f Arbonne International Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer Reviews and Information

Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer

Helps to revitalize the scalp and support the hair follicles.
Product: Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: 2.5 oz
Dosage: Use daily.
Retail: $23.50
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19 Customer Reviews

burn baby burn
by regina

This product did feel great on my scalp, but it really irritated the skin at my hair line. It also turned my face bright red where the product had dripped off my hair. It took a couple of hours for the redness to disappear. So, I would highly suggest trying this at night when you don't have to be seen in public.

by Amy

Works perfectly - not much more to say!!! Since being pregnant three years ago I get very dry scalp every winter and I have tried many different shampoos for that. I had an Arbonne consultant tell me that I should try this, so I did. It was the best advice I had ever received for my hair. I have not had any problems with dry scalp while using this product. This was the first Arbonne product I tried and I am hooked to many of their quality products now. Besides being easy on my scalp, this product also makes my hair feel very soft and makes it look very healthy. There is actually nothing I can say about this product that is not good - I would tell anyone thinking about this product to go for it!

Tingly ?
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I have pretty short hair.. I'm a guy, and oddly my mother gave me a bottle she got for free somehow. I shed hair for some reason so I used it for about 2 weeks. It made my scalp tingle, I don't know if that meant anything but my hair didn't shed as much anymore. I liked the scent and convenience.. I mean its just a shampoo kinda. I didn't like that there was much in the bottle... went through it within few weeks. Didn't notice much difference in hair 'quality', but stopped shedding. I don't think I'd buy this again for the price and quantity.

Fantastic for long hair
by Pattie

I am very vain about my long hair. I don't just use any product on it, and am very leery of trying something new. My friend told me how much she loved this stuff, and knowing she's a penny pincher, I knew it had to be good for her to spend so much on it. After the first use, my hair was shinier and so full of body... I actually was looking forward to showing it off to her!

Hairdresser approved
by Julie

My hair stylist used this on my hair and it did wonders!! I go to her to wash my hair, which is curly. I also have scalp problems and this is by far the best product out there.

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