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Broke out in rash within 1st wk
by dizcodancer

Nature's Gate Acne Treatment System is proof that natural and organic mean nothing in the world of allergic reactions and overly-harsh cleansers. Within the first week of using this product my entire face broke out in a rash that looked like tiny little red dots all over my skin (similar looking to a heat rash). Additionally, my skin itched like crazy!

I was obviously having a negative reaction to some ingredient in the product - however, I was not sure which. I know I'm not allergic to salicylic acid because I have used products with it before and did not develop the same rash.

In an effort to find a potential cause, I contacted Nature's Gate asking if they had had any other customers write about experiencing the same reaction and/or what the possible cause might be (a company SHOULD know this before selling its product). Guess what they said............

That's right, NOTHING. I never heard back from the company, even after repeated attempts to get in contact with them. I didn't want to give up so easily on the product as I choose to support natural, non-animal tested brands - but their lack of care for their own customers and non-existent customer service coupled with the fact that their product provided me with a nice, itchy red rash, has motivated me to give this product and company a negative review. If I could give zero stars, I would. I have never had such a poor experience before with a skin care system or company. Buyer beware!

Worked for me
by Mary

This product happened to actually work for me. I was quite surprised by the results.

by Adriana

I have battled with moderate to severe acne since the 4th grade and I am now in college. I have tried everything from proactive, origins, facials, and prescriptions from various dermatologists. What worked?? In addition to Natures Gate "Natural Results" I have been eating much more healthy and only drink water. WOW! my face is glowing i dont even have to wear face make-up anymore. I now shop at a fruit market which is much cheaper than any grocers fruit and vegetables. My face is 100% clear, i may get a pimple here and there from exams or my period but when your entire face is clear you wont even notice one little one! I highly recommend using this product along with eating healthy and drinking water because your skin is a reflection of your bodies' internal health.

My skin hasn't looked this good in years!
by Michael

Ever since I was 15 I have had horrible acne. Every product I have tried has had very limited results, if any at all.
I was worried that this product was going to seriously irritate my skin ( has been a problem with many other products for me ), but to my surprise, it leaves my skin really moisturized.
It made my acne worse for about a week, but into week two, the difference was amazing!
My complexion is so uniform now! I had really red, irritated skin and now it looks really healthy. It also smells awesome. I have only used it for 3 weeks but am completely satisfied with it. I received it from a friend who doesn't suffer from Acne. She received it as a promo item at work.
I had given up on acne products but thought that I would try it as the only products I hadn't tried were natural ones.
Very, very happy with this product.
Also, don't know if it's supposed to do this, but my skin feels firmer than before!

no difference noticed

My sister used this product and was not pleased at all with the results. The price is way too high and for the price of this she decided to just use proactive.

average product
by Rob

My son uses this product and it gave decent results, but it seems like it took forever. For the price, I don't think it is worth it. We got much better results with him when we were using proactiv. Although it is expensive, I think we will be going back to proaciv.

efffective treatment
by tracey

I purchased this product for my teenage daughter who was starting to develop acne. I did not want to start using harsh chemicals as her skin is very sensitive. We were both pleasantly surprised that this product worked as well as it did, and did not irritate her skin. Her acne is on the mild side, but even one pimple is one too many to a teenager. This is a good starting point for anyone with acne before trying harsher products with strong chemicals. Just give it time to work and you'll find your happy with the results.

Takes some time...but works
by Jen

My little brother has bad acne, and has tried most products on the market and none were as effective as this product. It took a little longer than expected to clear up his acne, but it did work when no other products did. In my opinion, if nothing else works, try this product, it will work but not right away.

It's alright
by Jordan

Perhaps I was expecting too much too fast but this product, while it did work, took a bit longer than I expected. It cut down on the number of pimples and it worked ok.

by Janet

I had this problem when I was a little girl. It bothers me all the time. I'm not the kind of person with acne on the whole face. My acne often turns out on T section. It is big. And it often leaves scars on my face. If I don't sleep well at night, the acne appears. This product gives a very cool feeling to my face. It can shrink my big acne overnight. And after 5 or 6 days, the acne scars disappear. I love it.

Stick With It
by Krystel S.

While Natural Results didn't work as fast as I would have liked I must say that that my skin always felt fresh and moisturized and after a few weeks really began to show a noticeable difference.

The one thing I do stress is that it is very important to stick with a routine while using Natural Results ,because once I stopped using it for a short amount of time my skin reverted back to where it had started off.

Overall Natural Results is a great product if you stick with it.

My daughters whole attitude has changed
by Tonya

My 13 year old daughter was starting to get acne all over her face really bad a year and a half ago. She was embarrassed and started to stay to herself, not wanting to go out do things because of her acne. It broke my heart to see her depressed and embarrassed. I bought her an array of products to try. Some of the products worked a little and some made her acne even worse. A friend of mine told me to try getting her Natural Results Acne Treatment. With little hope that it would work I bought it anyway. It was the best money I have ever spent. After repeated use my daughters acne started clearing up and her face was healthy and vibrant looking. More importantly her attitude changed. She began wanting to go out and do things again, wanting to hang out with friends and was no longer embarrassed by acne. Natural Results acne treatment is a simple regimen to use (which makes it great for teens) and is not harsh on your skin. Best of all it really works!

Time-intensive, but worth it!
by T. Danger

I have moderate acne, and it feels like I've tried everything. I keep pouring money into OTC acne products (and even a few prescriptions) and still my best investment seems to be mineral makeup.
I'm tired of feeling embarrassed by my natural skin-- I won't even let my best friends see me without makeup! I am currently trying this, and hope that with continued use I can begin to show my "true" face again. I've been taking it a little over 3 weeks, and I think it has decreased the amount of new developments I'd ordinarily be prone to. As with many natural/herbal remedies, it can take a while to really see results.
I am hoping for the best, and as long as I can afford it, I'll probably continue to use it!

Wonder Treatment for Acne
by Carole Dosey

Let me start off by saying wow wow wow! My daughter's acne was getting out of hand and we had tried so many different products to treat her acne even the more expensive items and nothing seemed to work. Within a few days of using Natural Results you could see a huge difference in her face and neck area. I was so worried about it drying her skin out but that never happened. It cleansed, moisturized, and lifted away the ugly acne and blackheads and left my daughter with a beautiful glowing completion. If you want the best, you need Natural Results!

Skin feels great
by Marlon

I used this product for several weeks. It slowly but eventually began to eliminate the acne from my face and neck. While the effects may not be as quick as some might be looking for, it helps moisturize and condition skin. I also noticed it prevents any new breakouts from occurring.

It Really Works!
by Sharon

I originally bought this product for my teenage son. He thought that it was to time consuming with the different products to use. I started to use it when I had some acne appear. It works great. It only took a couple of days for the product to clear up my completion. I threw away the rest of the products from my medicine cabinet and only keep this product on hand.

Great Product
by Shawna P

I have tried every acne treatment out there and this one does deliver. It has the right ingredients to combat breakouts. The only minor concern is that Tea Tree Oil can be an irritant for some. However my skin was fine with it. The salicylic acid is the key here, also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid - in my opinion that is the #1 ingredient for fighting acne. This one is a keeper.

Acne Treatment
by Josh Mawyer

Works great! I had a lot of acne on my face. It took over a week to see results but once it was working, my face cleared up and stayed clear. I still use it for maintenance and prevention of acne.

by Ellisha

This is a really great product. It helps treat breakouts and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Unlike some acne treatments, this product does not seem to dry the skin out. It not only treats existing blemishes but also helps to prevent future ones. It's priced very well and works great!

by Melissa

I have tried so many acne products I think I have wasted about $500. I was just so tired of trying products with no results. Then a friend advised me to try Natural Results Acne Treatment so I said why not. I tried for about 2 nights and saw a difference. Redness was reduced and scarring started to clear. I was amazed, and this product is also cheap too. I was very thrilled. So to all those out there with acne, give this a try!

Acne Treatment
by carolyn

I think this is a good acne treatment. I used it daily for about a month and almost all my pimples were gone, and the little black heads I had on my nose completly vanished.

by Lois

I bought this for my sister to use. She is still a teen and was having bad breakouts. It did clear up her skin pretty quickly and seems to be keeping it clear with minimal breakouts. Would suggest trying it if you are struggling with acne.

Cheaper Alternative to ProActiv
by Gordy

I purchased Natural Results Acne Treatment online when I was looking for a daily (or twice daily) acne product that wouldn't burn a hole in my wallet. I am a big fan of products that are organic and/or all natural, so I was excited to give this a try. Natural Results comes with 3 products: An exfoliating Cleanser with a nice smooth texture that cleans and opens pores, a Calming Toner that improves the health of the pores and controls oily skin while 'calming' irritation, and finally the Controlling Lotion that will regulate any bacteria before a breakout. A neat ingredient in the first 2 products is natural Tea Tree Oil not found in a lot of acne products. I must say after following the directions, things get temporarily worse and then everything cleared up for me after about 2 weeks and stayed that way to this day. If you are looking for a cheap alternative (~$20 out-the-door) and want to control breakouts, I recommend using Natural Results.

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