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Derma Klear® Akne • Zyme®† contains key nutrients that must be present in the diet for skin function.† Vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, and the B vitamins are known for their contribution to skin integrity. A well-balanced diet and proper cleansing are also important for healthy skin.
Product: Derma-Klear-Akne-Zyme
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 90 Capsules
Dosage: 2 Capsules daily
Retail: $23.50
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20 Customer Reviews

by Charity

I have the worst adult acne of anybody i know- deep cysts and all over swollen pimples that cause bad scaring. I have tried everything under the sun for years including this product but quite after a month or so as it seemed not to help at all but only make it perhaps worse. after talking to a specialist at my health food store and hearing that it takes 3 months to infiltrate your whole system, i decided to try again. she was right!!!!! it's not a drug, so it's not a quick-fix and it requires patience....but 3 months later and finally my face is completely acne clear for the first time since i first broke out as a teenager! i'm amazed and am blessed to have been able to discover this product!

by sm

Worked for me a week after starting the vitamins. My face is clear, and it looks 100% better.

Didn't Help Me
by Jessie

I guess everyone's bodies work differently, but these pills did nothing for me at all. I took them just as directed and there was no change. My acne isn't even that severe, so I would think that it wouldn;t take much to clear it up if a product works well. This one did nothing.
I now switch back & forth between Proactive & Arbonne. One has Salicilic Acid as the active ingredient, and the other as Benzoyl Peroxide. I've found that alternating between the 2 keeps my face clear.

Only thing that works for me!
by Vanessa

I used both soap and pills DermaKlear for two weeks now; I saw some improvement within one week and massive improvement by the second week. (As long as I'm diligent about it.) I've tried changing my diet, went to the dermatologist, tried different products including ProActive. None would work except for ProActive, but within a month, my immune system would get used to it and ProActive became ineffective to my skin.
For those whom this product doesn't work, it really depends on each person's immune system and how their bodies react to the ingredient. Mine reacts great to DermaKlear, but I'm not raising my hopes up on this until two months down the road. (If I remember, I'll be back and give my second review)

Works for Me!
by BJ Quik

Before trying this product, I changed my diet because of my acne. I found out that eating pork and red meat was a huge cause of my acne. After eliminating these meats, I notice a huge difference in my face, however, I still had some breakouts. I started using Akne Zyme and within a few days, I noticed fewer breakouts and my skin has cleared up!!

I would recommend this product to anyone. I would also recommend for those who did not have any positive results to change your diet to find out what food may be causing your breakouts.

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1 Customer Opinions

It's really incredible!
by Neomi

I am 31 and should NOT be dealing with acne. Right!! I've tried soaps and bars and lotions and scrubs and pills and you name it. This product works for me because it keeps nutritional deficiencies away that actually causes acne. For example, a deficieny in zinc is the reason why it takes some people's acne to heal forever. I take this product ALONG with making sure I eat right, not intake dairy and get plenty of water. Seriously, i stop this product for a week and my skin goes back to being an active volcano. I take this product and i look air brushed. So yeah! I'd say it works for me.

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