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Camomile Clear Solution

Even great-looking skin can have an occasional blemish. Clear solution clears up the appearance of trouble spots - fast. It removes blemishes by quickly and intensively calming the skin tissue. Contains 100% pure patented Camomile clear solution, clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation.
Product: Camomile Clear Solution
Brand: CamoCare (More Products)
Size: .5 oz
Dosage: Apply with cotton pad to blemish areas during the day and especially at night on cleansed skin.
Retail: $12.95
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26 Customer Reviews

by Dria T.

I've tried several products but this is by far the best. Proactiv bleached my bedding and my clothes, but this is all natural! I highly recommend this product for major or minor acne!

Smooth Skin.
by Joseph Thomas

Thank you! For years I've had acne scars, and these reduced them so much. In the past I've tried other acne reducers and all they've done for me is dry out my skin. This left my skin healthy and clean. I would choose this for any of my friends.

Gentle is Better!
by Carol C.

For years I tried stronger and stronger salicylic acid products trying to clear my skin of acne. Then I saw a Dr who explained that often these products are too strong for sensitive skin - which I apparently have. Chamomile is soothing and calming for the skin - and less irritation means less acne. Plus, the calming effects help breakouts heal faster. I like the square quilted cotton pads as the applicator - they seem to hold the solution on better, and leave less 'stuff' on my face. Consider trying this if strong treatments are not working for you!

Great! Less noticeable acne
by Chris Carter

I was frustrated every single day that I had acne. I was never able to bring myself to use other products that were "heavy duty" or "factory strength" because my skin was so sensitive. This is the perfect product because just as advertised, they eliminate spots like a charm. I've been using this product for about 2 months and I wouldn't use anything else. I would buy this product again considering that it works great, I would just recommend additional treatment if you had really bad acne.

The best acne solution!
by Ashley

I'm still in college, so I break out every once in a while - usually when I'm stressed, when I eat chocolate, and when I sweat. I bought this product because I've used other Camomile products in the past, and they've smelled so great. Once again they live up to their name. This product does exactly what it advertises. It removes the redness that surrounds breakouts in just 8 hours or less. I put it on before I go to bed and wake up with clear skin. Don't over do it though, because it can irritate your skin and cause it to dry up.

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