit their competitors. Every typed in 'college is' into google? Who knew, but google seems to tell me its a scam!

I applaud those who experienced the product for themselves whether they were pro or con. I think the best thing is that people are really trying to improve their nutrician. We found a cheap answer for our family in MonaVie. If you don't, I hope you find something as nutricious, convenient and tasty at any price.

MonaVie if its a scam why do i feel good
by David Reed

Ive just started drinking MonaVie and already feel more alert and energized.If its a scam i dont care because i feel good, and my wife and i enjoy the time spent together being new MonaVie distributos.

monavie rocks
by Rick Beltran

I started drinking monavie active in January 2009 for a costant pain I had in the bottom of my feet after trying what foot doctors and regular doctors had me try with no sucsess. I started on monavie active after just two days of drinking monavie active I am verry happy to say I have no more foot pain.Oh yea almost forgot to say its january 31 2010 and I have not been sick not one day not even a cold.Say what you want about monavie but as far as I am cocerned monavie rocks!

Love the Juice
by Ann Jackson

I drink MonaVie, it gives me plenty of energy. Jes made a statment saying if MonaVie was a mircle juice it would be sold by Doctor's. There is a Doctor that I know who does give Monavie to their patients, but most Dr. wouldn't because if this does help keep many people healthy they wouldn't make much money.

Love the Juice
by Ann Jackson

MonaVie has done wonders for my joints. Every morning I would wake up with a lot a pain in my knee due to surgery. One day I notice I wasn't having the pain any more. This pain was their for over 4 years. I agree it may not work for everyone but it works for me. I guess this is why they have different medication on the market because what work for one may not work for others. Far as the price people will go out and spent 50.00 plus on a bottle of wine, but not on something they may just make them feel better, without a hangover. It's sad but true you will always had people who love to complain.

by Sheila

It's funny how people will go out and spend 30 to 50 dollars on a bottle of wine or liquor. It's clearly that most people don't like to spend money on their health. Something cost more then other. People spend hundreds of dollars on brand name cloths thinking it better according to the ads, you may be able to get the same thing a kmart with a different name brand. Every product out there claims to be better doesn't mean we have to bad mouth it.

Fair Shot
by Lindsay

I believe that those who can remember to take the monavie twice/day EVERY day will notice the effects. Of course everyone forgets occasionally, but on average if you take it regularly then you have to notice changes. No one can argue the legitimacy of antioxidants. I'm 26 F in good health and I have noticed that my skin, nails, hair are more healthy, thick and soft! I also sleep much better (awesome dreams too) and I am able to cope with my depressive moods MUCH much easier. I think those that haven't noticed a change haven't given it a fair shot or haven't taken it as recommended, no offense intended. I truly LOVE the juice and if I had the cash flow necessary would probably drink a bottle a day, it tastes soo so good. :) Good luck to you all and hope you give this monavie another shot :)

by Maxine

by the way, MonaVie is not $45 a bottle. It's less than that by about $10, depending on volume purchased.

The time has come...
by Maxine

I'm 58 years old and I was raised by a grandmother who was also a nurse with a strong nutrition background.
I drink MonaVie and love it. I sleep better and no longer struggle trying to get out of bed in the morning. I'm instantly awake!
The time has come for us to start protecting our health and our financial & job security.
There are criticisms about MonaVie and it's expense. Yet we spend countless $$ on burgers, fries, and various junk food and think nothing of the damage we are doing to our bodies. And we are marketed to death by Big Pharma and take it like it's normal. For most important information everyone needs to see the DVD The Marketing of Madness, found on
We go to work for other people thinking that we are "secure" because our employers offer a health plan and maybe a decent wage that we learn to get by on. But how many of us, especially just in this last year, lost jobs and lifestyles we trusted in overnight! Virtually no warning, in many cases.
I don't call that secure.
Secure means learning a new way to do what you love to do and earn $$ while doing it. Secure means trusting God to lead you into a destiny you could have never dreamed up on your own.
You know the difference between what poor and middle-class parents teach their kids and what rich parents teach theirs?
Poor and middle-class parents teach their kids to write good resumes while rich parents teach their kids how to write good business plans. Maybe they know something the schools never taught most of us..?
I don't mean to slam the poor and the middle class or even the school systems. I used to fall into both those categories and I went to public schools. But that doesn't work any more. What a shame to be beautifully equipped to survive in a world that no longer exists.
With God's help and grace I am rethinking what it means to make a living and I've long since learned to question the sources of the foods I eat - long before it was popular to do so.
I will stick with MonaVie and any other product and company that does what MonaVie does.

Simple Question
by Question

I have a case of monavie in the mail. I am 21 and got into a car accident 3 years ago and now I have arthris in my back. I am just curious to know how long before I notice some changes in my back pain!! I am so excited to try the product because I have heard nothing but good reviews!

My thoughts
by Cindy

I have been drinking MonaVie for about 3 months now and I do LOVE it. I know it can be a bit pricey but I feel I am worth it. The benefits for me have been remarkable. I sleep better, have lost weight and my joints don't hurt nearly as much. I drink the Active, but have heard positive results with the other formulas as well, but I can only testify to the Active. I will drink it as long as they make it.

Not quite sure...
by Terri

I do not like pyramid schemes as a general rule, and I am also weary that Monavie does not have any research to back up its claims, even remotely scientific. I'm also disappointed in the high cost. BUT, I have been sleeping better since I've been drinking the juice and my knees don't ache after running like they used to. I suppose my jury is still deliberating.

by Justin

I have been taking it for a couple weeks now and I have no more hip pain and my knees no longer crackle and pop. If anyone wants to become a distributor or wants to buy some email me at

Regarding health issues
by Kenny

I don't think anyone likes pyramid schemes but before stating whether or not MonaVie is a pyramid scheme, you must first consider what a pyramid scheme is. We must also understand that pyramid schemes are usually shut down by the government in the first 5-6 months.
Anyways, recently I was introduced to MonaVie by a friend and I noticed that it worked very well; the enerygy drink was very unique and kept me up (surprising because it was 80% juice..). The statistics on the company was also very good and so I joined the company--not for financial reasons--so I could tell everyone about the health benefits of MonaVie.

by kristina

I have been drinking Monavie Active for about 4 months now and my joints aren't as stiff as they were. Apparently I've lost weight but I had also lost weight previously through drinking green tea after each meal. It is expensive, which therefore limits the market to those who can afford it. My personal opinion is that everybody should have access to the best nutrition available. Heart disease is the number one killer in the US and something HAS to be done about it. It is cheaper to eat at McDonalds, than it is to buy fruit and veg and I find that extremely saddening. People are obsessed with losing weight, let's just aim to be healthy and the weight loss will take care of itself.

by Anonymous

My husband and I started drinking monavie active about 6 weeks ago, I have lost 5 lbs and my friends tell me how great my skin looks.My husband is sleeping thru the night which he never did before. He reports that his knees feel much better and can squat with no pain.

by frances

I'm your everyday skeptic about products.I'm a type of person that will try anything if its good for my health. And I have tried lots of products. I've only been taking the product for two weeks and I feel like I just have more energy and my appetite with Monavie has reduced drastically. I'm not sure if its suppose to do that but it has. I have had people tell me that I am losing weight and this really wasn't the purpose for the product. I really wanted it for health but I'll take the weight loss. I will continue to take the product everyday until I'm broke..j/k It has really helped me with my energy level during my workouts just feel like I'm giving it 100% at all times

Helps me a lot
by Janine

Very good product. Although on the pricier side I decided to give it a try and experience some very positive effects. I used to have serious digestion problems for years, and they are completely gone (didn't know this would be a side effect, so it was a nice surprise) My energy is up as well and skin looks nicer (according to friends).

by nerma milutinovic

Great product. It helps to regulate stomach, blood pressure, back pain, almost anything. I am very happy with it!

Working for me!
by Marie

I have just started taking Mona Vie three weeks ago. I was on the Active and didn't feel much improvement. October 8th I left for a driving holiday and by the end of the trip I could hardly get in and out of the vehicle because of the pain in my left hip. I was also having pain when I tried to turn over in bed at night. I changed to Pulse and noticed that I was feeling better in just a couple of days. It could be the Active was working and the change of drink was coincidental but I have almost no pain in my hip and actually forget about it just about all the time. A couple more weeks on the juice and it should be totally pain free. I have also lost 8 lbs in the last week while watching my food intake and taking Mona Vie.

by MTS

I love it. I recently broke my ankle and afterward, although it healed just fine, I occassionally could literally feel the break spot when stepping. After I began drinking Monavie the occassional discomfort has completely gone. My doctor recommended it to me as well. The cost seems high however when you break it down on a daily basis - its about 5 to 6 dollars aday. I have made a change in my spending habits and I still spend about the same except now I feel much better physically and mentally. If you value your health, I think it would be worth trying. Plus it (pulse brand) taste great. My first concern was is it good and it is. It may take a 1 or 2 tbs to feel the difference . AND if you discontinue it you may definitely feel the difference and go back to it. or just spend your money on prescriptions. It can't hurt to try, but listen to YOUR body and decide for yourself.

by n j meeks

I've been drinking Mona-vie for 2 yrs. My arthritis doesn't bother me any more & I was able to stop taking Voltarin after 20 years. My primary doc told me my last bone density test showed some improvement. My ophthalmologist told me last week my corrected vision had improved from 20/40 to 20/25. My prim doc has also reduced the strength of my Synthroid as my thyroid function has improved. I owe it all to Monavie.

wanting to be a blessing
by celia

My family and I have been researching juices as a side business for about 6 months. This was the 3rd juice we tried and is by far the tastiest. The first juice my children wouldn't even take money to drink, the second had fluoride (harmful to drink) in it, so we stopped looking. About 3 months ago my husband was asked, at the last minute, to be apart of a dinner with our 4-wheelers. MonaVie was there and my daughter and a friend drank their EMV. Loved it and that started us on our present journey. We have been selling it now for 3 weeks and we are star makers so far. Our mission is to make money for mission trips. By December (this is Oct) will be at $1k a week. Enough to do missions and bless other missionaries. This juice is helping alot of people rejuvenate their sick cells--why would you not want to be part of that.
by sheree urich

I had gone to a health fair in my area. I was given a free sample of MonaVie. The taste was great, and they claimed it was good for weight loss, so I decided, to try the product for a month because it was on sale and I needed to lose weight before my cruise in 3 weeks. I followed the directions exactly and I am happy to say, I have lost weight of 5 pounds and feel like , I have more energy.

Overrated, but not all bad...
by Skeptically Impulsive Distributor

I was thinking, "Ut oh..." once I ordered my cases of juice because the price tag was beyond hefty. "Who will actually pay $40 for this stuff?" I wondered. I've yet to find the answer; I am the only one drinking it! I think MonaVie Pulse tastes great, the original tastes ok, and the Active leaves so much to be desired. As far as health benefits go, I really do not feel any different. I was already healthy (at a healthy weight, still am, d and -- ODDLY ENOUGH -- drinking the juice INCREASED my appetite. My sleep patterns have been the same, my overall energy has been no different, and I'm left rolling my eyes thinking, "Blueberries are cheaper. So is 100% açai juice."

Basically, I see no point in drinking this juice other than feeling compelled to do so because I PAID for it. It's so costly and I really do not think it's worth the money. I gave one of the bottles to a friend (not because I wanted her to buy the juice but because I have all these bottles in my closet) and she wanted to buy some until she found out how expensive it was.

See, I impulsively signed up as a distributor after a friend of mine tugged at my heartstrings with "The MORE Project." For those who don't know, "The MORE Project" is a MonaVie-sponsored outreach program for the people in Brazil. I was curious about network marketing, too, because I'd never tried it before, and the health benefits of MonaVie made it appealing to this particular health freak.

I like the taste of Pulse, as I mentioned before, but I can't sell this stuff without passion and conviction. I can't be passionate about ripping people off. And there is a VERY cult-like aspect to this business. Some of the distributors I've met think it cures everything and then they go around dropping God's name left and right. I don't think God approves of ripping people off and I don't think He wants these people living such ostentatious lifestyles without giving back to the community... by doing MORE than THINKING you're helping a charity! I also think God should be left out of business unless you're building a church!

smac please its a scam if your lazy....
by tianna l wilds

the product is wonderful it self. i have personally seen the benefits from being a consumer and dist. i personally know my sponser Donna maire Allen started this company in jan. of 2009 and is on diamond. how many of you would like to make 200,000 plus a year. and its not just about money with this company they truly care and want to see you make to diamond and above. you believe the hype of everything you read on these site. you have to surround yourself with positive thoughts and people my mom just start the company less than a month ago and is already at star 500 you get what you put in you have to work your business millionaires arent millionaires by sitting around waiting on a break they work and surround them selves around people who want nothing!!! 0x0=0 now you do the math. this company is real and thriving and is going to continue to with or without you are me so why not geet something out of it. anything you want in life you have to work and im saying that not just as a part of monavie as person!! to see a true success story check out just google robert dean a man who came from the hood ghetto what ever you want to call it and is more than well off right now multi millionaire (monavie!!!) come on now folks scam rethink what your saying please before you put out there and discourage others from this mighty blessing thanks god bless!!!

by carter
by Bronze Executive

First off, I recently got into this business and its a great opportunity. I went from unemployed to employed. I now make enough money to support myself and not rely on unemployment. Secondly, this product is great. My whole family takes it, and all of us have a pretty bad history of heart problems, high blood pressure, and much more. I didn't start this becuase I wanted to get rich. I did it only because a guy I met told me it could help with these problems, and now everyone I've met who tried it has become addicted to it, myself included.

Star 500
by Debbie

I feel better and have more energy from drinking Monavie. We have only been distributors for 4 weeks and are already Star 500. I believe in the product and I believe in the company. You will get as much out as you put in. You can earn as little or as much as you want.

Star 1000
by Alvin

I love Monavie and so does my wife. I was taking Celebrex for arthritis when I first heard about Monavie. I had very negative side effects from the Celebrex and wanted to get off it. I ordered a case of MonaVie and stopped taking the Celebrex. That was in September of 2007. It is now September 2009 and I still have not taken Celebrex again. Where's the scam in that?

Negative Nellys Why must you, dirty a great product!
by Tammy Reinhart

I myself have never been able to take vitamins. My system refuses to keep them, and I would loose my breakfast because of it. I choose to try to eat more fruits and veggies during the day, but found I could not afford to keep up on all the necessary fruits and veggies needed to maintain the daily requirement. I had a nutritionist look at my diet because of my lack of energy and my pain. Nothing has worked to ease my chronic pain. Then I started drinking Mona Vie. I started to support a friend and thought that if it helped my aches and pains, great. I will try it for a month and see. Then I noticed I felt better with no pain. I mean no more 4 Advil’s 3 times a day better. I had energy, no more naps after work to make dinner. Then I started to share the info with friends who started drinking Mona Vie, and what do you know I am a Star 500 in two months. Now I get my juice for free. I share with my friends, and if things in my life change because of this blessing of Mona Vie that got rid of my pain, then I am all about sharing this blessing. I did not start drinking Mona Vie to make money. I started drinking Mona Vie to feel better. It worked, and the income is starting to roll in. That is the beauty of Mona Vie. If you choose to share this product with your friends and family, great. You can get your juice for free. If not, then you drink the product and get all the benefits. My friend has fibromyalgia; she has been pain free for the first time in about 5 years. Don’t knock a product unless you try it. Also, the income disclosure doesn’t account for all of the Independent Distributors, if you read it is a sample of some. If you would be interested in hearing about the blessing in my life and how to share this blessings with your friends, contact me or my website

by Dave

SCAM! Tastes okay and may help you in your mind, but it will definitely NOT change your life

by Anne

First things first- whoever wrote about inflammation and that you don't get swelling with a cut or pain....needs to understand your immunology before you embarrass yourself due to ignorance. But since this is NOT a science lesson, I will tell you that Monavie has changed my life. I had suffered with IBS for years till someone had shared the juice with me. Within weeks, I had felt better than I had felt in years!!! It has been almost a year since tasting my first sip- but I don't go a day without it!!! Thank you MONAVIE!!

by Scott

Have tried this for 2 weeks and it appears many of my aches have gone away

by Teresa Frost

My husband and If love Monavie. It has changed our lives. Before we lived on pain pills. Now we are pill free. I never had this much energy in such a long time. Thank you Monavie. Go to and check out this great product.

MonaVie Rocks
by Linda

MonaVie has done so much for my family, and we all love the taste! My husband has back issues and with MonaVie is now off all pain medication. It helps me with fatigue and those monthly mood swings and gives me so much energy. My kids love it and say it makes them feel good. MonaVie has a new energy drink too that is all natural and does give you a boost when you need it. I sing nothing but praises to the product!

Not sure...
by Diane

I'm just not sure what to think of this stuff. The wine bottle look makes me think that it's a fancy-looking energy drink. Plus the lady who had me try it really felt like a salesperson, and her info on this stuff was not too convincing. I mentioned my knee pain to her and she was totally like "oh, you need Mona Vie! It will get rid of your pain!" and went on to tell me how pain is due to inflammation and that Monavie takes care of it. First, pain is NOT always due to inflammation...what about when I cut or burn myself....that's not inflammation. Second, unless you are a physician that is very knowledgeable of the effects of Monavie, you can't just convince me that this stuff will "make pain go away," like vicadin or something.....I dunno....Since I wasn't impressed by the distributor lady, I'm skeptical about this stuff. I have to admit that she gave me a sample and it tasted not bad, in my opinion.

Just think about it.
by Greg

I have been involved with Mona Vie for a little over a year. In that year alone I've heard many testimonials about people with all different kinds of health risks. I'm not saying this juice is a cureall, but it definitely has wonderful results. In just four ounces of juice, you're getting 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Imagine spending the money on all that fruit. It practically evens out. If you're interested, check it out for yourself--

Lack of Info...sketchy
by penny

I have just begun my journey with "the juice." I am a firm believer in Acai berry products; however, it is a little sketchy that the company does not include a list of ingredients or a percentage of acai berry that is actually included in the uses words "key ingredient," but this does NOT mean main ingredient...I really need to know more about the amount of acai berry actually in the product before I am completely sold. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of acai berry (as indicated on Mona Vie website), but these mean nothing if we are unaware of the true amount in the product....

monavie active
by Nancy a.

I have been taking Monavie Active because I am trying to get pregnant. I have been taking it for 5 days already, and I have been feeling very weird. If I take it before going to bed, then I can't sleep. It keeps me awake for hors. Also, I have been having massive headaches for the last 2 days. I don't know if this is normal at the beginning or if it is not good for me at all. The one I am taking is Monavie Active .

by River

I haven't tried Monavie. I am not sure I want to try it. A 19 year-old family member is very enthusiastic about its benefits....ahem.....but he is also a newly recruited rep. I am presently researching pros and cons including the 2006 UF study of the acai berry which is only one component of Monavie. If after research I am convinced it's worth a try I will!

Still on the fence.
by Caitlin

I hated the taste of the juice at first, lets all be honest it is discusting, but tolerable. I read all the reviews and the way I see it, people either love ti or hate it, there is no inbetween, I'm definitely willing to give it a go but I really REALLY don't like the whole pyramid distributors idea... If this stuff is so good why can't I buy it at a natural health food store!?

by Martha G.

I am drinking Mona vie for about two months. I stopped taking all other vitamins to see if I felt any difference. After a week taking the product, my terrible allergies completely disappeared. I have not gotten sick with bad colds I usually had working with preschoolers. My knees were bad/swollen after riding my bike. I would say about 85% of the pain have gone away and I can bend my legs, which I could not before.

My Testimonial
by AdAm

Alright guys... here is my 2 cents. I knew I wasn't being healthy being on the go 24/7 almost never at home. I was on the fatkins diet getting my daily nutritional Taco Bell, Burger King, Panda Express, Mocasalsa, In-N-Out, with the occasional Subway or Quiznos. My family has a history of heart disease and high cholesterol as well. So I was pretty much set up for a dirt nap. Someone at my work I knew worked for MonaVie as a distributor never once asked me about if i knew about it. It was until one day I caught him passing by my office and stopped him and asked him what is that stuff. He invited me to a tasting party at his place and I didn't go simply because I was busy. Instead I went online and did my own research. (my skeptical side kicking in). When doing so I found out that this MonaVie drink is not a joke, and alas... I became a believer, and eventually distributor. Now I weight 20lbs. less than I did 4 months ago, I start my day with a shot of MonaVie Pulse, (geared toward my heart and cholesterol), a MonaVie Emv Energy drink to boost myself, and a shot of MonaVie Active right before I pass out for the day. I sleep all the way through the night now. (I can't tell you how nice that is). Look again like everyone else has said... MovaVie doesn't claim to cure anything, but 95% of users over a monthly trial have claimed to feel an over all wellness in their daily lives. You would have to buy 100% organic fruits just to even come close to the compensation for the amount of nutrients you get in a bottle. It has simply changed my life. So I leave you with this... a case of Emv around 70$.... a case of MonaVie Juice.... $130..... Knowing that your getting what your body needs to live?..... Priceless.... if you have questions for me please email

Great Product
by Tony

This is a great product as well as an excellent business opportunity. Just look at the variety of juices. You would have to pay 2 to 3 times as much if you were to go out and try to buy all of these juices individually. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these juices cannot be found in the US. As Scott H. says, don't knock it till you try it.

by Scott H.

All I know is that it worked for my Dad who underwent intense radiation treatment after having 2 neck tumors surgically removed. After 8 weeks of constant, daily exposure to high levels of radiation, the doctors were amazed at his continued stamina and energy. He took the MonaVie active every day as recommended during treatment and still takes it today. Today he is still cancer free. Try it before you knock it.


I love it. It is the best product I've ever tasted. I had tried so many products, but no one compare to mona Vie.

If you would like to know more, you can go to

Monavie Review
by Melissa

I am a skeptic by nature. I'm not a distributor. A friend suggested I try it and sent me a bottle. I wasn't big on the taste, but apparently the different blends have different tastes. I got around it be keeping it ice cold and just taking it in shots. I had no negative effects. I did start sleeping better and was able to stop taking the sleep medication I was on. I feel that I was just starting to get more positive benefits when the bottle ran out. As I said, I'm a skeptic by nature, so I don't think I would consider it a placebo effect. I also know people who drink it religiously and swear by it, including a woman who runs a natural/organic health store. I'm giving 4 stars because I think I need more time with it myself. Personally, I'm not worried about the business aspect since they're pretty much up front about it.

It's Changed my Life
by Cadice Fitzgerald

I've been using Monavie for 6 months and my health has improved drastically. I have diabetes and my insulin doses has been decreased by over 50% by my doctor. I have more energy and mental clarity. I am so glad I was willing to try it. I am going to use Monavie forever.

A little pricey
by Keith G

First off I must say this stuff tastes pretty good. However, the price is pretty ridiculous. Therefore in my opinion, not worth it.

for you haters
by JM

Okay guys, the man has entered the building..haha Yes YES YES I am a distributor and damn proud of it. I was just as skeptical if not more than any of you, but let me tell you something, what do you really have to lose here. For all you haters who are constantly down playing MonaVie, what is soo wrong with people wanting to change their health and increase their income. So what if everyone doesn't make it to be a millionaire, WAKE UP....that is most of America. Everyone does their best at whatever you do but only a select few are able to enjoy the benefits of achieving enormous success financially. This is a business like any other business. Some people who own traditional business are struggling everyday to pay the dam light bill while others are soaring above the rest...whats the difference? And most likely they are selling something that is not good for you not does anything positive for your life and yet we all spend our hard earned money there.....So why do you hold MonaVie do a different standard. No I am not making goo gobbs of money, but MonaVie pays my car note, for me that's HUGE right yes why wouldn't I keep sharing this with people. You honestly have to be a fool to not see this picture. For those of you arguing the price, don't be ignorant. We all pay more money for quality. If you want $4 to $5 juice go get that. But this is a unique blend of 19 different fruits from all over the world, of which half of them are not even available in the United States for purchase. Drinking 4oz of monavie and getting the equivalent to 13 servings of common fruits and veggies is common sense people. Some people are in great shape already and normally consume a well balanced diet, so they may not experience an immediate life altering change. Why are you looking for some reaction or shocking immediate change anyway. ITS FRUIT...FOOD IN A BOTTLE....stop being so simple minded. When you eat a bowl of fruit do you get this just life changing feeling immediately in your body? HELL NO YOU DON'T, so don't even sit there and again why do you hold MonaVie to a different standard? Its preventative maintenance, common sense guys...just like when you get an oil change in your car, when you drive away it doesn't perform any different than when you drove it in, but you do it so the car will last that 100k miles its suppose to. Same thing with our bodies. And lastly...guys Forbes, Success, Fortune, numerous health articles, US dept of agriculture, Brazil Government, numerous celebrities, Oprah, Rachel Ray, Bill Clinton, Professional Athletes would not be endorsing a product nor company without VALID substance. The numbers DO NOT lie....MonaVie has been documented as the fastest growing company in history to hit 2 billion in 4 year....numbers dont lie, I think something is being done right...And YES its about 10 times as expensive as your wack ass $4 juice, but WHY is MonaVie 10 times as financially successful? Think on that....

My mother and her friends love this stuff
by Natasha

My mom's friend Julie was the first one to buy a bottle. She said she started noticing differences in her health and overall well being. So she then bought bottles for my mother and their friends. My mother drank the juice quite diligently and did notice a slight difference in her health, but never bought another bottle because of the cost. She would have probably became a regular consumer if it wasn't for that. Julie still drinks MonaVie every day.

Monavie is all about marketing
by Lisa

As a health care professional that does not like to recommend even over the counter products because of invalid or blown out of proportion health claims, I would like to add my two cents on Monavie. Monavie is another scam. You cannot buy this juice without becoming a health distributor. My brother gave me a bottle to try and I did for a week. Unfortunately, I got the worst headaches from this product...and I NEVER get headaches. In fact, I am a very healthy person and am very fit and always eat a well balanced foods (I avoid junk). I cannot wholeheartedly endorse a product that really can't make any health claims for over 40 bucks/bottle. It is so funny how Monavie distributors make this product all about the wealth you can make from becoming a part of the company, rather than really endorsing any of the health effects. In fact, Monavie really can't make any clinically relevant health claims according to the distributors. Therefore, do you think that someone should really pay so much for this product? As for the families and children that Monavie is "helping" in Brazi, I think Monavie distributors are using this as a way to draw compassionate and caring people into the company. When I saw the Monavie testimonial video showing of one filthly rich family after another (apparently those who gained their wealth from Monavie), I was somewhat sickened that Monavie was not giving more back to the Brazilian people who grow the acai berry.

Distributors in Monavie need to give their heads a shake when they think they are actually selling wellness to people. The distributors of Monavie are nothing more than people out for themselves, trying to earn a lot of coin in a short period of time.

Monavie is nothing more than a dirty pharmaceutical company trying to deceive the public into believing the merits of a magic potion.

How do people still fall for pyramid scemes?
by Jeff

Amway with juice, and yet there are still thousands of Americans selling this snake oil. Anyone who pushes this stuff on you is not your friend.

Monavie is a SCAM
by CeeCee

Monavie is a complete scam people!!! All these positive reveiws are from distributors... trying desperately to make a buck off this rip-off product.

At $32 per bottle you are better off buying fresh fruit and vegetables and eating those. I have never been a distributor but my father has been trying to hawk this stuff for the last 18 months. With a surplus of Monavie piling up in his basement I decided to take 10 cases off his hands and I have been consuming this juice daily as recommened on the bottle.

After 4 months of faithfully taking my 2 shots daily I can tell you that it makes absolutely no difference in your health.

If you think acai is so beneficial that you need to take it, go to your local health food store and buy a bottle of 100% pure acai juice and drink that. It will be substantially cheaper than buying this overpriced "designer" juice.

MonaVie Acai Juice
by Tressy Anne O'Connor

I liked this product however I did not notice much difference when I used it. Plus it is a bit costly for a drink. I like the acai in it, I just wish it would not be so expensive.

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Health/Physical Education
by Tsali

These products work from the inside out, just because you do not feel anything means nothing. think about it, You do not feel digestion, etc. Believe me, these plants, berries are a dream in proess, the benefits far and beyond the negative factors. If any negative, the price, but try and buy the incredients and make your own juice, see how much you spend.

Response Letter
by Deschamps

You know I never write to these kinds of things but I couldn’t stand by and let someone who tries to sound so smart without clearly stating his Intent go without comment.

Your comments on first glance seem very impressive like you might know what you are talking about until I read right through it and had to respond.

The flaws were quite apparent to me when I asked myself these questions
My first question was why anyone would write such a thing about a product that is clearly help thousands of people unless there was something to gain.

The tobacco companies for years had numerous expert sounding people including doctors tell us that smoking was not harmful to your health and they were found out.

Who would benefit from tying to stop a product that was helping people with there health you have to ask, A Competitor? A drug Company? Someone with a Noble Heart?

First you claimed that taking Monavie can have side effects if not taken properly as approved by the FDA When you think of all the APPROVED drugs and the side effects that are caused by them, just listen to any commercial on TV or read any pamphlet on any drug.

Even the food matters trailer you can see it on utube say that aprox 106,000 Americans die from pharmaceutical drugs each year and these are people who are taking the drugs as directed Maybe you should be noble and direct your attention to something that’s killing people instead of helping people.

Now I know you said you only have Noble reasons for saying anything about Monavie, but like you I have never found that the case, And you said that it’s only people who want to benefit from selling the product that have anything to gain.

The great things about real life testimonies is that you can’t deny them from people
The company itself can not create them only the consumer of the product can.
And that is the truest test of a product in the market place and clearly 2 billion in cumulative sales and thousands of testimonials from people clearly speak for themselves.

According to you welshs grape juice was better for you than Monavie .
I’m not sure how long Welsh’s grape juice has been around, but I challenge you to find anyone who would have a testimony about the amazing turn around in their health they have had in drinking Welsh’s Grape Juice lets say in the last 30 years.
And I have nothing against Welsh’s Grape juice just to clear that up.

As Far as your comments regarding Multi Level Marketing goes.
You clearly do not like multi level marketing and are clearly uneducated in how it works or you wouldn’t have made such remarks as only the top 8 or 9 people will make money so it must be a scam
By the way check on the internet about the Mother Teresa Scam and the thousands of Scam’s you want with the internet today anyone can right about any product calling it a scam.
It is one of the ways companies use to market there own products and is well known in the web industry as I’m sure you are aware, because everyone likes to read about a scam
It works in Politics it sells news papers and ON THE INTERNET of course they don’t even need to be accurate in their accusations.
But the SCAM Case was already won with the Amway ruling in 1979, its actually old news and you should spend as much time researching multi level marketing as you do with your product information.
Check it out and see that even the Supreme Court supports multi level marketing as a viable and fair way to market and distribute products like any other business that’s serves customers and offers an opportunity to earn income.

In every Industry bar None all the Ceo s and high level people make all the money, or haven’t you read the New papers, on the outrageous salaries and bonuses they are awarding them selves, while they cut the work force of average people who dedicated there lives to make the company successful and then put them in the streets, so they can award themselves with more bonuses. Now That’s a Scam. Clearly the corporate way of business is your version of the proper way to do business.

Well you can see that we have opposite views and opinions and at the End of it I am still trying to decide whether you are a competitor in either the drug industry or the supplement industry who would like nothing more than Monavie to go away so you can benefit from the illness’s of people so you can try to justify and make yourself sound Noble so you can feel justified to ease you conscience.


Too Expensive
by Brian F.

I had a boss who is a Monavie distributor. I have tried the product. The product is very expensive. I was told that a person would need 2 bottles a month. The price for one bottle per month is too much money. There are other products available at a more reasonable price that will ive you the same results.

lower the price please
by Jenny

I think it's a healthy drink, but it's too pricy.

I'm sure the main objective of this product is to make everyone feel better and healthier. I hope they'll make it affordable to most people.

response to fair shot
by Hugh

I personally do not use MonaVie nor am I here to promote another Product, I am only posting this info to share knowledge with you, Your product is over priced because of how it is marketed, but that is not the bad part, the company seems to disclose only the good parts and hype and not the whole truth, Polysaccharides are indeed very good for you and do enhance immune system, monaVie seems to claim the research was done or discovered by MonaVie, when in fact most of the discovery and research was done on mushrooms, and a lot of that in foreign countries, polysaccharide K is one of the most researched. Polysaccharides are extracted from kyton that makes up the cell walls of things such as insect bones, crayfish shells and fungal cell walls, I believe yours is extracted from a yeast, how that is extracted is very important because if it is not properly broken down your body will not be able to absorb it, I can't seem to find that information, secondly there are a lot of different polysaccharides each affect your immune system differently, Most other sources are extremely cheap or free, a lot of them have much more research, the juices in your drink don't compare as favorably with other less expensive juices, none of your literature mentions the fact that you use a known carcinogen as a preservative, it is in the acceptable range for FDA and WHO as long as taken as prescribed, how ever a lot of your followers seem to think more is better, where are your warning labels to tell people not to overdose? are you getting cancer while you are feeling good? not sure why you would pick this type of preservative for a health drink, as for the rest of you, just because you feel better doesn't mean you are being cured, if that were the case cocaine would be a cure all, if you truly believe in your product then answer my questions favorably and I will be a distributor for you

Check your reach!
by K. Sabien

To John Q Public

Check your reach before you commet. MonaVie has all the scientific data you want. Start with Dr. Alex Schauss.

Too Pricy
by Gary

I find it unbeliveable that about $4.00 a day for a healthy and pain free life is too pricy. I have used Mona vie juice for over a year and feel better today than I have in a long time.

Product vs. Marketing
by William

I have just ordered my first two bottles. This product sounds interesting. The distributor from which I am purchasing this product doesn't care if I become a distributor or not...he believes in the product.

What bugs me about several of the reviews is that they are comparing this to Amway. Ok, fine. Keep in mind, though, that Amway may have been a pyramid scheme...but the products are fantastic.

Judge the product...not the Marketing.

My guess is that most of the people who are complaing about the marketing have tried a pyramid scheme in the past and have failed or lost money. That is an indication of their work ethic...not that it's a bad product.

Recommended by my Cardiologist
by Jessica

I haven't tried the product yet, but it was recommended to me by my University of South FL research Cardiologist. That has to say something for the product's validity.

Little too pricy for me!!!!!!
by B. Jenks

Don't get me wrong, it is a great product,but who can afford to drinks the stuff?

Is this Amway?
by John Q Public

This sounds to me like an Amway type scam, in the sense that the primary seller gets a higher return based on how many people he employees under him to sell this fruity crap. “Sell more, get more money. Who really gives a shit about the buyer?”
I think I saw an episode on the Sharks Cage similar to this. They guys tries to sell his drink, touting the health benefits, even going so far as to say that would cure cancer! He then based the healing properties from the information on a pamphlet he gave to the Sharks. I think they almost would have killed him he hadn’t walked out. As far as I am concerned this stuff is bunk and I wouldn't suggest it to a dying person if someone told me it was their last hope. You would have better luck with Holly Water.
Why doesn’t one of these Mona-Vie sales persons actually produce clinical proof this stuff is really good for you? They can’t because there is no scientific evidence to support it. End of Story.

by skeptic

How many of you writing comments here WORK for team or monavie???

New Mona Vie Consumer
by Steve Eaton

I've just been introduced to MonaVie and all I can say at this pointe is that it tastes good. I am interested in the business opportunity but before I can sell the stuff I've asked my MD to request appropriate blood tests to establish a baseline. 3 months from now I will reoeat the tests and see the results. Until then I choose to believe that my friends aren;t lying to me just to sell juice. They gave me a starter supply at no charge and I will do the same. At worst I'll drink some tasty juice and buy some gifts for my family. At best I'll feel better, my medical condition will improve and I'll make some money. Buy the way....about the money I'll spend buying juice for my family....I would have spent it on some other gift anyway.

How do you know it works?
by K. Anne

How do you know it works besides just what you say you feel? Do you have a measurement tool that allows you to scientifically see whether the product is absorbing? i.e. blood tests?

Remember, you may drink the product and feel it helps you, but whether or not you are ABSORBING the product is another.

by Noellah Grace

Drink it Feel It Share it.
Yes its the best. I have been on Monavie for the past 3 years. I have had no problems my kids love it. Gives us energy, clear skin and weight loss.
Just drink it to feel it.

Trust but Verify
by Rational

For obvious reasons, there are laws that require food manufacturers to provide a detailed listing of product ingredients. MonaVie does not and has not provided a legitimate reason avoiding to do so.

For even more obvious reasons, there are also laws that require businesses to stand behind claims with reputable scientific evidence (versus anecdotal). MonaVie claims to possess such evidence, but there is no hard study available to back up claims for specific MonaVie products (versus quoting other acai-related research).

Disingenuous claims and loyalities to multi-level marketing aside, until both of the above-referenced are readily available this whole conversation is academic.

While trusted friends claim it has improved their lives, others have seen no marked improvement in anything. Perhaps it helps those who are unhealthy (antioxidants always do whether from acai or blueberries) or creates a placebo effect in some users.

Jury's still out on this one...drink up!

just my opinion
by Rita

Have been on this for two years and not NOT been Ill. It taste good and is good for you and I WILL continue to take it. I have never gone two years without some kind of illiness. I do exercise and take other vitamins. I have no health ins so I must keep myself healthy. I do get 8 to 9 hrs of sleep every night and work 12 hrs days.

by Bob

I have a dislike for pyramid schemes. Pain is your friend, it lets you know you are still alive. Thank You.

Starting to believe ....maybe?
by Bill

I have been taking it for a few weeks and not giving it much thought till jumping online to check for potential scams. I like some others on this page am a total skeptic, and believe that most of these deals are gimmicks. That said, I have a terrible lower back that is a result of sports wear and tear and injuries and my back hasn't felt this good in a year. I am not concluding that Monavie is the reason, but I haven't changed any routines or other parts of my diet. I just may become a believer especially if I could also drop 10 pounds. Hahaha....sort of kidding.

by Informed

Just do the math people!

If you run the numbers from the Income Disclosure Statement found on the Monavie website you will find that this is a bad deal for a vast majority of the distributors. You don't start making any money until you get to the Star 500 level which only 10% of distributors maintain. At this level you only earn $4,095 on average a year while working an average of 520 hours. This comes out to $7.88 per hour which sounds pretty bad but it gets even worse when you include the required purchasing of the product which costs something like $30 per week or $1,560 per year for distributors because they get a discount (It may be more than this but I’m trying to be generous). So after you pay for your product you only earn $2,535 per year which adds up to $4.88 per hour. Keep in mind that only 10% of distributors reach this level.

So what would you say if I offered you a 1 in 10 chance to earn $4.88 an hour?

The next level is the Star 1000 where you can earn $14.38 on average but you only have a 4% chance of reaching this level.

One level up from that is the Bronze level where you can make $30.18 an hour on average but you only have a 2% chance of reaching this level.

I think you can all see where this is going. I’ll also mention that if you are just starting out that you have an even lower chance of attaining these levels because of the structure of the binary model. The people at the top have already staked their position and unless you believe that the market has room for infinite growth you are not going to reach the highest levels.

Let me just remind everyone that this information is readily available on the Monavie website and that you do not have to take my word for it. Take the time to do the research yourself and ask these questions to whoever is trying to get you signed up. If they are hesitant to talk to you about it or if they make you feel uncomfortable for asking about it then I think you have your answer.

Define scam here, people.
by Believer

I have finally tried Mona vie and it's energy drink. How many of you people drink energy drinks, coffee, exct..?
Most having no nutritional value and you crash from them. Some people care about their health and energy levels and they want to try a new and tasty way to do so. If you guys haven't tried the energy drink, it tastes better then the juice in my opinion and I don't want to resort back to that crappy monster drink.

Also, for all those that are on this big "scam" kick, there are much more positive reviews then negative.

SMOOTH AWAY HAIR REMOVAL, on the other hand, is an absolute scam.

Seriously, most of you have tried it from distributors first who are letting you taste the product first so that YOU the customer can decide if you even want to buy it. It's not like you have to buy it first like other products. It's your choice and many people feel like it's worth it, so why hate on them for their success.

Every one is looking out for themselves in a sense.
Don't be hypocrites.

by nunya

All of you stop hating....for those who is saying that monavie is too expensive is because you don't have the money to pay for it...I bet if you had a job that was making money you wouldn't being saying that it was would be in the business quicker then the rabbit getting busy stop hating.

Is it worth it?
by Steve

It's interesting that will not pay the money for Mona Vie, but they will spend money on $4 to $5 coffees' every morning. I'm a distributor and it doesn't make sense to consume all these products around us that the body wasn't meant to handle, but the body is a wonderful thing and it adapts.

Mona Vie juice doesn't make all these claims that it cures anything, but people out there do. That is human nature, when someone gets excited about something they will most likely share the experience. Some people have had positive health benefits as well as financial benefits. I looked at Mona Vie as a sound investment of my time due to the fact that is was my own time that would be invested and I would be consuming the product I purchased. I figured, I could be wasting my money on so many other things. Mona Vie products were more about prevention, not a cure.

You also get what you pay for. People waste a lot of money, including myself at one time, on pills and shakes. To be honest most of them are a waste of money. The body cannot really breakdown pills and absorb the nutrients that well, 10 to 15 percent. The reason Mona Vie has shown great results is because the body can absorb 97 percent of liquid nutrients.

The question still remains, is it worth it? Depends really on the person. Do your research? Mona Vie provides an email link that can answer a lot of the tough questions from a doctors perspective.

by Adam

I'm just a little curious. I am a distributor and I am proud of it. However, I push this on no one. I simply ask my people to join me for a tasting. If they like it great, if they don't that's fine too. There are some testimonials out there of people who have experienced changes in there health. That's not because monavie was designed to cure anything. It's not a drug, it's not a cure-all. It is just healthy. 90% or better of us don't get good nutrition day to day. Did you know that a person would have to eat over 50 peaches to get the nutritional value they could have got out of 2 peaches in 1950. Our soil is depleated, the pesticides and chemicals we use kill the nutritional value of our produce. How many times have you bough bananas when they were green, took them home a few days later, and had to throw them away before you ate them. This has been a problem that is getting worse and worse in our country. What it comes down to is that I sell juice in a bottle that is healthy for you. If you don't want it, or you don't like it, then that's fine. Don't drink it or sell it. It's called free enterprise. And yes, it is expensive. Boy, I wonder why people keep paying for it and the company is growing faster than any mlm company in history. Thanks for playing.

Average Consumer
by Jes

Notice that most of the people giving Monavie high ratings are SELLERS of Monavie? Coincidence? no way.

seriously people-
eat healthy, balanced diets.
maintain a healthy sleeping pattern
exercise regularly
and spend your money on something else.

if this was the miracle juice it claims to be- it would be sold through doctor's.

Give me a break- put the work into being healthy.

*and people- I realize that this is an open forum, but there's no reason to get nasty. Be nice! It's so much healthier to live happily and treat others kindly....hey- there's another health tip!

You Either Are or You Aren't
by A Mom

I'm not a distributor. I would like to see the breakdown of ingredients and percentages in Mona Vie. I have researched it.

Look, you either have an open mind or you don't. You either like it or you hate it. You're either skeptical or gullable. You either want to try it to see if you like it or you don't. Either way is ok. Its great for those that believe (by recommendation from trusted friends/family or first-hand) that there are legitimate heath benefits. And, for the critics, its ok that there are "cons" for you to chew on. There are pros and cons with everything. It is merely a condensed juice consisting of many ingredients that you most likely will not consume unless you are one of the few people who eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetable daily. Honestly now, do you?

For those of you wrestling with the cost - what price would make you change your mind? If it cost $10 would you buy/try it? What about $20? And, consider this, the bottles are 25 oz. - consumed in 2-4 oz/day. How quickly do you empty a $4 bottle of quality orange juice that is consumed 6-10ozs. at a time? Critics keep saying, "Just drink regular juice" - but how much of it would you really need to drink to equal the 2-4 oz. of Mona Vie? How many blueberries several times a day would you need to consume? Good fruit and quality vitamins/suppliements aren't cheap. There's loopholes in the critics logic too.

And, I would investigate the percentage of absorption of inexpensive vitamins and supplements. I have heard liquid is preferred for maximum absorption.

Life changing
by gary

I have been around the block with network selling, I have never seen a company as sincere as Mona vie. Its a billion dollar company for a reason, and its gonna happen with OR without you :) absolutely life changing product, with a absolutely life changing opportunity attached!

To Donna
by Kelly

Obviously you sell this product Donna

Really tired of this
by Betty

I echo Diane's sentiments, I am so freaking tired
of "reviews" that are advertisements. If a product is excellent, different, or very effective, deceptive ads are never needed. . People find out, and
they tell each other. Have you ever seen an ad for
"Cor Soap" Probably not, because they don't have to advertise, word of mouth has made them billions.

Lovin it
by I love monavie!!!!

I love monavie, I just love it!!! I love the taste and the health that this tasty drink gives me. I'm more healthier and active than ever. My whole family loves this special drink. I hope you like it to!!!!!! From, Anne a 11 year old that loves MonaVie!!!!

by Surprised

People who complain about Mona Vie being such a bad business get real. It doesnt matter what it is on the face of the planet, it is about making money. That is how the financial world functions in the big scheme of things. What does it matter? It his helping people feel better as well as helping them support their families.

You people are a joke
by Savage

MonaVie isn't just a pyramid scheme. It's a cult, and it's disguised as a legitimate business. The company, after getting a scolding from the FDA, now states that this isn't a cure or something to be used for illness. Of course the company doesn't have to lie or have false claims, because distributors do that for them. Here's a couple I've read...
1. "MonaVie is going to be part of Obama's healthcare plan."
2. "Economists and financial advisors endorse the program." This person claimed that Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and Bill Clinton were amongst this group, when none of the three are economists or financial advisors.

When you question distributors, they all try the same spin on this junk. Some people are stupid enough to believe it.

Acai berries have tested lower than blueberries, blackberries and pomegranates in antioxidant levels, and the juice tested lower than Welch's grape juice and some apple juices on health qualities. Guess what. All of these cost less than $40, and you don't have to go through a pyramid scheme for them.

People ask why this junk isn't sold through retailers. That's the whole point. The company can have distributors go out and lie about the Great Purple Hope and push the drink directly on friends and family.

Distributors and MonaVie juice drinkers, feel free to email me at if you have an intelligent and/or coherent rebuttal. I'm assuming most will be neither one, but go for it.

real Answers
by Step out!

If you actually trial MONA VIE ACTIVE and for some period of time NOT JUST ONCE.. instead of making misleading, uneduacted, slandering statements about a business approach.. you'd actually be put in your place. Have a look at the M.O.R.E project.. have a listen to the many people who have used Monavie Active and experienced FIRST HAND the results almost immediately. I for one have been trialing it becasue i am a health professional... and with no financial gain might i add.. I know what it is like to achieve success, to feel unbelievably healthy and focused. I know what it is like to have a result and be able to achieve high health standards.. STEP OUT OF YOUR LITTLE COMFORT ZONE, STOP MAKING IRRATIONAL COMMENT ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO BASE TO WORK FROM AND ......TRY IT FOR YOURSELF FOR A MONTH... TELL ME YOU DON'T FEEL ANY BETTER AFTER 1 HR let alone a month. If you gave it to the government... it would be twice the price and half the quality.. taex to the hilt.. this way we actually can earn some advantages for sharing an amazing experience..e.g you go to the movies and watch a great movie... do you get any monetary benefit for telling someone how great it was... think about that next time you have an awesome experience, shopping for clothes, food, vehicles, accessories, luxuries.. do you get anything from the review apart from a simple "thankyou i'll thnk about it" try charging them money for your reviews. not likely!!