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Pure Tahitian Noni
by barbara

If they could improve on the taste this product would be perfect. I see a noticeable improvement in the way I feel. My joints aren't as stiff in the morning as they were and aches and pain are less. Of course it will not cure arthritis but there are many ways we can get relief and prevent inflammations. This is one of the best ways I have found.

Not My Cup of Juice
by marilyn hicks

A friend of mine asked me to take a half bottle of this Noni Juice home to try. I agreed to let her know how I liked it.

Well, I guess I kind of upset her, but, first of all, the taste was just horrible! I tried mixing it with other juices, but it made the juice taste like it, too. Obviously, you need to be able to take it for a longer length of time in order to reap the health benefits that they are claiming. I didn't feel it helped me feel invigorated nor did I feel that it "lifted my spirit" any at all.

My friend was not really surprised at my response about the taste. She totally agreed with me, and she didn't reap any benefits either. It also was very expensive for a juice, I thought. So, neither one of us thought very much of it. The woman who was a representative with the company, took our opinions with grace, thank goodness. We hated hurting her feelings, but really didn't care for the juice at all. I, personally, wouldn't recommend it.

The best of the Noni Products
by Michael L

This is by far, the best of the Noni Products. It isn't overly priced and appears to work just as well as the other products. Taste is great. I have noticed an improvement in energy the last 6 weeks since I have been using it.

Noni for life.
by Mike

My family takes Noni every day. It's amazing how many benefits it has, and it's so natural and easy to take. The taste may be a little strong, but just add some juice and your kids will never know what a healthy drink they have! We rarely get sick or have any problems. Try it for awhile and see for yourself.

by Kathleen Marler

Growing up my daughter had problems with her sinus and ear infections...we tried everything! Because I felt it wasn't right to have her on antibiotics ALL the time, we tried NONI JUICE on a friends recommendation. She DID NOT like the taste, we finally figured out to mix it with some juice (orange usually) and it wasn't so bad going down! We used it for the next couple of years, daily, because we saw IMPROVEMENT in the severity of her problems and the amount of time spent on antibiotics decreased. This is a great product if you want to try something natural!

My husband loves it!
by KimP

I always have to make sure that I have this on hand at home for my husband! He swears that it works wonders for him! I have a really hard time getting him to take pills so this seemed like a great alternative for him. He doesn't like the taste but, he did get accustomed to it in time.

Great results, Horrible taste
by mar100

Noni plain and simple tastes horrible. But does it work? Yes. I've been dealing w/health issues a long time and have done my research. Then, the proof is in the product. My energy increased, my digestion improved-overall I just felt better with this product. This is not my first choice though, it's a bit pricier than my favorite. But this is one of the many that I tried and would recommend it to anyone wanting something to improve their health.

If anyone wants to know what pure Noni tastes like, I say it tastes like really bad cough medicine and gravy.
The way to take it is do it like a shot! Get it over with, but I did get used to it.

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