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by Linda Graviett

I won't ever be without this product!! It is great for bites, burns chapped skin, etc., etc. I was stung by 5 wasps. The stings were throbbing really bad. I ran straight into the house, grabbed my Emprizone and put it on the stings and the throbbing went away immediately and there were just little red marks were I got stung. Mind you, I am allergy too wasps!! I normally swell up and these were those nasty black wasps. It sits on my kitchen counter at all times, lol.

Outstanding product!
by Chad

Best thing I've found for dry, chapped, cracked, peeling hands. A true relief. I've tried steroid creams, hundreds of other over the counter lotions, nothing works like this. Amazing.

by Doris Hirsch

The tech at my dentist gave me a sample fore sores on the coner of my mouth and it made them feel good.

by Oktay

I have a sore on my leap,it's been efacted sun shine and it happened two years ago. Four days ago one of my friend gave me a sample Emprizone gel.My lip's sore getting better.Now I need some more.Thanks a lot..

by colleen petersen

I burned myself. I immediately put some EMPRIZONE over the burn area. Within two hours I was pain free. This was a second degree burn. I want to buy more so that I will always have some on hand.

Pleasantly Surprised
by SMP

I use the is product as a general moisturizer & find it brilliant. But I was not expecting it to work on my cracked heels. Having ran out of my normal specific heel balm I used Emprizone instead not only did it work but it worked heaps quicker than the stuff I normally use. Emprizone I love it!

by Linda

This gel is unbelievable. It is absorbed straight away and soothes the skin instantly! As soon as my son gets a mozzie bite he gets the tube and asks for me to rub on the " piece of cream".

Fantastic Product
by Sara

I had the worst red & itchy rash on my neck. My friend gave me some to put on & it relieved the itch straight away & the redness was instantly gone where other products gave me no relief at all. I can’t wait for my order to turn up.

Soothing Product
by Violet

I know, I know-- the sun is bad for your skin. I wear UVA and UVB protection daily, but occasionally I too indulge a bit much in the glorious warm sun. However, I then have to pay the price! Emprizone Advanced Skin Care Gel is just the product to rescue my overly parched and sun bathed face. It calms and heals with a cooling gel that feels like heaven on a super dry face. It quickly absorbs in to the skin, reducing inflammation and leaving the skin surprisingly softened from such a light gel. It has the benefits of a rich, lush cream, but never clogs or irritates the delicate facial skin. It's a wonderful product that really delivers healing and pampering into the skin where you need it.

by Brenda B

This is a great product. I have used this product on myself and my entire family. It works great on sunburns, and actually any kind of burns. My husband uses it for dry skin, and rashes. This is a great all around product. People have asked me what I use for sunburns and Manatech did a great job when they made this product. Go Mannatech.

by Amanda Rhoads

Emprizone worked wonderfully on my dry elbows and ankles. This has always been a big trouble spot for me and nothing really worked until I found this. Because of the price I only use it on my trouble areas and use another lotion for the rest of my body. I highly recommend this to anyone with tough dry skin problems.

Awesome Moisturizer
by Melissa Zee

I bought this product about 2 weeks ago, decided to try it since I always seem to have dry skin no matter the weather. I have tried everything in the drugstore from clearsil to neutrogena and nothing seemed to work. So I decided to go to my dermatologist, and she recommended this to me. At first, it was a bit pricey, but I gave it shot. I saw results in about a couple of days. My skin was softer and smoother, it was like my skin was glowing. I would highly recommend getting this product. Oh yea, did I tell you it gets rid of fine lines too? Amazing.....

by cecilia

I am a beauty junkie so I have all kinds of products. I have both good and bad experiences with moisturizers. But this one is exceptionally good! I only use it once a day and I'm already seeing results in my fine lines. My fine lines seem to look less noticeable. This product seems to have moisturized my skin well. I've been using this for a week, but I am planning to continue on using this. I totally recommend others to try it, even people with younger skin. Its never too early to start caring for your skin.

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life changing
by teresa ryu

i start using this for about 7 months.
i used to have pimples and white heads and it totally cleared up.and also i had rednedd and now i dont get anymore.. i am super happy that i found this product.
and price is very reasonable and good size

by Luke Strumbell

I started using this product after I got a scar on my face. I t was about a quarter of an inch wide. I started using Emprizone while my stitches were in and continued after I got them taken out. T hree weeks later people are complimenting on how well the scar has healed and very few people even ask about it.