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Natural Results Acne Treatment

This unique acne treatment system utilizes Oligopeptide-10, the latest breakthrough in skin care. When used in combination with Salicylic Acid and Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil, this system gently, yet effectively, eliminates harmful bacteria and helps combat blemishes.

The Natural Results Acne Treatment System helps stop the acne cycle and helps prevent future breakouts. It also reduces redness and inflammation and promotes a long-lasting, clear complexion. Due to its gentle formulation and without the negative side-effects associated with other acne products, this system (consisting of a cleanser, toner and lotion) is ideal for adults or teens and all skin types.

All products in the system are paraben-free and created with certified organic botanicals to guarantee a gentle approach to fighting acne. Take these 3 simple steps to clear skin and experience long-lasting, natural results.
Product: Natural Results Acne Treatment
Brand: Nature's Gate (More Products)
Size: Kit
Dosage: Twice a day
Retail: $29.99
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23 Customer Reviews

Broke out in rash within 1st wk
by dizcodancer

Nature's Gate Acne Treatment System is proof that natural and organic mean nothing in the world of allergic reactions and overly-harsh cleansers. Within the first week of using this product my entire face broke out in a rash that looked like tiny little red dots all over my skin (similar looking to a heat rash). Additionally, my skin itched like crazy!

I was obviously having a negative reaction to some ingredient in the product - however, I was not sure which. I know I'm not allergic to salicylic acid because I have used products with it before and did not develop the same rash.

In an effort to find a potential cause, I contacted Nature's Gate asking if they had had any other customers write about experiencing the same reaction and/or what the possible cause might be (a company SHOULD know this before selling its product). Guess what they said............

That's right, NOTHING. I never heard back from the company, even after repeated attempts to get in contact with them. I didn't want to give up so easily on the product as I choose to support natural, non-animal tested brands - but their lack of care for their own customers and non-existent customer service coupled with the fact that their product provided me with a nice, itchy red rash, has motivated me to give this product and company a negative review. If I could give zero stars, I would. I have never had such a poor experience before with a skin care system or company. Buyer beware!

Worked for me
by Mary

This product happened to actually work for me. I was quite surprised by the results.

by Adriana

I have battled with moderate to severe acne since the 4th grade and I am now in college. I have tried everything from proactive, origins, facials, and prescriptions from various dermatologists. What worked?? In addition to Natures Gate "Natural Results" I have been eating much more healthy and only drink water. WOW! my face is glowing i dont even have to wear face make-up anymore. I now shop at a fruit market which is much cheaper than any grocers fruit and vegetables. My face is 100% clear, i may get a pimple here and there from exams or my period but when your entire face is clear you wont even notice one little one! I highly recommend using this product along with eating healthy and drinking water because your skin is a reflection of your bodies' internal health.

My skin hasn't looked this good in years!
by Michael

Ever since I was 15 I have had horrible acne. Every product I have tried has had very limited results, if any at all.
I was worried that this product was going to seriously irritate my skin ( has been a problem with many other products for me ), but to my surprise, it leaves my skin really moisturized.
It made my acne worse for about a week, but into week two, the difference was amazing!
My complexion is so uniform now! I had really red, irritated skin and now it looks really healthy. It also smells awesome. I have only used it for 3 weeks but am completely satisfied with it. I received it from a friend who doesn't suffer from Acne. She received it as a promo item at work.
I had given up on acne products but thought that I would try it as the only products I hadn't tried were natural ones.
Very, very happy with this product.
Also, don't know if it's supposed to do this, but my skin feels firmer than before!

no difference noticed

My sister used this product and was not pleased at all with the results. The price is way too high and for the price of this she decided to just use proactive.

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