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Under Eye Dark Circle Serum

For Severe Dark Circles, the kind that can't be cured with a good night's sleep. Reviva Labs has blended a newly discovered biopeptide/bioflavanoid complex with enzyme activators and lighteners to produce a revolutionary under-eye formula
Product: Under Eye Dark Circle Serum
Brand: Reviva Labs (More Products)
Size: 1 oz
Dosage: Use twice Daily
Retail: $29.00
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20 Customer Reviews

Despite bad reviews, works great for me
by Michelle

I picked this serum up on a whim, without reading any reviews first. I have always had wide, blueish circles under my eyes, that follow the rim of the eye sockets. They make me look so tired.

To my amazement, this serum reduced them almost instantly. There is still some shadows around the edges, but they are so much reduced that I look way healthier!

Maybe its success depends on the type of circles you have? Who knows, but I was very surprised by all the bad reviews.

by jessica

I would have to say it does not work at all. Not for me at least.I would not recommend it to any of my close friends or family.just the plain old remedy of sleep may do you better.

did now work at all
by sumathi

One of my neighbours used this serum to cure her dark circles but she was not happy with the use of this product as it did not make any positive changes to her dark circles, and it was simply waste of money. She felt very sad when she told me about this product and she also said that she applied the serum for 5 months and then finally disappointed. I can't give good rank to it.

Not impressed
by Annie

I started using this product a few months ago when I started to work night shifts at the hospital. Working night shifts messed up my sleeping schedule and really took a toll on my body and skin. So I began to use this product hoping that it could reverse my dark circles. I was not impressed with this product and I saw no change in the darkness of my under eye circles or in the puffiness of my eyes. I would apply the serum in the morning before I put on moisturizer and there were no immediate changes but I was still hoping. A week later, I was still using the product daily and I still saw no change. The serum wasn't even a serum the product was actually pretty watery and runny. But the serum did absorb into my skin pretty quickly and I didn't have to wait very long to put on my moisturizer. Not only did my circles not disappear, the serum didn't even lighten the appearance of my dark circles. So after about 2 weeks I stopped using the product not really because I hadn't seen any results but because the serum was too runny and it make it messy to apply to my under eyes. It was such a hassle using this product so instead i went out and bought concealer so much for a miracle dark circle eraser.

very disappointed, although puffiness gone
by littlecat

Not only did I not notice any immediate effects with this..I used it religiously for 2 weeks, hoping upon hope, that I would see some kind of dramatic result. I did not, although my undereye skin never felt softer, it still had the darkness, puffiness was better though. I would not buy this product again, and have not.

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2 Customer Opinions

Not worth the money!
by Tammie

This feels tacky..like your putting ..glue or putting under your eyes..and I DID NOT see even an ounce of improvement. Save your money and do not BUY!

by heather

This did nothing for me, I used it for over a month and saw no change, not worth the money.

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