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Melatonin 3 mg

Natrol Melatonin supports healthy sleep patterns. The body naturally releases melatonin in response tochanges in light, with melatonin levels rising at night. B6 is essential for melatonin production. It is in this way that melatonin helps promote sleep
Product: Melatonin 3 mg
Brand: Natrol (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet at bedtime
Retail: $9.09
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14 Customer Reviews

Insurance Agent
by sherry

When prescription sleeping drugs didnt work. This did. Definitely the best natural sleep aide.

Stomach Issues
by Oli

Natrol melatonin worked for me, but I would feel really average in the morning, i.e stomach cramps etc. Just before I got married in Feb I tried a new product called Melatrol mainly because they offered a free trial! They throw some other herbs in as well, and I found it to be much better on the stomach front, and had the same effect on me as far as sleep was concerned... Try it out and let me know how it goes for you, I'd be interested to hear. http://www.melatrol.com/?aid=727511

by Amanda

Makes me sleep like a baby, and wake up feeling refreshed. It's just the right dosage, and it doesn't have weird side effects like Ambien. It's also nonaddictive. Just make sure you can get a full 8 hours of sleep when you take it.
My only problem is that taking it makes me have weird dreams that are often nightmares. I guess it's because it increases the time of your REM sleep.

by Jasams

My four-year-old son had trouble going to sleep at night and would frequently not wind down until well after midnight. Sometimes he'd go to bed but get up at 3 a.m. ready for the day when we didn't have to get up until 6 a.m.! My doctor recommended buying the three milligram pill and cutting it in half. She said to give it to him a half-hour before bedtime and it worked like a miracle the first night! He's been taking it now for two years but is increasingly developing the ability to fall asleep on his own without it (and at a decent hour). I like this product because it is non-addictive and doesn't make you dead-to-the-world while you sleep so he is able to get up in the night to use the restroom and go right back to sleep afterwards. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs help winding down but is afraid of stronger sleep remedies that leave you feeling like a zombie in the morning.

Actually works; helps with sleep
by Paul

I bought this for my parents because they both have trouble falling asleep regularly. There's a 1 mg and 5 mg dose also so I got them this in-between 3 mg dose. They take it frequently and tell me that it works great. I've started taking it from time to time and it helps me too.

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1 Customer Opinions

by Julie

Melatonin doesn't help me fall asleep during the night. It keeps me up at noght so I deceided not to use it anymore after a week.

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