f Burt's Bees Orange Facial Cleanser Reviews and Information

Orange Facial Cleanser

Product: Orange Facial Cleanser
Brand: Burt's Bees (More Products)
Size: 4 Ounces Gel
Retail: $7.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Good but bad...
by Tina G

This product cleans well but it leaves my skin a bit on the oily side. I feel like I have to wash my face again after using this. On the plus side it removes every bit of makeup, even the waterproof stuff. On the downside it doesn't feel like my face is clean. Unless I wash my face again with a normal cleanser after using this, water actually beads up on my face from the citrus oils in this cleanser. I love the fact that this is a natural cleanser, but I guess it's a bit too natural for me.

by kimberlee

This is a complex product. One part of me loves it and the other part isnt so sure about using it on my face because I have oily skin. it is a very heavy oily product. Not unlike Vo5 hairdressing. It comes in a metal tube. you squeeze it out and spread it on your face. then you wash it off. it cleans well because of the citrus oils, that part i love. not long after using it though my skin feels greasy and I have to wash it again. this product would be great for someone with dry skin. It moisturizes extremely well. all in all I think it is a very interesting product and I actually use it alot on my hands and knees and elbows. The strong orange smell is lovely and energizing.

Example: John Doe, N.D.
Certified Naturopath

works great
by Jessica B

This product works great at removing dirt and makeup for you face after a long day. It also sooths and mosturizes you skin. It is a very heathy, all nautral way to take care of your face at night.