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by Denis

Tried many incontinence cloth diapers always bulky, hot and leaked. snapez pocket diaper is wonderful alternative to disposables and plastic pants. But do follow size chart I ordered med and 2 large thinking med would be snugger fit, but too tight.

by Katey

I love these diapers/trainers and I think my 2 yr old loves them more than I do. He wants to wear them everywhere, no more disposables here!

snap-ez products
by dmj

Ruth is a super nice lady and all her diapers, trainers/pull-ups are top quality. She also makes them in larger sizes for special needs children/youth.

SUPERB pocket diapers!!
by Anonymous

These diapers are so well made. They look great and hold shape wash after wash. I LOVE them for their quality and durability!!! I wish I could give them 6 stars!

Trainers that really work!!!
by K. McCall

I have 4 of these for my daughter for nighttime and they are pretty much the only thing she doesn't leak through. We've been using them for about 6 months. I stuff them with a microfiber towel and a hemp insert and she almost never leaks. I have 2 in the PUL outer and 2 fleece outer and I really like them both, but I do like the fleece better because it seems softer next to her skin.

Snap-Ez AIO's are AWESOME !!
by Lisa in Texas

My son is 3.5 and fully potty trained with the exception of the occasional nighttime accident. I was tired of wasting money on pull-ups that he would wear for 2 nights and not wet then have to throw them away because the stuffing was all wadded up in the middle, and if then he did have an accident they wouldn't absorb. So I did my research and found that Snap-Ez has toddler AIO's up to like size 8 (and larger) so I ordered 2. My son LOVES his night-time undies, they are so soft and feel more like regular underwear than a pull-up. I put them with a doubler inside and we are good to go for the whole night - no leaking!!! We have been using these for about 3 weeks now and I have no plans of discontinuing until he has no more accidents!!

Ruth is the most awesome lady in the world also - I must have emailed her a half-dozen times with questions before and after I purchased and she responded quickly and thoroughly - even though she is due with another baby in like 2 weeks!!!

If you feel like me and don't want to keep throwing away money on disposables for the "in case" accidents - THIS IS THE WAY TO GO !!!
Thanks Snap-Ez for such a wonderful product and a wonderful company!!!!

by ffpmommasbg

Even my husband likes them! We're looking at getting some smaller ones for our dd. ds is potty training and these are so easy to pull off and on. we have these and the nap-ez trainers (both pockets) and i'm not sure i know the difference. we use our own prefolds to stuff inside and are going to get snap-ez inserts with tax break. clean well, absorb great, look cute, gread dipe!

by swedishbabies2

I LOVE these diapers. They fit beautifully and are very easy to use. The snaps keep the fabric looking like new - no velcro closures that snag. The variety of colors and fabrics can't be beat! Excellent sewing on every diaper - even stitching and lots of care are obvious. And leaks are practically non-existent. The snugness around the things and elastic at the front and back are comfy on my baby and keep the yucky stuff inside, where it belongs. I recommend these diapers to friends and strangers alike. They are fabulous!

by my*scorpio

This is the workhorse diaper for my 21-month old son. I love all of the color options. The colored inners don't get dingy and it keeps the resale high (although I plan to keep them for future children).

by maamaakrystal

Snap-EZ makes great pocket diapers. They are especially great for kids that aren't "average" in size/build. My skinny toddler (who's getting chunkier) has worn them without a problem for 5 months now and still has room to grow. I also like the double side snaps for added customizable sizing. They work well with all sorts of inserts. You can use a thicker insert for super soakers or a skinner insert for a slim fit. I look forward to trying their trainers next. Well worth the money.

by Mom2EandA

I use these diapers for night for the toddler and my newborn. They work well for both but the fit is better on my toddler vs the newborn due to the thickness of the insert

by sandgc

I've never had any leaks or problems with my Snap Ez diapers. I absolutely love them. they are easy to stuff and are very Daddy friendly. Great job!!!!!

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