f Banana Boat EveryDay Glow Daily Moisturizer Medium Reviews and Information

EveryDay Glow Daily Moisturizer Medium

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Antioxidant Vitamins
Clean, fresh scent
Also available in Fair
7.5 fl oz tube
Product: EveryDay Glow Daily Moisturizer Medium
Brand: Banana Boat (More Products)
Size: 7.5 Oz
Dosage: Apply to skin.
Retail: $18.36
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41 Customer Reviews

by Tara

I used this all last summer, and you could not tell it was self applied. Only bad thing was when I applied to my face I'd developed a lot of blackheads. Other then that I'd use it again and have!

by carol haug

Did work well when used regularly. Even washing hands well tho, the discolor would get into the creaves of the hands

Carol Haug RN BS

Best So Far
by Kristen

I have tried out many different sunless tanning lotions, and this is definitely the best one so far. It really works, and you see change in as little as about 3 days. The only bad thing is the smell, it stinks.

by c

The odor is not so great and you do tend to go orange around areas that are dry

Dollar Store
by Natasha

I actually bought this at a Dollar Tree, and it worked pretty well.

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2 Customer Opinions

worth a shot
by alyson cerimeli

I have never tried this product exactly, but I have tried numerous other gradual tanning lotions. In my experience, they tend to work well and as long as you apply the lotion evenly and completely, you will remain streak free. However, in my experience these lotions ALWAYS leave my skin smelling a little funny. It's a bearable smell but not a scent I would ever choose to represent me. It wasn't the lotion itself that smelled, but just a faint odor from my skin while using the product. It's worth a try, in my opinion, because the risk of streaking is minimal. It works, and I have never known these products to turn skin orange.

works well
by Linda

I was pleased that it did not have the streaky fake orange look like many similar products have. I give it a thumbs up.

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