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Bilberry 320 mg

British fighter pilots in World War II reported that bilberry jam enhanced their night vision. Bilberry supports overall eye health. Bilberry enhances visual acuity by maintaining capillary strength and promoting normal blood flow.
Product: Bilberry 320 mg
Brand: Sundown (More Products)
Size: 90
Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times per day
Retail: $4.79
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3 Customer Reviews

Worked well.
by sb

My sister works as a receptionist in a hospital. Most of her duty times are nights. Recently she was complaining that her eyes were hurting and she was suffering from blurred vision. Our family doctor told about Bilberry 320mg. She used it for few months. She got very good results and she recovered from her vision problems. She is very happy now. In my opinion Bilberry is very good in treating vision problems.

I can see!
by Mike

I stare at the computer a lot for work and fun. My eyes are always tired and sore. I guess I should just get more sleep! Even then, though, my eyes are still tired, hurting and straining all the time. When I discovered these, I was so happy. Now I take it every day and it has helped improve my eyesight, pain, and eye strain. Try it and you will love it.

Good for vision
by Sergey

Bilberry is good to improve night as well as daylight vision. By taking even few capsules several days you could see a clear difference. You could buy bilberryberries in supermarket or bilberry supplements - they have similar positive effects for eyes.