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20 Mule Team(TM) Borax is made of 100% Borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. 20 Mule Team(TM) Borax is not harmful to washing machines, plumbing or septic tanks and does not contain phosphates or chlorine.
Product: Borax
Brand: 20 Mule Team Borax (More Products)
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8 Customer Reviews

Love it!
by Antoinette

I use Borax for a multitude of things around my home. I absolutely love it. Borax and water is a great cleaner for porcelain bathroom fixtures. Make a paste and rub well, then rinse.

To keep dishwashers odor-free, use a damp sponge and some borax to wipe out the inside of the dishwasher, door and gaskets. No need to rinse, just do the next load of dishes

My mother raves about this stuff
by Samantha

My mother turned me onto Borax. I have been able to get stains out of baby clothes that I could not have done with any thing else. I have tried other stain remover products and they didn't work. I will use this for as long as they offer it. So will my family.

by Angela

Borax saved several of our special quilts and blankets after a hurricane flooded our home. The colors had bled over on several precious items. I soaked the blankets and quilts. The borax lifted the bled colors out and you can not even tell now. One of the quilts that was saved has been in my family for 5 generations. So it is gentle yet gets the job done.

fun soap
by margarita

Not only does this soap clean clothes but you can make fun projects with it also when I was in 6th grade I remember making letter crystals with pipe cleaners and now I do it with my son.

Versatile and great value
by Erica

Borax is great not only for laundry but also for household cleaning. It has stayed at a reasonable price for many years.

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