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it worked
by Lorraine Reed

my mom has been taking this and it has really worked for her...BP back in the normal range AND off her medication..she is thrilled!

Product review
by Elsie Nassah

i have been on high blood medication for sometime now, and i decided to swithed to provexcv and believe me, everything has changed for the better!!!!.

by twon

Provex CV is one of Melaleuca's products that if taken regularly, blood flow, energy and gradual weight loss and containment of weight will be just some of the benefits. The supplement does not thin your blood! Only dangerous medications do that. What it does is promote healthy walls inside the arteiries and viens. Makes them smooth with its natural healing properties. Once this is accomplished, blood flow is increased which allows for more energy and a strong heart beat. I have been taking it for over 8 years! I am 50 and most people think that I am in my 30s. My stamina is great and I have lots of energy.

by kvantol

A friend turned me onto this supplement and I'm pleased. I have really enjoyed my results with ProvexCV. It's a grape seed extract and anti-oxidant supplement designed to protect your cardiovascular system. What impresses me the most is how it helps with my circulation. One of the things ProvexCV does is thin the blood a little so it flows better through smaller vessels. When I used it in harmony with Omega-3 and garlic supplements, I noticed a marked and accelerated improvement in my hand and foot circulation. Though it's a bit on the expensive side, I'm grateful to use this product and I'm happy with my results so far.

Great supplement!
by Louis

I have been taking this for quite awhile now. It is a good product, I take one capsule everyday and I can feel the effect of the grape antioxidant. It not only hopes to keep your heart healthy, but makes you feel livelier with much more energy. I definitely recommend this to everyone looking to keep their heart healthy.

Have a healthy heart
by SB

I only have one heart, and this is the supplement I choose to take to protect it! Research has been done on ProvexCV that proves to me that it has the proper level of antioxidants to help keep my cholesterol in check. No bad after taste, and no sugar is something to consider as well. I feel better and have a tremendous amount of energy. Price is fair too, about $1.00 a day.

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by patty robins

I have had heart arythmias most of my life and was using a beta blocker--with side effects. August 2000, I started using provex cv --and within 2 months--off the prescription meds and NO More arythmias and no more mygraines.

by Maria Theresa David

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now. It reduced my blood pressure back to normal. Sounds impossible, but it is true!