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Powdered Soap

Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder is a revolutionary approach to laundry care. It does not cover up stains and odors with scents and brighteners - it really cleans. It is made with a unique blend of biodegradable coconut-based detergents and high-grade, completely soluble, Green River washing soda.
Product: Powdered Soap
Brand: Charlie's Soap (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

Horrible burns
by Faith

I tried this on our cloth diapers and both my daughters had horrible chemical like burns. I called and did as the company directed but it still continued to burn them even after I stripped my diapers.

Burned my baby
by davsat

I tried Charlie's Soap recently because I had heard such great reviews. Although, I had purchased the product primarily to wash cloth diapers, I started using it for all of my washing because that is what Charlie's recommended. After the first few uses, my skin started to become very itchy. I followed the user directions exactly for a few more days and then noticed that I was beginning to get a rash. I thought maybe it was just a unique reaction that I was having, but within a few more days, my 11 year old son had a horrible rash on his chest area, and my newborn baby had what appeared to be bleeding chemical burns on his bottom. I called the company and they gave me new instructions for how to use the product which required adding additional ingredients to the wash. I was not comfortable spending the extra money to add additional ingredients since I was trying to save money by using Charlie's. And, I was concerned about continuing to use a product that had burned my newborn baby. I quickly discontinued the product. Maybe adding the extra ingredient would have worked. But in my opinion, it was not worth taking the risk.

by Martha

I've never had any issues with charlies soap. I love that it takes so little and there are no extras. I also love that it is good for the earth and does a great job on cleaning. I've gotten TOUGH stains out by using charlies...without having to soak or put extra products on it. Just washing as normal! I'm definitely a charlies fan!

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by Jellybean

Outstanding product! Everything comes perfectly clean without adding any additional cleaning agents. Great buy as well. You only need a small portion, since it's concentrated. Cleans well even in my hard water area. Don't need to use fabric softener with it.