f Puritan's Pride Bilberry 1000 mg Reviews and Information

Bilberry 1000 mg

Bilberry has been widely known to herbalists since the 16th century. This close relative of blueberries contains over 15 different naturally-occurring anthocyanosides (flavonoids) that contain beneficial antioxidant properties.** Bilberry also helps support eye function by promoting healthy circulation
Product: Bilberry 1000 mg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 90
Dosage: one softgel 1-2x daily, preferably with a meal
Retail: $15.99
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4 Customer Reviews

by Lois Myers

I have been taking Bilberry (60 mg) for at least 2 years for nightblindess. I couldn't drive at night anymore. I couldn't see the roads if it was dark so my husband started doing all the driving after dark. The glare from oncoming vehicles was terrible too. Now my vision is so much better. I have a job now that I drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark without any trouble. Bilberry has really worked for me.

To See or not to See, that is the question
by Rhonda

For many years, I have had nightblindness that made it really difficult to drive at night if the roads were not familiar to me. About 2 months ago, I read about Bilberry in an herbal handbook and figured I had nothing to lose but a little bit of money since the price for Puritan's Pride Bilberry was so friendly to my budget. I have been taking Bilberry ever since and I can definitely tell that I have benefited from this herb. My nightblindness has greatly improved and during the daytime, I have also noticed that things appear to be brighter and more clear than before. I have been greatly surprised at how quickly I got results because I really didn't expect it to help at all. This is one supplement that I intend to keep in the budget.

don't 'see' a difference
by Ashley

Having poor vision, my mother told me to start taking Bilberry a couple years ago. I suppose I am reaping health benefits, but my eyesight is not improving at all. My mother claims it's a long-term commitment, and isn't supposed to restore lost sight. Instead, she insists that it helps preserve what sight you have left. She claims that women her age, around 45, have much worse vision than her because they don't consume the proper vision nutrients. I'm hoping my mom is right. I've got bad vision as it is, and can't afford for it to get worse.

The "Eyes" Have It!
by Dee

I have had severe myopia since I was a toddler. Then, 10 years ago, I, and 2 other members of my family were diagnosed with a rare form of macular degeneration (JMD), and another has glaucoma.
I take Bilberry because I have everything to gain and nothing to lose!
I do not take it because of the old RAF legend. A rigorous trial carried out by scientists at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab in 2000 found no evidence to support that Bilberry helps the night vision of healthy men.
Some clinical studies suggest that herbs which are high in flavonoids may halt, lessen, or prevent vision problems specifically related to macular degeneration.
Along with Bilberry, I also take Grape Seed Extract and Gingko Biloba which are also high in flavonoids.
I honestly can't say whether I have been significantly helped by Bilberry. My night vision is no worse than it was 10 years ago, but it is also no better.
I am cautiously optimistic and shall continue taking Bilberry in hopes that it will help save the vision I have left.