f Arbonne International No Sun Intended, Bronzing Powder Reviews and Information

No Sun Intended, Bronzing Powder

Get color that sparkles and glows, naturally, with this luxurious bronzing powder that gives you an instant, easy and safe tan.
Product: No Sun Intended, Bronzing Powder
Brand: Arbonne International (More Products)
Size: 0.74 oz
Dosage: Apply liberally
Retail: $28.00
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7 Customer Reviews

Great Bronzing Powder
by MAK

I have tried various sunless tanning lotions and I can never find a lotion that looks natural. This is a great alternative to sunless tanning lotion. This powder is light and gives a soft glow to your face.

Arbonne also offers the "kabuki brush" which works very well with the bronzing powder. I purchased this along with the powder and it was worth the investment. The kabuki brush is a soft large brush and helps the bronzing powder cover your face evenly, thus helping it to look natural.

One thing to note is that there are not different shades of the bronzing powder. It is "one shade fits all". My skin is on the fair side but if you have extremely fair skin this product might be too dark for you.

A natural look without caking or streaking
by Ivy S.

I tried several of the bronzer powders from different brands, and have settled on this one by Arbonne as a more natural looking and much safer alternative to skin damage from the sun or phony orange skin common when using other temporary "sunless tanning" products. It can be used year round and still appear quite natural if used sparingly, and with a careful eye to proper and smooth application and blending.
No Sun Intended by Arbonne International is considerably more expensive than many of the powder bronzer products on the market, however it goes on smoothly for me and blends in well, without looking streaky or fake, and isn't limited to facial use. I often dust my legs lightly with the powder and likewise my neck and shoulders, just to give the slight allusion of a tan, without going too far. The powder does have a slight shimmer or sparkle to it, so is probably best for evening use in more mature women, although younger girls may love the look for daytime, as well.
The product seems to go on smoothly regardless of whether I use it on clean, bare skin or on top of my facial foundation. I particularly liked that the bronzing powder did not tend to cake up under my eyes, where some fine lines often cause other powder facial products to build up.

No Sun Intended, Bronzing Powder
by pamela

This has got to be one of the best products out there!
So easy to use and I like the powder because it goes on so smooth, and does not leave my skin dry!
I look like I have a natural glow, a natural tan!
I highly recommend this product, and I will continue to use it!

by Jen

Maybe I didn't use this product the right way. I tried using it lightly. I tried using more. I tried blending it really well. Nothing I did seemed to make it better. It looked like I had walked though a dust storm and had a fine mist of dark powder all over my face. It did not make me look bronzed or golden or tan. It just made me look like I had missed a date with a washcloth.

Works OK
by Sarah

I have never tried out a powder form of self-tanning so I thought I would give this a shot. While it did give my skin a little bit of color, I found the powder to be too flaky, and it didn't apply evenly like the lotion does. Be careful what you touch after applying this powder though. It rubs off pretty easily. Make sure to wash your hands after using it as well. I didn't think to wash my hands after using it and it left my hands with a caked on powdery mess. I think I will stick with the lotions.

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1 Customer Opinions

by Melissa

I tried the bronzer and I absolutely loved it. However, I can't find the bronzer. Where can I buy it?

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