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Ivory Snow

In the washer, Ivory Snow Powder is perfect for washing gentle cycle clothes that need special attention and a mild cleansing detergent. Ivory Snow Powder's Quick Dissolving " formula immediately starts dissolving " even in cold water leaving your delicates virtually residue-free. Moisture resistant cartons help keep powder fresh and free-flowing.
Product: Ivory Snow
Brand: Unspecified (More Products)
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5 Customer Reviews

Love it!
by Antoinette

I have been using Ivory snow for years on my baby's clothing. It is gently enough to not break my baby out and strong enough to get the stains out.

by Shannon Kimsey

This is a great mild detergent for those with sensitive skin. However, it is not very good for getting out tough stains. I would recommend it for baby clothes as long as they aren't badly soiled.

Decent detergent, great for sensitive skin
by Lauren

It works fairly well, the main perk being it is very good for sensitive skin, even when everything else caused reactions, Ivory Snow was something we could use. It doesn't dissolve as nice as many other detergents, which means you have to be a bit careful of how you put it into the machine, I wouldn't pour it over the clothing as it might clump depending on the water flow. It also is not a good detergent for cloth diapers, so you need something else gentle for those.

Great for sensitive-skinned children and infans
by Melissa

I have always had extremely sensitive skin and my mother could only wash my clothes in this when I was younger or I would break out. Not great for the tougher stains but is excellent for extremely sensitive skin.

by diapermama

This is a great product for baby clothes but it is not so good for cloth diapers since it is not strong enough to clean them very well. But it is great to have on hand for clothing if your baby is sensitive to stronger detergents.