f Unspecified Tickle Turdle Wool Wraps Reviews and Information

Tickle Turdle Wool Wraps

* a diaper that could be made in just two sizes, so I could maximize the amount of use I could get out of the soaker ' a wrap allows for additional fitting *a diaper cover that could hold up to many uses ' unlike other fibers, wool with natural lanolin can be used several times before washing
Product: Tickle Turdle Wool Wraps
Brand: Unspecified (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

Too cute!!!
by Bridget

These are just too cute, and they work great too!

Very Cute!
by Jessie

I love these diaper wraps, they are absolutely adorable! 2 thumbs up!!

by bdkscrap

They can be customized with a design on the back, we got a frog and it is so cute. She also made them out of Alpaca for us, because of my wool allergy. It was fun choosing the color that we wanted. Excellent customer service.

by Carolyn

I love these wraps. They have a great custom fit and wool makes such and excellent diaper cover!!