f Wysi™ Wysi Wipe 2 Pack Hospitality Go Pack Reviews and Information

Wysi Wipe 2 Pack Hospitality Go Pack

Wysi Wipes are the preferred alternative to pre-moistened towelettes, facial tissue or paper towels.

They are 100% natural. No chemicals and no artifical smelly scents. When you need a refreshing and durable wipe, you simply add a liquid. And it only takes a tablespoon full!

Wysi Wipes, almost instantly, turn into a durable and reusable cloth. It is fun to watch when it expands and unrolls like magic!

These wipes can be used for hundreds of uses. The list is truley endless, and limited only by the imagination.

Child or baby wipes
Camping, backpacking or travel wipes
Animal wipes
Kitchen and bathroom wipes
Industrial wipes
Automobile wipes
Gym wipes
Laptop screen and glass cleaner wipes
And much more! The uses are endless.

The perfect traveling companion, keep Wysi Wipes in your suitcase, glove box, purse, diaper bag, backpack, or emergency preparedness kit. Travel with convenience. Take as many wipes as you need, they're purely practical & weigh only 2 grams each. And they're biodegradable and land-fill friendly!
Product: Wysi Wipe 2 Pack Hospitality Go Pack
Brand: Wysi™ (More Products)
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5 Customer Reviews

great for kids
by sarah

I have two toddlers and these things are amazing when it comes to a messy toddler. Take them with you wherever you go, and they can even fit in your pocket.

Good Quality
by Mary

The quality of these wipes are the best I have ever seen.

by Keith G

I got these as a free sample. They really are great, and are a good size. They don't break up either.

Wysi Wipe 2 pack
by Donna Albright

These are great. I use them for just about everything. they are handy and can be put anywhere. i keep them in several places like my purse, glove compartment of my car, in my diaper bag,I also keep some in almost each room of my home. So, this way all i have to do is to reach, wet and use, it's just that simple and easy. they are made of a strong material to with stand alot, but still soft enough to use on your face, baby, or other sensitive areas.

by Jess

These little packs make Wysi Wipes even better. I always have a pack in my purse now. It's perfect for cleaning the kids up on the go.
They're softer than baby wipes and way stronger than tissue.