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Dreft rinses thoroughly leaving virtually no residue on baby's clothes Ensures a gentle, soft feeling against baby's skin Does not contain harsh chemicals which may be irritating next to baby's tender skin Pediatricians recommend Dreft for use with baby laundry more than any other laundry detergent The Dreft formula is appropriate for all your family's laundry needs
Product: Dreft
Brand: Unspecified (More Products)
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20 Customer Reviews

Smells wonderful but...
by Faith

I love the smell of dreft. It's so clean and baby-like. It's one of the only detergents that doesn't irritate my daughter's eczema. It's a bit pricey though.

by nikki

My son has very sensitive skin and often develops a rash if I wash his clothes in regular detergent. A friend of mine recommend that I try Dreft detergent instead. I used the detergent but did not hold much hope that I would have any better results with this new product. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that not only did my son stop scratching, but there was no sign of a rash. I still use this product to wash his clothes and have never had a flair up again.

by Kim Esler

I first purchased this in 1987! Great stuff! I washed everything before it ever came into my sons room. I used Dreft for the first 5 years of his life.

My mother told me it was alright to start using different detergents on my sons clothing since he was an active outside child. I gave in. But still washed his bedding and towels in it for years to come. I liked the sent and softness.

Like it!
by Antoinette

I have also used Dreft on my babies clothing. I was completely satisfied with the cleanliness and smell.

by Tammy Harrison

I used this product when my children were babies back in the 80's! I loved the smell! A bit pricey though.

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3 Customer Opinions

loved it
by Diania

I loved the smell of this product. It was gentle on my baby's skin, and all his clothes smelled great.

by rita

I love Dreft because everything is so clean & no buildup but it is so costly.

That Great New Baby Smell
by Rebekah

I associate Dreft with that great new baby smell since I washed everything for my first child in it. It was gentle on his skin and gave me a peace of mind. I do agree that it is rather pricey.

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