f Skin Energizer Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy Reviews and Information

Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy

Stretchmark cream consists of emu oil, aloe vera butter, shea butter, collagen, vitamin e other and super strong collagen builders.

These ingredeints will help remove damaged skin cells and produce collagen rich new cells resulting in a much healthier skin where stretchmarks once were.

These ingredients have been recommended by plastic surgeons before resorting to plastic surgery.
Product: Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy
Brand: Skin Energizer (More Products)
Size: 8 oz.
Dosage: Varies
Retail: $35.95
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14 Customer Reviews

not so good
by sumathi

After my first delivery I used this product to clear my stretch marks but it did not work so much efficiently and even the cost is very high for me. And after this I used the trilastin, which really worked well. So I did not like the Nourish stretch mark therapy. I can not recommend any one to buy it and I cant give it a good ranking.

Didn't work for me
by Amie

I have stretch marks left over from my first pregnancy. I was hooked on this product by the promise of getting rid of existing stretch marks (most products prevent, not undo, damage). I used it and noticed little to NO difference. It is a great moisturizer - my skin was soft, but I still had my stretch marks. This is way too pricey if all it is going to do is moisturize the skin.

Doesn't Work
by An

My aunt just had a baby a few months ago and wanted to avoid the stretch marks. I saw an ad for this product and suggested it to her. She bought a bottle and tried it for a couple of months. It didn't help the stretch marks at all but acted kind of like a lotion. Definitely not worth the price and caused me to feel sorry about even suggesting it to my aunt.

by liy

If you are pregnant, USE THIS everywhere! I used it all over my stomach every day when pregnant with my twins, and did not get a single stretch mark! I did not know to use it on my thighs and breasts, and I got stretch marks there! I swear by this stuff!!

Not worth it
by Stella

This is a good moisturizer but if youre trying to get rid of stretch marks this product is not for you.

I used the bottle till it was gone and did not notice a difference. I think that it does not live up to the expectations that were advertised.

I would not recommend this to anyone

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