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Snap-EZ Trainers

Snap-EZ Trainers come in 3 styles: AIO Trainers - these are waterproof outer fabrics (prints and solids), with your choice of stay dry inner fabrics (microfleece or suedecloth) for night time or away from home , or with "feel wet" inners for aid in potty learning. These have a hidden 3 layer sewn-in soaker that is very absorbent and washes clean easily and dries quickly. Cotton Trainers - these are made of cute cotton knit prints on the outside, and absorbent cotton sherpa on the inside. These also have hidden 3 layer sewn-in soaker that is very absorbent and washes clean easily and dries quickly. No more puddles on the floor with every "mistake". Nap-EZ Stuffable Trainers - These are made with waterproof outer fabric (solids and prints) and stay dry inners, with an opening in the back for stuffing a diaper or trainer insert in for great absorption. These are great for keeping your child dry through night and nap times, while still giving them the feeling of independence as they still function like underwear. All Snap-EZ trainers are made by proffessionally trained WAHMs and are made with only the best materials available. They all are made with Fold Over Elastic on all sides to allow for easy on and easy off functionality - plus they look like underwear, helping you child differentiate from wearing a diaper making potty learning easier, and our child friendly prints make potty learning fun for every one!
Product: Snap-EZ Trainers
Brand: Snap-EZ (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

Snap-EZ trainers
by SusannaO

I recently purchased Snap-EZ stuffable trainers, one for my 20 month old and one for my 3 year old. They are great! I use the size medium eco pocket stuffer, which is very trim, yet absorbent enough for my 3 year old overnight! I love it! I have tried other training pants, and they all leaked, except for this one. I will definitely purchase more!

by oswill518

The AIO trainers are excellent! I have a 4 year old daughter with Down Syndrome who has been training for 2 years. I was thrilled to finally find a cloth trainer that I could use when away from home. It had to be waterproof, absorbent yet trim, and side snap! These met every requirement and are made of the best materials. They aren't cheap, but if you compare them to buying disposable trainers, it is worth it. I have cloth diapered my children for 4 years, and love being able to continue with cloth while potty training.

by frogmama

These work great for my ds who is 5 years old for overnight, and they pull up and down easily for using the bathroom. I would highly reccomend!

by my*scorpio

The trainers are easy to use and cute. I also like that there's an option for extra snaps. The fold over elastic cannot be washed with velcro. The crotch is much narrower on the trainers, but we can fit a Loopy-Do insert in it. (We have the Nap-Ez stuffable trainer.)