f Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Bamboo Reviews and Information

SwaddleMe Bamboo

Recreates snugness of the womb
Soft fabric wings hug baby close and stay securely in place with Velcro fasteners
Silky soft bamboo fabric
Small fits 7-14 lbs
Fabric: 100% bamboo fiber
Wash before first use
Close all three tabs before laundering
Do not wash with delicate fabrics
Care: machine wash; tumble dry
Product: SwaddleMe Bamboo
Brand: Kiddopotamus (More Products)
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5 Customer Reviews

Amazing Product!
by Emily

Swaddling a baby is a daunting task, especially a wriggling baby! The nurses make it seem so easy in the hospital, but I just couldn't swaddle to save my life at home! I bought one of these to try, and I went back the next day and bought 3 more! The SwaddleMe makes life so much easier. I can swaddle my baby in a snap, and the blanket stays snug and in place. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, so your baby can be comfortable AND stylish at the same time! I always give one of these at baby showers and I always get a HUGE thank you from the recipient!

loved it
by Carole

I gave this to my son when my grand son was born. Whenever he got fussy they would wrap him in this and he would quiet right down and go to sleep. They said it was the best baby gift they ever have gotten.

by Tonya Marshall

This is one of the best creations EVER! Being a clutz when it comes to wrapping the baby up, this is a great way to cheat!

by kim2728

This is a great product. I have gotton everyone this for there baby. Works wonders!

by Amy Royer

When someone gave this to me when my baby was born, I thought why did you need something special to swaddle, what happened to using a blanket? However, once I used this product, I had to have more. The best part is the velcro because unlike a blanket, it is nearly impossible for baby to get out of this thing. This is especially good at night if you have a tosser, because they will stay in the blanket all night without a fuss.