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The ERGO Baby Carrier: Balances baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders Ergonomic design supports correct sitting position for hip/pelvis/spine growth Padded waist belt supports the lumbar area plus 1" thick padding in the shoulder straps Can be worn front, back.or on your hip Allows for ease of movement Can be worn from newborn (with the additional Infant Insert) up to 40lbs Light weight to wear and easy to pack Comes with detailed, illustrated instructions More secure than a hard-frame for hiking and walking Offers more support and comfort than a conventional sling Adjustable for most sizes, waist circumference extends from 27 up to 45" Head support -the attached sleeping hood lifts up over baby's head and holds it in place when sleeping
Product: Baby Carrier
Brand: Ergo (More Products)
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5 Customer Reviews

High-quality carrier with most features
by Lauren

I didn't give it 5 stars, because I have carriers I like even better than this, but compared to most carriers out there it is much better! I love that it has clips that are easy to use. I am happy with ties and rings to adjust, but my husband and other family members aren't as comfortable with those. I found the chest clip was a nice feature for me who are broader, I have another carrier without one that is difficult for my husband to use. The carrier supports the baby very well, keeping their legs up and supporting their bum and not putting their weight on their crotch which is bad for their hips and many other carriers (Snugli, baby trekker, Baby Bjorn) do this.
Although they suggest you can do a hip carry, I found it difficult and not a great carrier to hip carry in, you'll likely be better of with a separate sling for that purpose. Great for back carries especially but I found doing the chest clip up behind my head for front carries annoyed me a great deal and I've hear my arm doing this. For the back carries, it is easy to get on once you lift your little one up and is nice and comfortable for both of you. I carried my daughter a lot even up to 30lbs and it was easy on my shoulders and she loved it.
It might cost a bit up front, but it is worth it! Don't buy a low quality carrier, it is not worth it for your comfort or baby's!

by starr5678

Love, love, love this carrier! It's my fav for older infants and toddlers (your back will give out from too much weight before the carrier will). Used it for my son starting when he was ~6 months old. This carrier has been everywhere - from grocery shopping to hiking in the Rockies to our Richard Scary-esque (you know, planes, trains, automobiles) trip to Europe. It's comfortable to wear for long periods. Easy to get even my squirmy kiddo in it. My hubby likes it, too. My son loves it and often falls asleep in it. The sun/rain screen is very useful. Material is sturdy. The only con is that they are on the pricey side. Used ones can occasionally be had though. For us, it has been money well spent. Highly recommend the Ergo. Bought at: myfavoritebabycarrier.com - free shipping and 90-day money back trial

by diapermama

I already had several baby carriers - two hard baby backpacks, a Maya wrap sling, an Infantino baby carrier that can be worn a few different ways, and the old standby Snugli... But after hearing from other moms how great the ergo was, I finally decided to plop down my birthday money on yet one more baby carrier. After six children, I guess I?m becoming a connoisseur! And this one really was worth the rave reviews. Even without the infant insert (I swaddled baby and lay him in the same way you would using the insert), it was useful from the beginning. But now that baby Uly is six months old, it is one piece of baby equipment that I really need. After a weekend of hiking, house hunting, visiting, I forgot the ergo in the car that my husband took to work, and my back hurt from *not* using the ergo. Baby is happy on my back; I get to use both hands to deal with my other little ones, my house, homeschool. I love the little sunshade, and I love how secure baby feels on my back. This was well worth the money for a well made, well thought out product!

by naturesnappies

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this carrier. I am stopped all the time and asked where I got it from. It is fantastic for hours of wear at a time. It is also so easy to put on and take off..snap, snap DONE! I really like my sling, but when it comes down to it ..the Ergo is far more user friendly, and I am able to use it for longer stretches. Plus, it has a manly look to it so it is really easy to pass off on dh if I need to! When I bought the Ergo I bought it as an occasional use item..thinking I'd use my stroller more on account of my horrible back. I loved the idea of being able to carry him in stores rather than putting him in dirty carts, but b/c of back I really didn't think that it was possible. Well after 1.5 months I sold my Quinny Buzz stroller and became a full time baby wearer. I recently went to a pumpkin farm outing with the family and I couldn't help but giggle at all the stroller pushers (no offense to any stroller pushers out there:)that where pushing their strollers through all the extremely rough terrian at this farm..anyway all I could think was man you really need an Ergo! Life is so much simpler b/c of my Ergo... I can not sing loud enough on this one! Purchased at: Nature's Nappies

by Carolyn

I reallly liked this carrier but my husband did not. He said it wouldn't stay well on his shoulders. I found it worked great for me, but we just did reach for it as often as our other carriers.

1 Customer Opinions

baby carrier
by tatiana hatchett

The baby carrier is really durable and works great for your little baby. It makes it so they can hear your heart beat, and it is easy for you to get chores done at the same time! The downside of the carrier is that as soon as your little one starts putting on the pounds, the carrier is a back nightmare! I would recommend it for parents with very small or young infants.