f Arbonne International Lip Saver, SPF 30 Reviews and Information

Lip Saver, SPF 30

Say good-bye to sun-chapped lips and hello to maximum preventative care with Lip Saver, SPF 30.
Product: Lip Saver, SPF 30
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: 0.24 oz
Dosage: Apply liberally
Retail: $8.00
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56 Customer Reviews

I love all Burt's Bees products.
by Ainsley

Every product of Burt's is just beautiful. So moisturizing and silky. Especially the lip products. While slightly expensive, I think they're well worth the price. I vote a hardcore yes for this.

Natural AND Animal free!
by Jackie

BURTS BEES PEOPLE- Burts Bees is "all natural" but NOT animal free!! It contains lanolin, which is defined as "greasy yellow substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals."

Arbonne doesn't use animal by products of ANY kind- so this chapstick is NOT comparable to Burts Bees. I used to love Burts Bees but I can not use something which contains animal ingredients- it just feels wrong. Besides, the original Burts Bees formula does not come with SPF and this one does.

Five stars to Arbonne for being HONESTLY animal friendly and for keeping my lips conditioned!

Love it!
by Michelle

This is a fabulous vegan certified product that goes beyond what I would expect. It instantly takes away the burn and starts healing immediately. Also has a slight simmer to it so I use this as my gloss as well!

Bring on my boat
by Keith G

I bring this with me on my boat, when I am going to be out in the sun all day. Works like a charm.

Better products out there
by Nichole

I usually love airbonne products but this one did nothing for me. There are lots of chapsticks out their that are cheaper and work better such as avons lip conditioners with retinol.

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1 Customer Opinions

it is OK...
by Linda

Yes, it does its job, but it is pretty expensive which I find most Arbonne Products are. You can purchase less expensive products out there that do just as good of a job.

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