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Anti- wrinkle cream original
by erika

I used it everyday, its wonderful. I always have a second one on hand. I noticed the smoothness & freshness right away. I also like the fact that it has SPF and is perfect moisture under makeup.

by Ashley

I use it every night, and over a couple of weeks it makes a big difference. Face is brighter, smoother, and the fine lines are gone.

great product
by anna

I have used this lotion on and off for several years. It kept my skin from getting old and I did not even get any bad reaction to it, and I have highly sensitive skin. I would say get this product. It's not very expensive either so anyone can afford it.

Fine Lines Be Gone!
by Leigh Taylor

This product is light and has a nice fragrance. The tube is kind of small, but you use a small amount. I did not use it every day. Using it every other day because of sensitive skin I still found small lines disappearing! Like any product for improvement of wrinkles, you must use it faithfully for a while before you see results.

by Shirley

Did not see any difference.


I have used this product a few times. It is a wonderful product. It works very well. Doesn't leave your face greasy or oily. I believe that it works as described. I would definitely recommend it. I was very happy with it.

by Mischelle mccolum

This has been good for summer time use.

By Beatrice
by No change in Fine Lines after 2 months of use

This product has a good fragrance and is lightweight. It does not interfere with makeup application as some other products I've tried. However, my fine lines are still just as visible as they were before I tried this anti-wrinkle cream. Oh, by the way, this facial product stings a little the first couple of seconds I put it on.

by tbluvr

Good product at a reasonable price skin feels firm and smooth with continual use available pretty much anywhere.

by Nichole Alderfer

It is light weight and won't clog your pours. Will protect you face from the sun. Won't erase wrinkles just prevent them. Almost feel product over promises itself.

Great Product!
by Leigh Taylor

I bought this product some time ago. I looked at alot of other products for wrinkles at the same time and chose it because I have used their products before, and was always satisfied with them. I really liked this wrinkle cream. It will take awhile before you will see improvement in small lines and fine wrinkles.

Good Preventative Product
by Tanya

This is a good moisturizer, and from my experience, I truly believe it will help prevent future wrinkles. It doesn't claim to fix the wrinkles you have, but it does seem to fill them in and make them a little less noticeable.
by char v

I bought this product for me and my daughter and I'm really pleased with the results. We have both used it and I'm planning on continuing using it.

by Diane
by I like this

I have been using this cream for awhile now, it leaves my skin feeling light and clean, and I love that its SPF 15

by Kandi Larson

This product does not take wrinkels away, but is makes you feel like it does. It's energizing. If you have dry skin, it's amazing. Try it once, and your skin will thank you.

by Susan

This broke out my face right away. Disappointing.

by Paula S

This is one of the best anti aging creams you can find that is truly afforadable. It is just as good ( even better in most cases ) as any other anti wrinkle creams that are on the market. This is one brand that can live up to what they claim !!!

by kim2728

Works great and no side effects to my skin. I have some friends that have experienced some burning.

Great Find!
by Elizabeth

I love this product! It makes my face feel so soft and smooth. It also doesn't make my face feel oily. It has a nice light feel to it and I love that it protects my skin from the sun!

Love it
by Carla

I love this product. I have sensitive skin that is dry when I get out of the shower and tend to get oily with other products. Neutrogena's anti-wrinkle cream not only feels good on my face, but it has helped keep it young and healthy.

Good Product
by Laurel

Neutrogena makes a good product, and this is no exception. I live in FL & need a good SPF. Takes a while to sink in, but once it does, no need for facial sunscreen at the beach. Doesn't run into the eyes either.

Solid Product for Wrinkle Protection
by Lisa

I like to try new moisturizers, and this was a good find. Neutrogena has long been a product name I've turned to without hesitation, and I am basically pleased with this product. My only wish is it had a high SPF factor, but it's hard to find anything higher.

I love this product!
by Tonya

I am 33 and have started seeing the signs of aging along with dry patches and discoloration of my skin tone. Aside from small wrinkles around my eyes, I was also getting wrinkles around my mouth due to smoking. My mom told me to try this product, so I picked it up and have been using it for several months. I have seen a dramatic difference in the way my skin feels and looks. My skin feels healthy, I have less wrinkles (even around my mouth) and my skin tone is more even. It took a couple of months before I could see a real difference but now I get compliments on my skin all the time.

trusted name & product
by a roen

I have never been disappointed with anything from Neutrogena and this product is no exception. This cream is not greasy, so I can wear it under my makeup. While it's not a miracle worker, my skin feels better, my fine lines are fading and my face just looks healthier. I like the sunscreen aspect - anything that saves time!

Not so good for sensitive skin
by TNG

I really wanted to this product to work because it came recommended from many friends, as well as my doctor. I also have had great luck with Neutrogena products in the past. However, it was not a good match for my dry, sensitive skin. The product is lightly-scented and of a medium-consistency. The lotion absorbed a little slower that I like. I felt that all too familiar tingly sensation that my sensitive skin likes to put off after applying a product it does not like as soon as I had applied it. I gave the product a fair shot--a month of twice daily use (morning and night) and had the same results--the tingly, burning sensation. It did, however, smooth my skin, leave it softer then normal, and did seem to have a positive effect on the fines lines around my mouth. It made my occasional break outs no worse or no better. I found a moisturizer later on that gave me better results without the reaction. I would recommend giving this one a shot if you have normal skin, and using something specifically designed for sensitive skin if you are like me and that is what you have. One tip: I found I liked it better as a night cream following my nightly cleaning versus a day moisturizer under make-up. It seemed to take longer then usual to absorb totally.

Keeps my skin smooth
by trisha

I have a problem with dry skin in the winter. When I put on my liquid foundation it leaves little dry flakes of skin showing. But since using this cream it has left my skin smooth and moisturized. So my makeup goes on smoothly and I don't have those little dry "flakes". I have tried many products to keep my winter skin moist and this works very well. I think I am getting younger looking the more I use this product and will use it all year long. Compared to lots of other anti-wrinkle creams this one is a bargain.

Really like this product
by ljmc

I started noticing little wrinkles here and there and just couldn't handle it. So, I purchased this and I really like it, it seems to work well for my skin. I also have super oily skin and it didn't seem like this product made it any worse.

It didn't do much for me
by Arijana

I was a bit disappointed with the Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle cream. It didn't do all that much for me. I used it for about a year before I gave up on it. It didn't take care of the wrinkles, however, it did take away the dry patches I had on my skin. I also noticed that my make-up would stay on longer instead of drying up real quick.

Smoother & Firmer
by Stacy

I don’t have any wrinkles yet but I started using this product in hopes of protecting my skin from them in the future. So far, it’s worked. It’s a very gentle solution but makes my skin smoother and firmer.

Great product
by Henley

I'm getting to the point where I have the worst of both worlds. I'm in my 20's, so I'm still plagued by acne, but I'm starting to get my first laugh and frown lines. Since I have "expressive eyebrows", I have one frown line in the middle of my brow that will not go away. A friend recommended Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream because the retinol helped keep her skin clear. I was a little put off by the small size of the tube, because I'm used to just drowning my skin in lotion. I use this lotion more as a supplement than as a complete moisturizer, using it when I wake up and before I go to bed. Within a couple of days of use, my skin has been brighter and clearer. I had a little bit of redness near my nose that has died down. That one little frown line had become a little less noticeable, so I'm excited. I have my fingers crossed that my skin will continue to improve. Here's hoping... *edit*. It's been 8 months and I can't say enough how much this has helped my skin. The retinol has completely cleared up my skin, and dark marks have faded away, and my forehead is smooth and line-free. I haven't had skin like this in years.

This is one product that does what it promises!
by Mark Cooper

My wife, who is 44, has the skin of a 30 year old. I attribute it to this product. She has virtually no wrinkles at all. I know this product is the reason for it. When she turned around 35, she started getting crows feet and wrinkles around her mouth. After using this product for about 3 months, they were noticeably less. I promise you will not be disappointed if you purchase and continually use this fine item.

Fresh Face
by Sarah K.

I first purchased this product when I noticed my skin becoming dryer and dryer and I was talking to my friend about it. She then told me about this product she used. I am still at an age where I shouldn't need to use anti-wrinkle cream, but when I saw what it did to her face I had to try it. It helps keeps my skin moisturized and feeling smooth. Using Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle cream helped clear up blemishes and evened out my skin tone. The price can get steep (especially when you are trying to save every penny for college loans), but it is worth it. Protect your skin now, buy this product . It can be used for any age!

Good Night Skin!
by Jennifer Moreman

I use this product every night before bed. It is light enough that it still lets my skin breathe during the night, but strong enough to get rid of the dry winter skin and protect me from wrinkles. I really enjoy this product.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream
by Emily K.

I have really enjoyed this product since I purchased it. It makes your skin feel so nice, and has even helped me to even out my skin tone. I have lots of acne, and this product has even made my acne better! Old dark tones from acne scars are starting to disappear, but most of all, my face feels so soft and healthy. It is more than just a moisturizer, because it helps to prevent wrinkles and softens and tones your skin.

Feels great
by Erika

I started using this after I received a sample. I'm a younger woman so I don't have wrinkles, but I love the way it makes my skin feel. SPF 15 is great for a daily moisturizer and it's helping my skin down the road to prevent future wrinkles. I like this product a lot and recommend it for a daily moisturizer.

A Trusted Name
by by Jill S.

I am just a few years short of being 40. I am always looking to try new things to help fight the early signs of aging. Neutrogena has always been a trusted name and delivers a great product. This wrinkle cream was very subtle in scent and went on without any greasy mess. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My fine lines really do look better and not so noticeable.

This does work for me
by Cydney

I have been using this product for about three years and with good results. It leaves my skin very soft and has even helped improve my acne scares from when I was a teenager. I have had no irritation and my wrinkles are fainter.

Works Great
by Melissa

I felt as if my skin was getting tighter. I love the way this feels on my skin. It makes it feel so smooth and smells so good also. Makeup goes over this cream well also.

Not the best I've tried
by Ydalia

Being a mature woman, I have tried various anti-wrinkle cream products. This product from Neutrogena was not for me. My skin became irritated and sensitive. I discontinued using it. It might be good for other skin types, but I was unsatisfied with the results.

Not the best.
by herm

I did not have much luck with this product. I seemed to make my "fine lines" worse. Maybe because it doesn't moisterize enough? It also made my normally clear skin, break out with lots of tiny bumps. The price is good, that's why I gave it a try, but I was completely unsatisfied with the results.

Not for me
by gayle stevenson

I tried this on two different occasions. Something in the product doesn't agree with my skin. Got an itchy, bumpy rash. I called the company and they said to not use it again. No refund or anything.

Nice Product
by J

This is a great product. After trying numerous wrinkle creams, this is the one I use. I use it year round under my makeup and never feel greasy (and I no longer have problems with dry skin in the winter). I also love that it is SPF 15.
I have had great luck with Neutrogena products in general. They don't tend to bother my sensitive skin, they do what they say they do, and they are reasonably priced.

Smooth your face.
by Shreyas Patel

I am very young to be worried about wrinkles, but I put myself through a lot of all-nighters that add lots of stress to my body. My eyes began growing bags and wrinkles, however I started using this anti-wrinkle cream and found that the wrinkles started getting smoothed away so nobody would notice.

Not impressed
by Annie

First of all, I don't usually find myself satisfied using neutrogena products because they don't give you that "fresh feel". The product had more of a medicinal smell than anything. The finish was oily and it seemed to hurt my skin more than help it.

Keep a Tube in Your Purse.
by Lori Ann Hull

This is a multi function product that I buy in bulk because it is from Neutrogena (love their product line!) and because it works!! It leaves no greasy residue and is quickly absorbed into your skin leaving it incredibly soft to the touch. Thumbs up from this Family!

Pretty good
by K Karr

I like the effects of this. For the price, it's a good alternative to the expensive department store brand I usually get, though it does not moisturize quite as much.

I look younger!
by Mindy

I decided to give this a try after seeing my mom use it. I could tell a difference right away. My face looks a lot younger and feels so much better! It also gives great protection from the sun. I am glad I saw my mom using this!

Great stuff!
by Angel C.

For such an amazingly low price, this stuff works just as good if not better than expensive high-end department store wrinkle creams that I have purchased. It moisturizes and nourishes skin leaving it smooth and soft while diminishing wrinkles at the same time along with being a protective sunscreen. Can't get any better than this!

A little too oily for my combination skin
by TC

Although it claims to be non-greasy, my skin still feels a little oily after putting this on. The cream is white and thick. It doesn't absorb as quickly as some other Neutrogena products that I have tried.

I think this may have to do with the fact that this is an "Anti-Wrinkle" cream and they usually make it more moisturizing for mature skin types. This is definitely not for someone like me, who is still young and is just trying to "prevent" wrinkles.

Best Moisturizer!
by Lana

I never used moisturizers before because they left my skin greasy. This one soaks in, softens my skin, the SPF 15 protects me and the Retinol has changed the surface of my skin so that I no longer have dry patches and blotches. I have never been loyal to a skin product until this one. Quite simply, this is the best moisturizer I have ever used.

Great sun protection and non-greasy moisturizer
by Valorie Joy

I use this daily before putting on make-up. It absorbs fast so I don't have to wait before applying make-up. I also like the fact that it has the sun protection.

by carolyn

This item is pretty good. It doesn't make your face feel as if you're wearing make-up or something. However, it mosturizes it instead. It's great to use during both summer and winter.

Works without a shine!
by heather

I have somewhat oily skin, and it hasn't made me feel like an oil slick is covering my face. It has a nice balance of leaving me feeling soft ,and without a shiney appearance. I use it daily and love it.

Wonderful Value
by gbank

I have been using this product for several years now and am quite happy with the results. I have tried quite a few higher priced products, but always come back to Neutrogena because I find it to be the best value out there. I have very dry skin, so I use it in addition to a regular moisturizer twice daily.

Great Product
by Evelyn Torres

I find that most moisturizers with SPF tend to go on greasy but not this one. I use this product every morning under my makeup. After two months, my skin is smoother and firmer. I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate it.

by Ernest

This stuff is like my fountain of youth! I am in my mid-thirties and I look like I'm in my late twenties now. Great stuff. I highly recommend it. It doubles as a skin protector as well.

Highly recommend!
by Jit patel

One of the reasons I dislike winter is because it brings out the wrinkles in my face. However, this feeling has subsided after hearing about Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15 from someone who was twenty years older than me! Not only does it get rid of the wrinkles, it shields my skin from the sun's harmful rays. This is a must buy product!

Pretty Good
by Wendy C

Neutrogena's anti-wrinkle cream in its original formula is a good moisturizer. It improves skin texture by evening out dry patches and protecting it from the sun (thereby minimizing age spots). I like the sensitive skin formula better than the original because I won't break out with it. At this price, it's one of the best drug store facial moisturizers.

Great Moisturizer, Bad Name
by SierraK

This is a great product but it's too bad they called it "Anti-Wrinkle Cream". You don't have to have wrinkles to use it! In fact, the SPF 15 sunscreen it has can actually help prevent wrinkles since most of those are caused by too much sun.
It's white and the texture is creamy but not greasy. It doesn't clog pores so it's safe to use even for people who break out from other moisturizers.

Good Sun Protection
by Roxane Martindale

I did use a whole tube of this, but I must say that with my oily complexion, I will not buy this again. Many products which claim to be oil free still leave my face with a definite shine after only an hour. This was one of them.

wrinkles, be gone!
by allismom

I love this product! I am in my mid-thirties and was starting to show wrinkles, mostly due to sun. I was so excited to see a product like this that not only turns back the clock on my wrinkles, but protects me with SPF 15 so that I do not get more! No extra steps for putting sunscreen on every day.

by Christie

This is a great product. It doesn't make your face greasy. It's a nice moisturizer with SPF 15 in it. I use this in the winter and the oil free Neutrogena SPF 15 in the summer.

Love this stuff!
by Aubre Rice

I use this product twice a day everyday, morning and night. I love that it isn't greasy or heavy on my skin and doesn't make me break out. It feels light and rubs into my skin with little effort. I especially like the fact that it is not only a moisturizer but is has SPF too to protect your skin in the everyday sun.

Neutrogena, a tried and true product
by vmvdmd

I am a firm believer of Neutrogena, and I have used this product now for a couple years. It goes on very well, leaves skin feeling light and refreshed. It seems to even out my combination skin and give it an all over glow. I do find the scent to be a bit strange and medicinal, that could be improved but overall a very nice product in the neutrogena line.

Wrinkles !!!
by Arvinder

Wrinkled skin was a worry for me for a long time. Then I started using this Anti-Wrinkle cream and my skin now looks more radiant and suppled. My husband says he cannot take his hand's off my skin. Thank you for making me look gorgeous.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream
by Christy R.

I like this product a lot because it combines anti-wrinkle cream with an SPF 15 (and we all know the sun is a big cause of wrinkles). Overall, this product does a really good job. It doesn't make your skin shiny but at the same time it keeps it well moisturized. As far as wrinkle reduction, I don't notice a big difference on the little wrinkles around my eyes but I've only been using it for a few weeks, and at least I don't think I've gotten any more wrinkles. So, overall, this does a great job keeping skin moist and keeping new wrinkles from forming and protecting skin from the sun. There's been no noticeable difference in the wrinkles already there.

Neutrogena GOOD!
by stacy

I have used a lot of products, but most left my skin oily and shiny, so I had a hard time finding something that worked. I finally tried Healthy Skin and it left no shine whatsoever. I was so happy. It made my skin feel great and smooth. I was quite happy with the results, and I will continue to use this product. I recommend this to everyone.

Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle
by Patti Williams

I have sensitive skin and have tried a lot of anti-wrinkle creams.I had problems with all of them until I tried neutrogena's anti-wrinkle cream.
Neutrogena's anti-wrinkle cream is light and feels smooth and not greasy on your skin. As an added bonus, it actually works. After using it for a couple months, my husband looked at me one day and asked if I had done something different to my face or if one of those creams I have on my shelf actually start working.

by Holly Wilson

This is a pretty decent product out there. Neutrogena usually delivers products that work great, and this is no exception. Its easy to use, works good, good price, and leaves your skin feeling nice after using it.

Another winner from Neutrogena
by Francesca Muir

I've been using Neutrogena products for many years and I know I can count on them for simple, effective, moderately-priced skincare. Their Anti-Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15 is one of my favorites. I like the way it both protects me from the sun and moisturizes my skin.

Anti Wrinkle Plus SPF
by Michele Fair

I have always been a huge fan of Neutrogena's line of skincare products, and their anti wrinkle cream with SPF protection is no exception. I love the fact that I can get the benefits of anti aging ingredients coupled with the SPF protection. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is very important, so this is an added bonus. The product applies smooth and has little to no fragrance which helps a lot. I definitely recommend it. It's also great for me since it doesn't clog my pores.

Great and reliable product
by Lisa Dryden

This anti-wrinkle cream made by Neutrogena is one of my favorites. It has a light scent and absorbs quickly into the skin, which means that you do not have to wait around a long time to apply your other beauty products. After using it a few weeks, I noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes. They seemed to be smoothed out and I looked more rested. The only negative about this product is that it is not available in SPF-30. Living in the desert, I need a product with higher SPF, but the superiority of the product makes it worth a try.

Light and pleasant, not sure about the wrinkles
by Brenda

As a moisturizer and SPF, this is nice stuff. It is, as they say, lightweight and non-greasy. I have extremely sensitive skin and this product doesn't cause irritation, and it absorbs very quickly. I can apply makeup within seconds of putting this cream on without having to wait for it to dry like I have to do with other products.
As far as effectiveness for wrinkles, though, I'm not sure. It is difficult to review such a thing since I'd imagine it would require using it for a long time before you would notice a difference. I used this product for about three months before switching, and didn't notice any difference during that time, although the skin on my cheeks did feel a bit more elastic and moisturized.

by Maryann Virack

I usually love Neutrogena products; but I am in a Microderm abrasion program which may have made my skin a little more sensitive. I saw no change or improvement in the color or texture of my skin. I was still blotchy and all those little crow's feet wrinkles that I expected to eliminate are still there. There are other products that work more effectively.

Prefer other Neutrogena products
by NG - Miami

While I am glad that this product doesn't contain the skin-irritating alpha-hydroxy acids, it was too light of a moisturizer. My skin's pretty dry. Plus, I may be over-cautious, but SPF 15 doesn't quite cut it in the Miami sun. Still, this is friendly to sensitive skin.

Better Than Most
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I used this cream for quite awhile and really liked it.

Since Retinol is a weak, over the counter relation to the prescription Retin-A, I was a little worried that it might irritate my skin, like AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) does. But it didn't at all. As a matter of fact, it did gently help even out my skin tone over time. The faint pink, blotchy areas I get, faded. I liked the natural vitamins in the formulation.

I especially liked the SPF 15 in it. Some anti wrinkle creams and face lotions have no spf or much less than 15, and sun damage is a leading cause of premature aging, so the spf is a big plus, in my opinion. I always look for that.

I also really liked that it was light and absorbed quickly, while still keeping my skin just moist enough, without being oily. It worked well right before putting on my makeup in the morning and helped my foundation blend even more naturally and nicely.

I gave it a 4 because I like it a lot, but I do have a few that are my favorites ,even above this one, that I would reserve my 5's for.

1 Customer Opinions

by heather

I saw a difference in 3 weeks, my skin is softer and the wrinkles are less visible. The smell is not overpowering either.