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Dixie Drops(TM) Cloth Wipe Solution

Here is our perfectly blended Dixie Drops(TM) Cloth Wipe Solution in cube form. This is a non-residue leaving, nice smelling, easy to use wipe solution. These are just wonderful!

These are ideal if you wish to keep your cloth wipes in a wipes container and keep them moist for anytime use. You can also pour in a spray bottle andjust spray on wipes when needed. The ingredients are all natural and safe for baby.

Main ingrediants are Pure Shea Butter, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, GSE. Products that contain GSE have an indefinite shelf life. We infuse our own herbs! These are antiyeast, antifungal and antibacterial. These are perfectly blended and they smell so nice! Leaves skin clean and fresh. Skin stays soft.

These can also be used a few drops at a time in the washer and bathtub as they carry antibacterial, anti fungal, anti yeast properties. We recommend 2 to 3 drops per wash/bath.

When used in the bath, they leave you smelling and feeling fresh and clean. We have tested this out and it works wonderfully.

A 3-oz package makes approx. 50-60 cups. Just drop 1 cube per 1 cup hot water, stir until dissolved, pour over your wipes and your ready to go! It's that simple.
Product: Dixie Drops(TM) Cloth Wipe Solution
Brand: Dixie Babies (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

by Judy

After trying everything out there since our twins were born, these drops are the only thing that will not break out my twins and leaves their skin clean and refreshed. We love them! I will never use any other item again. These are a keeper for sure.

by Heidiliz

Dixie drops are my favorite wipe solution. I use these in my wipes warmer, and my wipes stay nice and great smelling for several days. I've tried other kinds, but I think dixie drops smell the best.

by Carolyn

These are my favorite among the dissolvable tab type wipes solution. They work great just in a spray bottle or in a wipes warmer with your wipes!

by KaiyaSue

I use these in an empty wipes container with cloth wipes. This product smells fantastic and keeps my wipes ready to use. You do need to use very hot water to get the drops to dissolve.