f Bio-Kleen Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator with Live Enzyme Cultures Reviews and Information

Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator with Live Enzyme Cultures

Tough on Dirt, Gentle on the Earth Destroys Stains & Odors Safely & Naturally For Pets, Laundry, Diapers, Drains, Carpets & More Bac-Out(TM) Stain & Odor Eliminator contains more strains of live enzyme producing cultures for multiple uses. Bac-Out(TM) continues producing enzymes that attack organic waste and odors until they are gone, digesting them back into nature safely and naturally. Food grade lime extract helps eliminate the toughest stains and odors such as: pet stains & odors, diapers, coffee, tea, berries, chocolate, ink, grease, oil, drains (prevent clogs) and garbage disposals. Environmentally friendly with no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife. No harsh fumes! Gentl to sinuses & sensitive skin. Preferred by commercial carpet cleaners.
Product: Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator with Live Enzyme Cultures
Brand: Bio-Kleen (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

Natural stain remover
by Erica

This stain remover works very well on all sorts of fabrics and leaves only a faint lime smell behind.

Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out
by missynall

If you have a baby that spits up a lot this is the product for you! I hate when I do a load of laundry and forget to pretreat those yucky spit up stains. This stuff even works if you miss a stain and the garmet goes through the dryer, too.

by KaiyaSue

I've used this on clothing and the changing pad cover. It's easy to squirt some on before throwing in the hamper to prevent any staining. I wish I could find it in stores and not have to order it on-line.

by Carolyn

We use this occassionaly when we get a stain on out dipes. It works well, it's fussy to remember the extra step though.