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Dynamic Health Goji Juice

The delicate berries of the Goji plant (Lycium Barbarum) have been treasured for centuries by the Himalayan people. These berries flourish in the tranquil valleys that are naturally protected by the Majestic Himalayan Mountains. The nutrient rich soil and the fresh mountain air guarantee nearly perfect conditions for the plant to blossom.

Goji Juice, formerly a Tibetan secret, was used in ancient recipes as a delicious-tasting elixir that provided many natural benefits.

Goji Juice is rich in naturally occurring minerals (zinc, calcium, germanium, selenium, phosphorus, copper and iron) and many amino acids (isoleucine and methione).

Goji Juice also provides antioxidant vitamins. It contains four unique polysaccharides and phytonutrient compounds, that work in the body as directors and carriers of the instructions that cells use to communicate with each other. These polysaccharides are "Master Molecules" that command and control many of the body's most important defense systems and encourage good overall health.
Product: Dynamic Health Goji Juice
Brand: Dynamic Health Products, Inc. (More Products)
Size: 32 oz.
Dosage: 1 - 3 oz. Daily
Retail: $19.49
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3 Customer Reviews

Great Taste
by Joseph Thomas

My friend took some of this to get over a cold. She said that it was like something she has never tasted before. It was a very sweet flavor, she said. And she liked how quickly it worked. After a day her runny nose was gone and she was up the next morning for work.

Sweeter than some
by Dani

This was my first Goji product and I thought they all tasted this sweet - WRONG! The next Goji product I tried from a different manufacturer tasted like bad prune juice -- This was a delightful treat.

by John Hubbard

I don't know if I got a bad batch or what but their Goji juice is even poorer than their Acai. Its taste was very processed and sweet. Not what I am used to. Price isn't bad compared to others but overall I would advise to go elsewhere.