f Aubrey Organics Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex Reviews and Information

Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex

Applied to oily problem areas of the skin, this fast-acting gel works overtime to help keep pores clear and promote healthy skin.

-Softens and dissolves dirt and oil deposits.
-Helps keep skin clean and clear with sulfur-rich amino acids, vitamin A and goa herb.
-Helps balance and soothe trouble spots.
-Is ideal for teenagers and adults with blemish-prone skin.
Product: Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex
Brand: Aubrey Organics (More Products)
Size: 2 oz
Dosage: Use as directed
Retail: $7.95
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13 Customer Reviews

Great Natural Product!
by Lobeemom

I bought this product because we ran out of our previous product. My 11 year old daughter also wanted to use a product for her blemishes. I like to buy natural products, and I wanted something that wouldn't dry out her delicate skin or burn when she applied it.
This product is great for the whole family.
I tried it and it does not burn at all. It leaves a cool sensation and does not dry out your skin.
My husband loved it, and said he thought he noticed the redness was going down after the first application. My daughter also liked it and has been using it as a spot treatment.
The only thing I wish is that it had a more pleasant smell.

actually works

I was surprised at how well this product cleaned my skin. I had used it for a few days and noticed that my skin seemed cleaner and more refreshed. It was a good cleaner and I would suggest it to anyone.

Splotchy Skin
by NRK

I tried this product hoping that it would clear up a few problem areas. Because of this I had no reason to spread this all over my face and it is a good thing that I didn't. The spots that I used the amino derm gel on got so dry that they turned a burnt red color and left splotches. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

It worked for me...
by Mary Allen

I was skeptical about this product before I tried it only because I had tried a few other products and they didn't work for me. I have acne on my back, I think its from my hair laying on my back, however when I used this product the acne went away. I had to use it faithfully for about 2 weeks then I started to see the difference. I love the product it is amazing, the only down fall is that it left my skin a little bit oily, but I would rather have a little oily skin than to have acne on my skin.

Works For Minor Problems
by Jessica Elmore

I bought this product on a whim, after trying several other acne-clearing products. Throughout my college years, my skin has cleared up only slightly as compared to when I was a teen. I used to have severe acne, for which I took prescription medication. Now, however, prescriptions are unnecessary; I only have the occasional breakout, with one or two blemishes in between. If this is the case for you, then I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex. When I am anticipating a breakout, I put the gel only on the areas that are most problematic. This seems to be a good strategy in reducing the frequency of breakouts. This product is also a wonderful spot treatment for drying out blemishes. I don't think that I would apply it every day all over my face, however, as this could lead to over-drying of the skin. The drawbacks are that if you have a very bad acne problem, this product simply may not be strong enough. I will more than likely buy this product again in the future.

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