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Menstrual Cup

The Keeper is a small, internally worn, reusable soft rubber menstrual cup. It is an innovative feminine hygiene product. Economical, comfortable, environment-friendly, the Keeper is an attractive alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, and -- when cared for properly it has a life expectancy of at least 10 years. Wow what a money saver! It is made of pure gum rubber, similar to baby bottle nipples and is soft and pliable, yet sturdy enough to do its job. When first using the Keeper you may be slightly aware of its presence. After you use it for a few periods, you will find (TM) as thousands of other women have found (TM)that you "wouldn't know how to live without it!"
Product: Menstrual Cup
Brand: The Keeper (More Products)
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3 Customer Reviews

Diva Cup #2
by Ilaki

Diva Cup website says to buy # 2 if over 30, well I have petite Asian build and it was too big. I wrote them and they basically told me to screw off. So warning to those with small builds, get size 1 AND I RECOMMEND ANOTHER BRAND WITH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE, try the Mooncup UK or the Lunette.

by mothersmoon

Simply said, it worked...but I find the Diva a lot more comfortable

by diapermama

I have tried the Keeper and the Diva Cup and I find them to be quite similar and I am happy with both BUT The Keeper wins out for one reason for sure. I love the rubber and dark color of the Keeper cup. The Keeper washed up and looks like brand new every time and that gives me great piece of mind that it doesn't start looking dingy or discolored like some other cups do.

1 Customer Opinions

by rita

I liked this but prefer the Diva cup for me.