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BioZama is the advanced modern formulation (U.S. pat. pending) of detoxifying organic plant extracts. They were researched, developed and improved since 1989 with the help of American Indians and molecular biologists, a combination of ancient knowledge and modern science.
Product: BioZama
Brand: BioZama.com (More Products)
Size: 30 Capsules
Dosage: 1 Capsule daily
Retail: $79.00
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12 Customer Reviews

Customer Service Rep.
by Heather B

I Have been taking Biozama recently and I find it gives me more energy throughout the day and night. It is a great product to add when taking other supplements you're currently taking.

Happy customer
by Keith

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer January 2006, 2 tumors and seriously enlarged causing multiple problems. The treatment offered was immediate operation followed by radiation and chemo. After sitting in cancer center and watching the decimated cancer sufferers come and go, I decided to decline the mainstream medicine. The odds of success without horrendous side effects were not good. For a year and half I changed diet and tried a number of alternative natural medicines. Nothing worked. I was introduced to Biozama by a lady who was cured of throat cancer. Started taking both the antioxidants and liquid GSO juice in April 2007. July of 2007 had ultrasound and size of prostate reduced 15%. This was the first encouragement. By August sexual and urinary function was improving. Ultrasound in November 2007 showed prostate normal size and all functions normal. Tumor shells still visible. In August 2008 CT scan of prostate showed no tumors and prostate normal. PSA in November 2008 was 1.9, no tumors and normal size. Absolutely no side effects. Just like drinking water. Words do no convey the happiness of having chanced upon Biozama. I still take both the antioxidants (the highest antioxidant on the market) and GSO in hopes of delaying the grim reaper as long as possible. This product has given me life without any of the debilitating side effects of standard medicine.

by julia s.

Oh boy, after starting the Biozama therapy, taking 2 capsules daily in the morning together with 2 vitamin C caps, I started feeling lighter and healthier every day! The most positive, unexpected thing happened after taking the caps for two weeks; in this time period the' wheezing' in my chest started to disappear and I had fewer and fewer Asthma attacks! I was able to reduce gradually my inhaler use up to 90 percent less.
Not waking up in the middle of the night and having to use the inhaler was such a blessing. That these herbal extracts had such a positive effect on asthma was never mentioned in the description.
I haven't felt this good with an overall "being well feeling" since my early twenties, which is hard to describe. Additionally I lost about 15 lbs body weight in four weeks and my skin complexion improved.
I write this statement to give the developer of this amazing product the positive feedback, how much it helped me with my asthma and also about the reduced inhaler use. This effect should be mentioned in the product description on the package.
The Biozama might help thousands of other people with asthma attacks all over the world. They never gave me a sick or weird feeling from side effects unlike some prescribed asthma drugs did to me.
After two months taking two capsules daily, I reduced my intake to one cap daily, keeping my inhaler use to a minimum.
With this statement I want to let everybody know what a great product this is, and that it is definitely worth taking.

by joan g.

I was 58 years old when I discovered Biozama. My health was at a low point, and nothing seemed to show any improvement, so I decided to try them. That was about three months ago. It took about three weeks, to see a marked improvement in the eczema, which has now almost completely disappeared. Within six weeks, the acid reflux had improved so much; I no longer had to take antacids. I then noticed I was sleeping throughout the night, and I no longer had to sleep sitting up. It has been three months now, and my hair is growing so much I had to trim it. My nails have stopped breaking and are growing long again.
The job I have now is a difficult one because I have to be on my feet for most of the day, and I have to work outside in the desert heat. It is amazing that neither the heat, nor the long hours, nor the walking bothers me anymore. The best part is that now my arthritis is under control. The sharp shooting pains have gone away completely, and I'm now able to move my thumb in a 360-degree circle. When I finish my workday on my feet, I am now able to sit at the computer and do my reports. In addition, I'm losing weight. After seeing my health improve so much, my friend has nicknamed Biozama the "Magic Pills." I can work circles around people half my age. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found out about Biozama. I'm not sure how my transformation came about, but I'm thankful it did. I just wish I had known about these "Magic Pills" before I got sick. I'm sure taking them daily could have prevented a lot of the health problems I went through.

by hank m.

I'm 62 yrs old and have a stressful job as a cabdriver.
I had a major stroke in December 2003 and must have been blessed otherwise I couldn't have written this statement. Through the stroke and the lack of blood flow through my brain I had partial amnesia.
It took me about 3 months to recover and I'm capable of driving a cab again.
A friend of mine, I didn't see for a while, introduced the biozama to me. He convinced me to take these special natural antioxidants and explained to me that they might be helpful in my recovery process. I also learned from him that there is evidence that antioxidants may lower the total cholesterol in the blood, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Now I have to take all these different prescription drugs, some of them with actual health endangering side effects, so I started taking those herbal extract capsules since the end of April 2004.
I also learned that antioxidants as herbal supplements do not interfere with all these prescription drugs I have to take.
I take only one capsule daily, and can state that they make me more alert, while driving my cab, they also seem to mellow out those unpleasant side effects of the prescribed drugs. They make my head work better, I have no more constipation and I feel healthier.

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