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by Shannon Rice

Being a mother of six children, I love to use products that really work and can't afford to spend a lot of money on products that don't. I have been using Hyland's teething tablets for the last four years. My youngest children are now both teething and we keep the teething tablets on hand. Thank's Hyland's.

mommy of a 21 month old
by Kayla Taylor

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these they are cheap and they work so much better than any gel and there easy to get a child to take them. My daughter thinks they are candy and they make her teeth stop hurting so win win. I would never buy a gel teething medicine agian.

Works for us
by Anonymous

My toddler has started asking for these because they're sweet and she knows it'll make her mouth feel better (her last set of teeth are still making their way in). I started her on them at 5 months and we've loved them. My only advice would be to make sure the baby has a little milk or food in their tummy before giving them the tablets.

Happy Mommy
by Anonymous

I just love these tablets...they are so small that I don't even have to worry about my daughter choking on them. Most of all she loves them.

love it
by Kristin

My daughter loves these! She would eat the whole bottle if I would let her lol. They help soothe her gums an melt away quickly.

Seem to vary how effective they are
by Lauren

I like the idea that they aren't a drug, but they seem variable as to whether or not they help her, some days they really seem to help other days they don't seem to touch the pain. I'm not sure if it is a case of very bad pain isn't helped or what, always hard to discern with a child. They dissolve very quickly and are nice because they don't seem to taste bad and you don't have to fight with a messy liquid to get it into the child. The fact that it is natural pathetic and you don't have to worry about overdosing is very nice as sometimes they need a bit more and sometimes less to help with the pain. It is definitely worth a try to see if it will help your little one.

Seem to vary how effective they are
by Lauren

I like the idea that they aren't a drug, but they seem variable as to whether or not they help her, some days they really seem to help other days they don't seem to touch the pain. I'm not sure if it is a case of very bad pain isn't helped or what, always hard to discern with a child. They dissolve very quickly and are nice because they don't seem to taste bad and you don't have to fight with a messy liquid to get it into the child. The fact that it is natural pathetic and you don't have to worry about overdosing is very nice as sometimes they need a bit more and sometimes less to help with the pain. It is definitely worth a try to see if it will help your little one.

love these
by kirsten

I have used these tablets for all 5 of my kids.It does seem that at times I do have to give in and give motrin, but overall these work well.

Teething tablets
by dawn

I love these! Not only did it stop my baby from screaming, he could actually relax enough to FINALLY quietly go to sleep and sleep well. I will use them again, and again....

by Vicki L. Vertrees

We keep these in the diaper bag, my purse, and glove box. They soothe my grandson.

by dana

These teething tablets never worked for my son.

relief 4 moms
by Deepali saini

When a child begins growing teeth its a big problem for both child & mother. I experienced this as well when my daughter got her teeth. She feels discomfort & as a mother I'm unable to handle this situation. Then one of my friends told me about this product. Its easy to give & it works very quickly with no side effects. It dissolves in few seconds & I feel relief.

Great Product
by Jilli T.

This is great for minor teething discomfort. It's easy to give to a squirmy baby and you don't have to worry about giving them anything too unnatural.

Teeth Tabs
by brandace

When my daughter got her first teeth it was not exactly fun times around the house. I wanted to give her something to help ease the pain but not with any adverse side effects. That is when I found Hylands Teeting tabs.. They worked great, she loved them and we all managed to get through her teeth coming in, without the pain.

They are good!
by Luba

This product was suggested to me by my dental office, when I expressed my concern about my daughter, who was starting to teeth. I bought them at Fruitful Yield for a very resonable price. My daughter had no problem taking them. I even put the tablets in a teaspoon, added a little juice and they disolved in about 30 seconds. They calmed by daughter down in few minutes. You do have to give this product a few times a day, especially when a child is really hurting.

These really work!
by Patricia

I work at a daycare and we have used these on the teething children. They are easy to give them to them and they seem to like the taste. They have been a lifesaver! They calm them and make it easier for them to sleep.

My little one loves it!
by Melissa

My daughter is teething and I find these work much better than others I have tried. Great product!

Hylands works!
by Allison

I used Hylands teething tablets to help my daughter get thru her first couple rounds of teething. The best part is there was no messy droppers, and no worrying about her choking because these tablets dissolve instantly. These tablets helped to calm her which helped her to sleep. Thanks for such a great product!

Baby loved them
by Amy Royer

When my children were first teething, they hated the taste of the liquid oragel, it even mad the littler one throw up. I searched all over for something that was not a liquid, and ran into these at a local drugstore. Both of the children never once tried to spit them out at me, and were always instantly relieved of discomfort. GREAT product!

Life Saver
by Melissa

My 7 month old just started teething really bad, and a friend told me about these teething tablets..
so my son was crying really bad so I decided to try one, with 2 mins it WORKED....he stopped crying and he actually opens his mouth and smiled when I give them to him...I recommened these to all parents.

good stuff
by robin

Used this stuff with all four of my kids!

by Billi Walford

WOW these pills really work. My youngest of four had tons of problems teething constant fevers and very cranky. A friend of mine told me about these and I don't think I ever slept so good in my life! These helped her to sleep through the night without waking up at all. Now I tell everyone I know about these. No reason for the babies to hurt when there is a safe and fast remedy. Thank you so much for making these only wish they were around with the other ones.

by natalieclay

i give the tablets 100/10 they are fabolous like most reviewers bonjela just doestnt take the cake my little boy sleeps all night with them usually he is up all night so i really commend the tablets KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK HYLANDS

great for teething babies
by Julie

Once my son started showing the signs of teething I went out first thng and got this product. The pills dissolve very quickly and work in no time at all. I would also recommand the colic tablets as well..wonderful product and company!! life-saver for parents

Love Them
by luvanimals04

I didn't give the teething tablets to my son, simply because I didn't hear of them, but my sister in law gives them to her daughter and she loves it. It dissolves quickly and works fast! She as been really cranky since she has been teething, now she is the content baby that she used to be. I would definitely give the product a 2 thumbs up, and I would recommend it to anyone getting ready to go through the teething stage.

Really Works
by Montana

I love this product. This was the only thing that would work for teething, colic, and fussiness. I love how it dissolves instantly so there is no need to worry. Orajel only seemed to work for a short time. This would work instantly and last quite a long time. I would definitely buy this product again. Wonderful Product and would recommend to anyone.

Very Good
by shirley

I found this product very good for teething. My son is currently teething and nothing was seeming to work for him. I had been trying Orajel but he only spits it out, thats if he stays still long enough for me to rub it on his gums. I decided to give this product and a try and it is worth it. The pill seems to melt very quickly and provide comfort fast. I have stocked up on it.

by JulieMac_29

Teething was not an easy process with our daughter. She was inconsolable for several days, when we finally figured out it was probably her teeth bothering her. Daunted by the thought of needing to keep her filled with pain relief drugs to keep her comfortable, we instead tried Hyland's Teething Tablets.

They were WONDERFUL! Before we used them, we asked her pediatrician about the ingredients. He gave the green light and then I tried one. I know, sort of odd, but I wanted to know exactly what the effects were before giving them to my child. The tablet is tiny and melts almost immediately. It doesn't really have a flavor and I didn't notice any reactions. Probably because it's not formulated for someone my size. We then gave them to my daughter and they seemed to calm her almost instantly. It could have been the shock of a tablet in her little mouth or it could have been the actual ingredients. I'm not questioning it! They worked!! And now I give them as gifts at every baby shower I attend.

they saved me
by urbangirl4

I won't go anywhere without them now. My daughter has been teething so much--cutting 4 teeth at once and not sleeping. Someone gave me these to try and I did. It was the first night in a long time that I got some sleep because she felt better. They are easy to use and she likes the taste so they are easy to give her.

Numbs the nubs
by Sarah O.

These teething tablets worked great for my son and I am planning to use them for my daughter. The tablets provided temporary relief to my son's gums when his baby teeth were cutting. The tablets worked better than any of the gels that I tried. The tablets are also affordable.

Fantastic for babies!
by Pattie

When my daughter was teething, I DID NOT want to give her drugs (Tylenol, Motrin, Ambesol) to make teething less painful, but I was at my wits end! Then my pharmacist recommended Hyland's Tablets! They worked wonders, naturally and quickly! I'm expecting another child and plan to stock up on them again!!

A must buy!
by Tricia

I have three boys who have gone through teething and this product proved to be essential. They all took it from the beginning of teething until their molars came in. It is extremely easy to administer. They all loved the taste, you could tell almost immediately they felt differently. There is no need to try and get the product on any particular spot like with the teething gels. This is really helpful when the teeth that are coming in are in the back. I have recommended this product to all new mothers of teething babies.

by Christina

I don't know if this stopped the teething pain or not, but it always managed to calm my son down. He would play with it in his mouth as it desovled and seemed to like it.

Worked for 1 Child - Not the other
by Carol

I used Hyland's teething tablets for both my children when they were teething. For my oldest daughter, these things were my miracle pill. When she was crying, 2-3 of these would soothe her within a few minutes. Even after she was done teething, the pills did have a calming effect on her.

When I had my son, I planned on using these when he started teething also. They just didn't seem to have any effect on him.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful product. It worked wonders on my daughter, but for some reason, it didn't seem to have much effect on my son. I still highly recommend that you try it for your child. If your child reacts to it, it will be a life saver. If it doesn't work for your child, then you are no worse off than before.

Very helpful...
by Melissa

I decided that I'm going to put this product in all the baby product baskets that I make for my friends who are new mothers. After many restless days/nights during my youngest child's teething period, a friend clued me in on Hyland's Teething Tablets. It's homeopathic so I don't have to worry about side effects and the best part works. The tablets seem to take away some of the ache and pain that my young one had when cutting his first teeth.

What a waste!
by afternoonrain

A waste of time, that is! I spent months "dealing" with my daughters pain. Believing mostly in holistic care, I avoided Tylenol and numbing gels. Finally, we discovered Hyland's teething tablets. Instantly, my daughter's discomfort vanished! I was doubtful about the dissolving ability of the tablets, and surprised when they instantly became soft. This product is an absolute must have for every mother.

by ashley

I have been using these for months now on my 9mth old daughter & love them! She even chews them up for me! My sister-in-law recommended them to me. I would definitely buy this product again.

Teething Tablets that work wonders
by Tiff

These teething tablets are great. My 1 year old daughter was starting to teeth really bad and she was in so much pain that I nor my Boyfriend knew what to do. My friend told me about these teething tablets and I went out to the store and bought them right away. Within I would say 5-15 minutes after giving her one she was a lot better and happier. These tablets dissolve quickly for the little children and are great. I would HIGHLY recommend these to everyone I know.

by J.Y

Although I am generally reluctant in giving my children any kind of medication, this teething tablet really has saved sleepness nights for us. With a full house, and tons of work needed to be done, this teething tablet did the trick for my infant son and eased any discomfort and stress caused by teething.

no noticable results
by victoria

This product was recommended to me by a couple of moms so I decided to try it. I did not see any noticeable results in my daughter's fussiness. The only good thing was how easy the tablets were for my daughter to take, they are very small and dissolve quickly. I even tasted one and they don't really have any flavor so a child wouldn't spit it out instantly. But I guess if you like to go the homepathic way these tablets are worth a try.

Worked Miracles
by ANava

When my little girl was teething we tried everything from Motrin, Tylenol, Orajel nothing worked. Someone told us about these, and we went and bought them right away. They worked wonders. They dissolve so quickly in her mouth, and they make her feel better fast. We will use these with our other children in the future.

by Shauna

These tablets are great. I used these from the time my daughter starting teething. The seemed to relieve all of her pain. She started eating them like candy as she got older. They were recommended to me by a Senator that I used to work for. He is a WISE man because they got me through many what would have been sleepless nights.

Teething Rings Work!
by Brandon Burnette

My child's teething pain was absolutely horrible. I started off by giving him a common remedy; Tylenol. One day at the store, I saw these teething rings and had to try them. I must say, they work wonders, and are much better than giving medicine.

It's a good one
by nivi

It's essential for babies during teething process. It relieves the aches and pains during teething process. They may get fever too during teething process. I used to give my babies during their teething process

Long lasting effects
by Roxanne Ranelli

This product got me through plenty of sleepless nights when my kids would cry from teething. I thought it would be hard to get my triplets to take a tablet, but they treated it as "candy". The effects of this tablet lasted through the night which also allowed "mom" to get those extra zzzzzz's.

by beckngar

I was always leery on giving "homeopathic" remedies to infants, but during my kids teething phase, the hardest part was getting them to swallow Tylenol or Motrin. This stuff dissolved fast, and prevented me having to fight w/ them to get them to swallow medicine! This stuff is great!

Been Using This For Years
by Trudi Konzem

I have used these teething tablets for all four of my boys, who all received tremendous relief which of course benefited their tired Mom.
If I should have any more children I will purchase again.
I have recommended these teething tablets to many many friends, who have been very happy to discover them.

by James Zitzmann

Our pediatrician recommended this, and I was very pleased with it. My child was not reluctant to take it because it dissolved so quickly. It in fact did help his teething tremendously. I would recommend it.

Relieved my baby!
by momof2

We started using these tablets when Tylenol and Baby Ambesol seemed unable to give our baby any teething relief. I wasn't sure what else to try. My sister-in-law recommended these Teething Tablets and I am sure glad she did! My baby has been much less irritable and seems to be getting a lot more relief with these tablets.

Teething Tablets Rock
by Christina Jadwisiak

Had I known about these tablets when I had my 4 year old, things would have been so much easier. I discovered them when I had my 3 year old. Teething was a piece of cake with him. They calmed him down and he was a lot less cranky. When I had my 1 year old, I stocked up. Teething went very well. I recommend these to everyone. They are so much help and since they're homeopathic, there is nothing to worry about hurting your child.

No Complaints
by Erik

Teething was an absolute nightmare with my previous children; for myself as well as them. Fortunately, I found out about this through a friend of my wife's and tried it out on my latest daughter. It seemed to have worked wonderfully with her, unless she just handled teething better than my others; which I doubt.

Seems to Work!
by briggsy13

I would have never believed that something homeopathic could work for pain relief. When I first suspected my son was having pain from teething, I gave him Tylenol, then realized I would be constantly giving him Tylenol to keep him out of pain. So, I started rubbing the tablets under his tongue and on his bottom gums. He actually stopped fussing and his teeth did not seem to be bothering him. I stared using it at 4 1/2 months when he was getting his first and am still using them now at 8 months, he's working on his 6th tooth. So use them and feel more comfortable knowing they are not getting a "drug".

Worked for both kids.
by will

Hylands tabs worked for both of my sons. The Orajel medication that you put directly on the gums works quicker but wears off just as quickly. When they were screaming, we'd use orajel quickly followed by Hylands.
Teething rings are useless.

When cold waffles won't cut it!
by Candice

I HIGHLY recommend these to all mommies with teething babies! I traveled the road of cold waffles, store-bought teething rings, ointments and the like but nothing works better, faster, or longer than these tablets! Even my mother once remarked how she wished these were around when I was teething!

Amazing product
by shilpi tandon

I and my daughter both love the Hylands teething tablets. My daughter used to be so fussy and cranky during her teething days that I did not know how to handle her. She used to have high fever and upset tummy all the time. Because of it she was irritated all the time. Since a friend of mine told me about Hylands I admit my daughter calmed down a lot. She liked its taste and as it is natural and homeopathic I did not have to worry about any side effects. I used to give her two tablets four times in a day and I really felt that it eased her pain a lot. The kids like its taste so it is easy to give them.

Teething Babies Love Hyland's!
by Ashley

We love Hyland's Teething Tablets. They have helped my son calm down when he is suffering from teething pain. He often stopped crying immediately after the tablets were placed in his mouth. We did occasionally have to supplement with a pain reliever at night, but nothing calmed him down instantly like Hyland's Teething Tablets!

by devla

I used Hyland's teething tablets when my daughter was teething and it was such a wonderful product. I was a little overwhelmed being a new mom, but when my friend told me how wonderful and soothing these were for her son I gave them a try and my daughter seems to like them and the way that they taste which was a concern of mine at first. I love this product.

by Jacqueline C.

I love Hyland's Teething Tablets. I finally came across them with child #5 and couldn't believe how well they worked. My youngest had the roughest time teething and nothing helped her. A friend suggested Hyland's and I figured it would be another product my money was wasted on but I was willing to try anything. From the first time we used them, it was instantly clear that they helped. I love that they are homeopathic and I am not filling her up with medications, which don't always work either. I will recommend this to everyone I know!

No More Pain!
by Cortney

As a mother of 2 small children I was no rookie at middle of the night wake up calls, but teething time was a nightmare! My youngest child absolutely could not sleep and pain relievers were not much help. Finally I came across Hyland's Teething tablets in the store and gave them a try. They worked wonders. They were so fast and gave her enough relief to sleep through the night. Thank you, Hyland's!

Not convinced
by Annie

I was not convinced that this product relieved any fussiness or irritability for my baby but the tablets were easy to take as they were small and melted instantly. Overall the product may work for other children but it didn't seem to work for mine.

A mother's little helper
by Kathy

My son was the worst teether of all my 3 children. A friend recommended Hyland's teething tablets to me one day during a visit. That was the greatest gift she could have ever given me! They worked so quickly that you wouldn't have even known he was teething at all. My adorable, chubby cheeked baby was all happy again! Recommend to all mother's everywhere.

Can You Say Calm Baby??
by Crystal Collins

How did I ever live before Hyland's Teething Tablets? You go a month with a screaming child, and you think, there has to be some way to stop the madness. And then, there it is like magic, on the shelf at the grocery store. It's homeopathic, so you wonder.....will it really work? This stuff is a life saver. Within seconds of taking it my child is fine, and he is the happy little boy I know and love. And to top it all off, you're using something that is natural without a bunch of chemicals. Thank you Hyland's teething tablets. Hats off to you!

Teething relief
by ambreen

This product was actually recommended to me by a friend. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. But these tablets are great!
My little son was so cranky and always crying when he was teething. But these tablets really calmed the pain. They were easy to give to him too. Unlike other medications, these tablets disolve quickly on the tongue and children barely get a chance to realize what they are taking before they dissolve. Plus, they work really fast! Within a couple of days you will see a remarkable difference!
These are hightly recommended!

Works wonders for my child
by Kyle

Since this product is rather inexpensive, we decided to buy it, knowing that if it didn't work, we wouldn't have lost much money. I couldn't believe how well they worked! My son is much less fussy and he also seems to sleep much better when he has a tooth coming in. Because they are so small and they dissolve, they are easy to give to him. Great purchase!!

These are the best!!
by jennifer

I have been using these for the last 3 months for my baby who was having trouble with teething. From the first dose of the tiny, instant disolving pills, he has had no trouble with his teeth. I cannot say enough about these pills. They really do work and I love them.

THE best for teething!
by Kimberly

I've had a lot of experience with Hylands teething tablets between baby sitting and having 3 kids of my own. These have always been the absolute best product for teething. They have brought peace and rest to many sleepless night in my household. I definitely recommend teething tablets over the regular numbing teething products. Those numbing products don't last and just do not supply the relief a fussy, teething baby needs. Teething tablets definitely get the job done!

The best teething remedy ever!
by Sara

Hyland's teething tablets offer almost instant relief for a teething baby! They really helped my son, giving him the relief needed especially to sleep, when those molars were cutting in. They dissolve easily and have a pleasant, somewhat sweet taste. I trust the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

by Jessica

These were the best thing I found for teething relief for my baby. I know my sister used them for both of her boys and found the same thing as well. They are so easy to give, and just by placing them under the tongue, they really seem to help the pain go away. We would usually give them to my daughter before she went to bed and at various times throughout the day as she needed them.

I give this out with my baby shower gifts now!
by KimP

This stuff is a godsend! I have two boys that are just a year apart and someone is always teething in my house! I would stay up at all hours holding on to them trying to calm them down so that they could sleep. One of my friends told me to try this and I wasn't sure at first. I got really desperate one night when they were both crying and I had my husband run to the store and get some. It worked wonders! It is worth every penny! I am still using them to this day. My son is getting his back teeth in and I have been giving him 3 pills at night before he goes to bed. Thank you whoever invented these!

I can't say enough
by Lois

I really can't say enough about this product. I LOVE it. It works so great. I discovered it with my first child and now I am using it with my second. There are no bad aftertastes with this as there are with the numbing medications. Several of my friends also use them, and I can usually count on, that no matter whose house I am at, if my child is having problems with her mouth my friend has these. In our circle, they are called baby Xanax because they get so calm after using them.

I love Hyland's Teething Tablets! YAY!!
by A. Bowles

Hyland's Teething Tablets are THE BEST remedy for teething babies, hands down! I've used them with all 4 of my children and I recommend them to every mother I know! When babies are teething they are fussy, cranky, and can't get much sleep due to the pain caused by cutting new teeth. Hyland's Teething tablets are little white pills that are placed under the baby's tounge and dissolve instantly. The results are nearly just as fast. The relief that my children would get when given these teething tablets would often help them fall right asleep. What I love is that this is an all natural approach to teething aches and pains. Simply the Best!!

These things have saved my sleep and my sanity!
by Jen W.

These are one of my very favorite baby products. All of the mothers in my play group use them. My son must like the taste. He takes them from the drawer and gives them to me even when he is not teething. They work better to help teeth pain than any pain medicine ever has. I love, love, love them!

A Life Saver for a Teething Baby
by dee

When my son was teething he really had a time of it. He ran a fever and have decreased appetite. His mouth was sore and gums were red. We bought the teething tablets and within 1 days time he was remarkably better. It provided relief for both baby and mommy! The tablets were great as they dissolved instantly on my sons tongue so they were in before he even knew it and they work great. This product comes highly recommended!

Have a teething baby? then read this
by Janet

When my daughter was restless, crying and drooling all day long, I knew she was teething. I remember reading from a baby forum about ways to combat the pain. I looked for the thread in the forum again and thank god I found it. Among the many suggestions from all the moms the one that struck me the most was Hylands. I like the idea that it was homeopathic and in pills form that easily dissolved. When I gave the tiny white pills to my daughter, she really liked it. When she was crying middle of the night I would insert it under her toungue and she seem better after that and I would soothe her back to sleep. During the day I would just hand the pills (2-3 pills) to her and she would take them. She loved it and actually wanted more. Now every time I see a new mom with a teething baby I would recommend them Hyland's.

Teething Tablets
by HS

My son started teething at 5 months old, and we started using Hyland's Teething Tablets right away. You just put a few of the little white tablets under the baby's tongue and they dissolve almost instantly. They provided my son with instant relief and he stopped fussing and crying when I would give them to him for his teeth.

Relief for both baby & parents !!!
by Stephanie

My son has just started teething about 3 weeks ago, and it has been a nightmare. One of my friends suggested I try Hyland's teething tablets. These have really helped. I just put 2 tablets on his tongue when he is really fussing and feeling bad, they dissolve almost before he knows they're in his mouth (no time to try and spit them out). They begin working pretty fast , and have definitely brought relief to my son and my husband and I. These are certainly worth the money! And if you don't like the idea of putting a tablet in your baby's mouth, you can also dissolve it in their milk. Either way they work great.

Miracle Workers
by Shannon

When my son was teething very badly, I really liked the idea of trying something homeopathic instead of using a medication on such a small child. These tablets fit that description perfectly. The tablets are tiny. Don’t worry about forcing the child to keep his mouth shut, they dissolve quickly and my son seemed to like the taste. They worked miracles and calmed him down right away. No more fussiness or screaming. I love these and recommend them to everyone!

We couldn't live without it!
by Julie

When my son was teething we tried Tylenol and teething toys. Nothing worked, until we tried the teething tablets. You place them under the tongue and they dissolve quickly. The tablets are small and dissolve instantly. Once we started using them there was no going back. My son loved them and they really helped with his teething pain. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The ultimate teething remedy!!
by CRStrom

Having 3 children under the age of 5, I have dealt with my fair share of teething. When my oldest was an infant and going through a terrible bout of teething my mom purchased a bottle of Hyland's Teething Tablets and I couldn't believe the difference!! I have used them with all 3 of my children and make sure to always have a bottle on me. My 8 month old daughter seems to think they are candy. She gets a big grin on her face when I pop one in her mouth which in turn puts a big grin on Mommy's face!!

by Kathleen Marler

My sister-in-law has a 1 year old...she has used these tablets since he was 6 months old. I witnessed first hand what a difference they make. Very easy to use. No fighting with the child, just place on the tongue and they melt ... and then they feel better!!! I only wish I had these when my children were in teething pain.

6 Customer Opinions

no sign of improvement
by Diania

I couldn't tell that these made any difference in my son's discomfort other than making him mad by making him put them in his mouth. I will not purchase again.

A+ for the Teething Tablets
by Sabrina

I had a very difficult time with my little boy while he was teething. He started teething very young and nothing would calm him. My sister-in-law recommended trying Hyland's Teething Tablets. I was unsure at first, because I didn't think it was strong enough (infant motrin wasn't even working). I was so glad I did. They were GREAT! I just put a few under his tongue and within 10-15 min. he was a calm, happy little man again. I got him the unflavored ones (i think they come in cherry too), they just dissolve, and are safe to give throughout the day.

by Jennifer

I think these are great. I have used them on my last two children and they really did help when their teeth were bothering them.

by rita

Sometimes these work great & other times they aren't very effective.

Necessary for Baby
by christine

This product is amazing, it sooths babies when they are teething and colicky. I highly recommend all mothers buy these tablets.

yeah teething tablets
by pbundy

some people are looking for magic. I think that these tablets work in addition to other things that you can give them at home. My son takes them and so does my daughter.

Pauline Collins, MTE.