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Good Product
by Tara

i used this product for a few monthes and it did reduce the lines around my eyes.

Great Product!
by Leigh Taylor

It's not sticky or greasy. It has sun screen! Eucerin has been making great products for some time. I don't know about Q10 going in through the skin but, I know this is a good cream for fine lines.

Good Product
by Natasha

This Eucerin product is great because it has SPF in it. I am very conscious that I protect my skin each and everyday.

by Nichole

I like eucerin products but this one although it does a good job of moisterizing my skin it did litte else for me. My skin wasn't any firmier or smoother. It is good for people with sensitive skin and wasn't greasy.

by Cynthia

I am really pleased with Eucerin. I have found that just because something is labeled "sensitive skin" I often still can not use. I have very sensitive skin and also wear contact lenses. I turned 50 and have always been in the sun alot so I do have skin issues. My skin is smoother, softer and healthier looking. I also like that after applying it is not greasy or makes me sweat more.

Over the counter and Over the top!!!
by Stacey

Wow, I am so impressed with this product. Eucerin is definitely a brand I trust and it is always well worth my money. I am not paying for a cheap throw it in the bottle product because when I use Eucerin it is always high quality. I was not surprised to feel my skin smooth out so nicely with the Anti-Wrinkle Lotion. It always amazes me that this product is over the counter and at the disposal of my fingertips. Once again you have made an awesome product that I will highly recommend with no prescriptions attached.

by Sally

I love eucerine products, and this one is no exception. I just bought some about a month ago, and I believe I can see a difference in my skin. It goes on smoothly, makes my face feel smooth, and my make-up goes on nicely over it. I don't feel "sticky." I'm looking forward to how well it works over time. So far, its one of the best face-cream products I've tried.

Affordable, quick, and works great
by littlecat

What could be easier, and do so much for you? Not only is my skin smoother and more supple, you get the extra perk of a sunscreen. I have used this product for the last 3 months, and it feels very silky and smooth upon application. I am a single Mom, with an autistic 4 year old son, and my time and finances are somewhat limited. This product is great. It is quick to apply, and the price is affordable, even for me. Don't get me wrong, I still have a few fine lines, and a couple wrinkles. This is not a miracle product, and won't make you instantly appear 20 years younger; however, I used to have a lot more of the fine lines 3 months ago then I do now. They didn't disappear with 2 or 3 applications. I started to notice a difference after about 1-2 weeks of using Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF15. I would definitely purchase this product again, and I have.

Wonderful product!
by Angel

I use Eucerin to prevent me from having wrinkles.
To be honest about it, people can not guess how old I am due to no wrinkles on my face.
I use alot of the different products that Eucerin puts out, I love the brand 100%!

Great for sensitive skin
by CN

I have trouble with many anti-wrinkle creams, or any face creams in general. Often they will make my face red or itchy, or make my eyes burn. A dermatologist recommended the Eucerin brand to me many years ago. So, of course I went back to Eucerin again, with great results. It's one of the only ones that leaves my face soft and doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes.

Great & Affordable!
by Pearl

I have to say that this cream works and is great! I've been using it for 6 months now and I can tell that my face is so much smoother and looks so much better. My Makeup looks so much better on me and I'm not afraid to go without makeup either anymore. It's SPF 15 which is a nice plus because you get protection from sun exposure which causes fine lines and wrinkles. It's fragrance-free and non-irritating which is great for people like me that have sensitive skin. It also will not clog your pores which helps your skin to keep looking good also. So I will keep using this cream and I recommend it to all my friends. Also, I think the big plus is that you can get the Eucerin Q10 Anit-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF15 at any store. I get it at Target and it's a really great price! It's not a product that will break the bank to have the beauty care you deserve and need! Plus, it's a name I trust, Eucerin.

Great Product
by Evelyn

I am 39 with a few fine lines and very sensitive skin. I decided to try Eucerin because of their good reputation. This product has a good consistency, it goes on smoothly and it does not irritate my skin. I've noticed a reduction of the fine lines around my mouth and forehead in just a few weeks. Why pay 4-5 times more for an expensive department store brand when this will give you great results at a reasonable price? I purchased it on sale at the drugstore and will buy it again in the future.

Perhaps down the line...
by C

I tried a sample of Q10 Anti-Wrinkle sensitive lotion, and found that it didn't clog my pores. I didn't notice any benefit to my skin in regards to preventing fine lines (since I only used the product for a few days). I liked the fact that there was SPF and coenzyme Q10 in the lotion, but I felt that the lotion overall was a little too heavy for me. I'm used to a lighter lotion for daily use.

by cecilia

This lotion is affordable and it works! It has Q10 in it, an important antioxidant for your skin. I've been using this for about 3 weeks and my skin seems to be smoother, and makeup goes on easier. It has SPF 15 in it so it also helps with protecting you from sun exposure. Kind of like an all-in-one product. I love products from Eucerin. They can be found at any drugstores or mass merchandisers. This product lessened the appearance of the wrinkles on my forehead. I recommend this to anyone who is starting to see fine lines on their face.

Good Moisturizer
by LKH

I am at the age where I am starting to notice a few little lines popping up, so I searched for a product that would help combat them before they got worse. I do like this stuff because it is a light formula and the Q10 does seem to do something for the quality of my skin and pores. My one main complaint would be that I would like it to have more SPF. 15, at least for someone as fair-skinned as I am, doesn't seem like enough, especially to combat additional sun damage or signs of aging.

by Julie

My mom started using this product after seeing a commerical. She has extremely sensitive skin and was cautious about using this product. She decided to give it a try and it has worked wonders!! It does not leave her skin red or itchy. It's great!

by toddm

Eucerin makes great products this one is no exception. I have noticed a visible change in my fine lines and firmness. Worth the money, highly recommend!

by jane moore

If I could give this more than a 5 rating, I would! I have had skin problems since I was in high school, and I finally tried this out. I could not be more surprised than my Dermatologist, who said my skin looks amazing. I used prescription lotions, but this has helped me out even more and it has saved me alot of money. I feel more confident in public thanks, to Q10 Lotion!

Non Greasy
by Susan

This product is great for my sensitive skin! It's fragrance-free, goes on lightly, and is not too greasy. You can put your make-up on top of it with no problem. I gave it 4 stars because I haven't seen some pre-fine lines disappear (like on my forehead), which it claims it will do, but I also haven't been using it every day because I don't go out every day.

A great product
by vmvdmd

Eucerin anti-wrinkle cream is perfect for my sensitive skin. My pediatrician recommended this brand for my newborn so I know that I can trust it on my own skin. I find the scent very light and fresh and the product very easy to apply. The formula instantly absorbs into my skin and comforts the dry, red patches on it. I find it not too oily and really recommend the product for the price. The sun protection is an added bonus.

good one
by renuka

Eucerin is always an excellent brand. This lotion is very efficient for wrinkles. It firms the skin and has SPF ,so protects from sunlight. Wrinkles are formed in our face as we get older. This lotion is very useful when women reach the age of 30.

by sindy

I used for over 20 years a prescription cream (very expensive) for my rosacea. The prescription cream did just an "ok" job. My dermatologist had no other recommendations to change to, so I tried this product on my own with wonderful results -- I no longer use the prescription cream. I use Eucerin Q10 for sensitive skin at morning and night, and I am free from the prescription cream. Not only is it taming my rosacea, but it makes my skin smooth and is great under makeup. I have been using this product for one year now, and keep 5 bottles on hand just in case it is ever discontinued. :)

Nice one
by Blueberry

My mother has started using this product both for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also as a sun protection cream. She has been using it for a couple of weeks now and has not noticed much change but is confident that it will work after a few more weeks.

Great for Sensitive Skin
by Kyle

My partner uses this product and raves about. It does a great job at not clogging pores. I also love how its a moisturizer AND anti-wrinkle formula as well as SPF. Perfect product.

Cheap is Very Good
by Cindy B

Eucerin Q10 is as good, if not better than the $$$$ you can spend at department stores for anti-wrinkle lotions. I myself think it is much better, starting with the price. It is also great if you have sensitive skin. You do not have to worry about any side effects or triggering acne. It also has your sunscreen in the formulation, so you have everything covered. You can always trust the name Eucerin for producing products that are good for your skin and that work. I would never spend big money on anti-wrinkle cream again.

Looking for that Fountain of Youth??
by jud655

Being a Senior Citizen, the aging process/ wrinkles seem to ravage your skin. I have tried many, many products with disappointing results. This Product gives you a postive fighting chance to slow down the aging process! It smooths out the deep wrinkles and lines. So gentle for sensitive skin...non greasy, so light feeling... pleasant refreshing smell. Such an overall silky smoothness to your skin. I highly recommend it. It surely is the closest thing to the "Fountain of Youth".

It worked for me
by Bethany

I noticed right away that my skin was softer. It blended fast and didn't leave any oily residue. After about a week or so, I noticed the little lines around my eyes were gone. This is made by a company I trust.

makes thoes wrinkles go away
by zach r

This is an awesome product. This product fights back the signs of wrinkles. I have sensitive skin, and this helps a lot with that as other products would make my skin bad. The spf 15 is another great thing about this product

Sensitive Skin Friendly
by Emily K.

This product is great for my sensitive skin! It's fragrance-free, goes on lightly, and is not too greasy. You can put your make-up on top of it with no problem. I gave it 4 stars because I haven't seen some pre-fine lines disappear (like on my forehead), which it claims it will do. I also haven't been using it every day because I don't go out every day.

Use Eucerin--You'll Be Beautiful
by leslie

I love this stuff. I have oily skin and I'm also aging (I'm in my forties) so this Eucerin lotion is perfect for my skin. It won't leave your skin feeling like you just put on a greasy, heavy mask--it feels just right. The price is great too...very affordable, quality skin care. It also has sunscreen in it which is a big plus for me. This stuff makes me feel beautiful! try it and you'll feel beautiful too.

Smooth Those Wrinkles
by Jennifer H.

This product is GREAT! The makers of Eucerin did it again and made a product to combat the wrinkles on those of us with sensitive skin! It rubs in very nicely and leaves my skin feeling much smoother and takes the dryness away. It's not too heavy either, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. The SPF 15 is an added bonus! I highly recommend this to everyone!!

works great
by J

I have very sensitive skin and I've been looking for a moisturizer for a long time that would not cause me to break out. This worked great and made my skin feel smooth all day long.

I like this one...
by herm

I noticed immediantly that my skin was softer after using this product. It is very gentle but does the job. I noticed after about two weeks of use that my skin looked much better. Lot's of fine lines disappeared and the dryness was totally gone!

Makes my skin so soft!
by Sarah

I have very dry and sensitive skin and my doctor actually recommended this product to me. I bought it, tried it, and loved it! The smell was not harsh at all and it left my skin very soft and smooth. I loved the fact that it helped firm my skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and that it had sunscreen in the lotion as well. It is sort of like an all-in-one lotion! I would have given this product a 5 star rating, but it is a little on the greasy side. Overall, this is a great product and I will continue to use it over and over!

Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle lotion
by Sandy B

This is by far one of the best anti-wrinkle lotions on the market. One can trust the Eucerin name and this product delivers on their promise. Leaves my skin feeling great and not greasy. I can use it twice a day without clogging up pores and it is making my skin look refreshed. I would highly recommend.

Inexpensive & Effective
by TNG

I picked up a bottle of Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion in what seemed to be my never ending quest to find the perfect daily moisturizer for my skin, which is sensitive, on the dry side, has occasional break-outs and is beginning to show its age. I was on the look-out for something with an SPF of at least 15, as well as good-for-my skin ingredients to help lessen current lines and prevent future lines from forming. I am extremely pleased to say that this product has met all of my requirements and then some! The lotion itself is light and fragrance free. It has never irritated my sensitive skin (three months of daily use and counting) and absorbs VERY quickly--no more greasy face. My face is instantly softer after use, and that softness lasts throughout the day. I used to have redness and blotchiness on my face and that has all but gone away since using Eucerin. I have had no trouble with break-outs, and have, in fact, had less occur. The SPF (15)blocks both UVA and UVB rays, which I know is something many people look for. I have tried 8 or 9 different moisturizers in the past couple of years and have never liked one enough to purchase a 2nd bottle--until now. Perhaps the best part is the price. It is more effective and less expensive then anything else I have tried and should be considered a real bargain. I would highly recommend giving this moisturizer a shot, especially if you have sensitive, dry skin. It has made my skin noticeably softer, smoother and clearer, and is definitely my cream-of-the-crop facial moisturizer.

Great for people with sensitive skin
by Annie

I found the product to be very good if you tend to break out a lot or if your skin is a little more on the oily side. However, if you have dry skin then this product is not the best choice because it doesn't necessarily hydrate your skin as well as other products and for myself with dry skin after application of the product I would find dry spots on my face. It did however absorb quickly after application and had no fragrance which was great.

pleasantly surprised
by shirley

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this. I thought that it would be thick, greasy and leave white marks. But, the consistency is flowing and it blends in well with my skin.

Works good on my skin
by Mindy

I decided to give this a try after my son's pediatrician recommended this brand for his dry skin. I began using this and could see a difference. I use it morning and night, and love how it moisturizes my skin. I have sensitive skin, and this doesn't affect me at all.

Eucerin Rocks.
by Jessica

My mom swears by this product. She uses Eucerin products all the time and this one is no exception. She loves the after- feeling this product gives her face after she rubs it in. She noticed an effect after just a few applications. Her face seems smoother, silkier and fresher now. And the SPF 15 is a nice plus, since she's had cancer and now has to protect herself from the sun. A+ Product. Definitely recommended.

Good quality, skin feels smoother
by TC

I have sensitive, combination skin, but like all women, I would like to prevent wrinkles too. I've been searching everywhere for products that would suit my skin type. I used to use Avene from France, which is targeted to sensitive skin. A friend introduced me to Eucerin, and now I'm hooked! Their product's price is more than reasonable, and it does what it claims. I especially like the fact that they make this a "lotion", instead of a thick face cream. The texture is light and fast absorbent, and it never irritates my acne either. Great product.

Best Face Lotion!
by Lana

I LOVE this lotion. I previously used a different Eucerin face lotion (with alpha hydroxy) that was discontinued, so I begrudgingly switched to this one, and it is great! My sister is a dermatologist, and this is what she uses on her face every day (she has about 8 bottles for fear that they will discontinue this one as well!). Best face lotion out there.

Works great
by shilpi tandon

Eucerin products have a great image and this moisturizer works towards it. It is not oily and makes my skin smooth. It does not sting and has great SPF. I don't have wrinkles but it does work on my fine lines. I use it as a daily moisturizer and am impressed with it.

Great Stff
by Stacy

I have used a lot of products that you get at the dept. store that you end up paying way too much for and get no results.. Not the case here with Eucerin. It's affordable and actually works. It didn't make my skin break out either, which tends to happen to me. I have nice smooth skin!

Eucerin: The Smart Solution for Aging Skin
by Lana

As an acne sufferer with sensitive skin, I am very careful about the products I choose. Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion seemed to do a wonderful job in every aspect. I loved the fact that the product was fragrance-free, oil-free, non-irritating and noncomedogenic! Such factors were very significant for me because it meant that my risks of worsening my skin condition were greatly diminished. I still use this product every day and I feel great knowing that my skin is protected daily against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Furthermore, I feel confident in its ability to deter the aging process through this simple mechanism. Most SPF 15 products out there seemed to have a really strong smell that I despised, but since Eucerin was fragrance-free, such concern was nonexistent. Additionally, my skin seemed smooth, moisturized and the product served as a great primer-like substance before I put on my mineral makeup. I would give this product a full five stars if it wasn't’t for the fact that it takes a little bit too long to absorb into my skin. Overall, I would highly recommend this skin lotion for all those consumers searching for an anti-aging lotion that successfully delivers in all of its claims. In a world of skin-obsessed society, I am one thankful and satisfied Eucerin user!

Eucerin Fan
by NTReviewer

Eucerin is a fantastic moisturizing lotion. I use it every day and my skin is silky smooth. I particularly like the SPF15 in it since I like every bit of protection I can get. It is not overal heavy or greasy and is very good for sensitive skin.

Can`t Live Without It
by mamma_nee

I first tried this cream a few months ago and I truly cannot go a day without it. Everyone asks what I did to look younger. It's hard to believe that you don`t need to spend a fortune and look great! I also love that it protects me from the sun here in Florida.

Great for Sensitive Skin
by SierraK

I like Eucerin's products, they live up to their claims to not irritate skin. This is a great moisturizer to use on the slopes, has UVA/UVB sunscreen and won't irritate even when your skin is wind burned.
The only reason I gave this a 4 and not a 5 is that it is a little too greasy for spring/summer use. But I love it for fall/winter, especially when going to ski.

Eucerin is a really good product
by Kathy Herrington

I have used Eucerin for about three years. I find it works just as well as some of the higher-priced products that I have used. It is very gentle on my skin and doesn't itch or sting the way some products I have used have a tendency to do. I would recommend this product to whoever wants a product that really works and is easy on your budget.

Nice moisturizer, but doesn't help with wrinkles
by Christine

I liked this moisturizer. I think it's a great base for make-up. I also love that it has SPF 15 in it. However, it didn't really help with my wrinkles. I liked the lack of heavy fragrance that so many creams have. I also liked the consistency of the moisturizer. It also soaked in quickly. However, I didn't notice any reduction in my wrinkles.

by Henley

This is one brand I trust and recommend! I love Eurcerin products and have tried many of their products, including this one, and it works like a charm! My wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and it's just a great product.

Eucerin works
by Robyn

I just love the Eucerin brand. My children suffer from dry skin (we live in Wisconsin) and when I saw that Eucerin came out with anti-wrinkle cream, I had to try it. This cream works great. It makes the wrinkles seem less visible and makes your face feel smooth. It also doesn't dry out your face or make it feel greasy. This one is a keeper!

I like This
by cindy

I use this on my face all the time. My skin is extremely sensitive, and it's always hard to find something that won't break me out. I have never had that problem with Eucerin. My face is clean, no break outs and my wrinkles aren't even that noticeable. With my fair skin, its a bonus to have the SPF factor. I like getting all this for the money and from a brand I trust to boot.

A Brand I Trust
by Denise Grier

I love Eucerin because it works without the frills so many other lotions and anti-wrinkle remedies use to advertise their products.

Excellent basic product
by Francesca Muir

There's nothing fancy about Eucerin, but this is an excellent everyday moisturizer for men and women, with a must-have sun protection. It's reasonably priced and available everywhere. A good product for the skincare minimalist.

Eucerin Q-10 Skin Lotion Delivers
by Susan West

Eucerin's Q-10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF 15 is an excellent product for anyone looking for an irritant free. anti-aging day cream. Although I have not noticed a dramatic decrease in wrinkles, my skin has become softer, more even and firmer since using this product. The addition of SPF sun protection is a major benefit because it decreases the possibility of sun damage caused by various anti-aging and even acne treatments that make skin extra sensitive to the sun. Don't expect this product to make you look 20 years younger, but check it out if you are looking for a good, solid day cream that helps to improve skin texture.

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by heather

This is the one I like the best out of all. It doesn't burn, I saw a difference and I like the feeling of my skin afterwards.