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works well
by tena

I have fair skin, and this product works well for me. It does require alot of exfolating the tops of feet, elbows and knees.

by JeNniFeR

I used this for my brothers wedding and it worked great but you have to keep re-applying or it may become "blochy" or "streaky". Don't over do it or else you may have an orange look. But besides that it looked great in the photos and video from that wedding!

by karen

i love the spray tan for one cause u can spay at any angle two the color looks so natural like i been in the sun its funny but it worked so good some girl who was a friend of another friend took the can i had that i only got to use once not cool to take without asking but its very inexpensive im gonna go get another as soon as i can

by Michelle

It left white spots and streaks on my entire body and super dark spots around my feet. I exfoliated before using and dried completely. It has kind of a skunk-like smell too. In the morning, I looked like I had a skin disease! Of course it was 90* outside and I had to wear jeans and sneakers! I've been trying everything to get it OFF, including isopropal alcohol with no luck. It's been 3 days and counting of staying inside due to the heat and having to cover up!

by Lesley

I really liked this one. I have olive colored skin and most of those self tanners dont look natural on me but this one looks just like I sat on the beach all day. I agree there should be more in the bottle but otherwise I will use this product in the future

works well
by corinne

well living on the beach and not being able to be exposed to sun, I decided to try a fake tan. This product worked very well for me because I didnt have to touch a messy creams. However you cant really tell where you sprayed and where you didn't. Soafter the first couple uses and having random white spots, I decided to let product dry and then put lotion on afterwards. tan was perfect =] and no weird self tan smell.

THE worst!!
by amy

I picked this product because it said 'no self tanner smell" which was a major selling point for me. It was easy to use but throughout the day the smell was gross. It was worse than tanner smell and I couldn't figure out what it was. I didn't notice any color difference that evening but it the morning.......yikes!! My legs had white streaks AND spots!!! It's 85* today and I have to wear pants to hide this mess!! :(

Loreal has finally found a great sunless tanning product
by Angie Randolph

I was searching for a sunless tanning spray last month when I came across this product.I have had terrible results with other products such as this,so I was leary.First magazine said it was the best one,so i bought it.I didnt have to worry about seeing where I was spraying it because it goes on orange but disappears soon enough.I got a real looking tan.the spray bottle can literally be turned upside down for those hard to reach places.My knees,elbows,and ankles were evenly tanned,and I got so many compliments from people asking me where I went on vacation! Beware though,if you are very fair skinned,DO NOT USE. I am fair to medium and it was perfect!

by Heather

Greatest product. No streaks and looks so real. A real looking tan without the harmful effects of the sun. Better then any other sunless tanning product I have ever tried.

by scottish

I'n 15 years on tanning almost every day and using almost every product on the market cheap and expensive, I have found this product the best, doesn't look like mud like st. tropz, doesn't streak like the sublime gel, isn't greasy like lancome fake tan and doesn't come off patchy like dove body lotion mix. Not enough in the bottle but a great product.

Loved it!!! but not enough!
by Redhead

I'm a natural redhead with pale skin, and this gave me the perfect color! Very easy application, just make sure you spray somewhat even and rub it in to make sure (wash your hands after though). Wait for it to dry all the way = no streaks or anything, but the can was empty after about 4 different applications to legs and 2 applications to arms. Wish there was more in it!

love it.
by tanner

everyone thinks ive been tanning. loves this product. have been trying to find something like this for a while. definitely sticking with this one.

by JW

This is the worst thing ever!
It left me with streaks and spots all over!
Whatever it says on the can, it's BS!
If you wanna get a fake tan, just go to a tanning shop, and get a mystic tan. Avoid this spray at all cost!

by KW

I thought the product was wonderful! It was simple to use and I had comments from friends and family because they thought I had been tanning. When they found out it was spray on they asked where I had it done and how much it cost me. They couldn't believe it when I said it was only around $10 and I did it myself.

by kimberlee

This product smells really good! it also works well to tan your skin as long as you exfoliate first and use on clean dry skin with no other lotions or creams. also stand still with nothing touching you for as long as it takes too dry completely. the color is good for those with a base tan already because it is pretty dark. it is a good product for the money but you have to use it properly or you will have streaks.

Example: John Doe, N.D.
Certified Naturopath

i hate this.
by jennifer

I bought this and I used it after I showered. I thought it was on evenly but I waited until it dried. I then went to bed the next day I woke up with streaks all over. I have spots of orange pale spots where it never covered it. I let it sit on me for almost 2 hours before bed. I followed the directions and now I feel look like a freak. My weekend is ruined.

by zunisun26

The spray is okay. I prefer a different brand of spray that gives a better color, this is still not quite right, but every skin color is different.

by Jessie

I had a hard time getting this product to go on evenly. I prefer creams & lotions to sprays now. A few of my friends have tried this was well, and one of them had a really bad reaction. I would advise against using this unless you're had lots of practice with spray tanning products, and are sure you can apply it evenly.

self tan
by self tan

its gives you a orange color hate haha

L'Oreal SUBLIME BRONZE Any Angle Self-Tanning Spray Medium
by Kaila

I did not like this product because it turned my legs orange. It was fine on my arms and chest. It also made my skin blotchy, red and inflamed. The self tanner wipes are way better than this spray. No, I wouldn't use this product again because it makes my skin uncomfortable and irritated.

Good Color - Tricky to get it even
by Amie

I used this product for about 6 weeks until the entire product was gone. I choose this product because Loreal is a name I trust in beauty products. It was slightly more expensive then other comparable products, but not out of line. I have tried many sunless products. I have very fair skin and don't do well just sitting in the sun. This was not one of my favorites. It certainly provided a beautiful color and was quick to apply because you just sprayed and you didn't have to rub it in, stop, spray, rub it in again. I found that it was tricky to apply because it was too easy to over spray or get too much in an area. I guess I expected I would spray it and it would be even and no over spray. This is certainly a good product. I liked the color, but application was trickier then I expected. I switched to a different sunless product that I prefer.

Not So Bad
by je

I used this product and it was easy to keep a consistent spray so I could cover my whole body. The color was good looking, especially after combined with the sun from the beach, it wasn't orange but it was a bit washed out and unnatural looking, worth a try!

Best I've used
by An

This is one of the best bronzers I've used. Maybe because it's in a spray form. The color it produces is even and blended with my skin. It doesn't produce this flaky, second layer color on my skin like the other brands I've used.

It is a little tricky though since you have to apply just the right amount to produce a natural tan. The bottle lasted me the whole summer maybe because I don't use it as much because I go out a lot and get a "real" tan. The price is okay compared to the more expensive sprays available at CVS where I bought it from.

an ok product
by Haylie

I have to say it is a good product, although I found it much easier to have someone spray me with it. It comes out a lot more even-looking than when I did it for myself. So if you are going to use this product, I recommend that you also line up someone to spray you with it.

Not Bad
by Lynne Parker

I have used this product many times and the results are pretty good. It is easy to apply and I love the fact that you don't have to touch the product with your hands-just spray it on. The only problem is that you have to be careful of overspray. I recommend doing it outside so it will not get on anything else. The results are pretty natural looking and I would recommend it.

Bad choice
by TP

This is the first time I've tried a spray on tan product. After this, it will also be my last time.
1) The color was not natural. It was slightly orange and not attractive. I did not use much but the color did not complement my skin tone.
2) The spray motion is very hard to maintain. I ended up with orangeish walls and white legs, still.
3) The color was never even, resulting in a very bad tan.

I would rather stick to the the lotions which are easier to control than this spray on.

Could just be me...
by maggie a.

Could just be me but this product did not work. I do like the way the color comes out on me with the L' Oreal products but the spray nozzle sprayed the tanning solution unevenly across my body. It was very hard to use b/c of the spray mechanism. I could have gotten a bad nozzle. I returned the product.

Sublime Self-Tanning Spray
by C

I've dabbled with a few self-tanners, but I haven't found one that I really like. So, I gave this Tanning Spray a shot. Application of the spray is a little tricky, you never know if you're coating everything evenly or if you've missed a few spots, until it's too late. The can does live up to the "360 degree continuous spray" claim, but the tan just didn't turn out well. Also, I was shocked that I went through the spray can so quickly. I guess it's easy to get carried away using the spray can verses a foam or lotion.

Easy to apply, not a bad tan
by Cindy

One day at work last year, a friend of mine pulled me into her office. I was wearing a sleeveless dress at the time. She pulled my arm, and took out the can of Sublime Bronze, and started spraying me! She had bought it to try, and since I was so fair-skinned, she wanted to see how it would look on me. The funny thing was, she only sprayed one arm, so she could compare it to my original color. She came into my office every couple of hours, and sure enough, the arm she sprayed displayed a nice, even tan! It was very natural looking, not orangy. I was so pleased, that I ran out to the drugstore later that day and bought some while they were on sale.

Great Tan; Simple Solution to Potential Staining
by SierraK

This product delivers terrific and natural looking color and does not have the usual self-tanner-funny-smell. In fact it smells great!
Be sure to exfoliate well before use to avoid streaks and/or dark spots and make fading more natural. This sprays a a fine mist, and sprays from any angle so it's great if you have to apply it to your back by yourself. As long as you don't hold the sprayer too close then you only need a minimal amount of smoothing into skin. When smoothing wear latex gloves, either the surgical kind or hair coloring gloves, to avoid palm staining.
It is true that because of the fine mister spray that this product may indeed "tan" your walls, curtains, rug, or any hanging towels. There is a very easy solution that completely avoids this potential problem!
Simply apply it while standing in the tub/shower with the curtain or shower door shut. The tanner won't stain tile walls at all, and did not stain my grout either. Just to be sure (because you may have a different kind of grout), spray off the shower walls once finished applying the tanner. Of course, be sure both you and the shower are completely dry before applying this way since applying any self-tanner on wet skin or in a damp environment will cause streaking on your skin when the color develops later.

by ambreen

This was the first tanning product I tried. It was such a bad experience! This spray looked so unnatural and did not spread evenly. Also, the consistency was so runny and thin that it would rub off onto other things. I ended up getting it all over my skirt too! I would not recommend this product or ever purchase it again!

An opposing opinion -Worked fairly well for me
by Jenny

Unlike other reviewers, I was actually rather pleased with the results of this product, although of course nothing you use at home for quick self-tanning can compare to a real "sun" tan, which will eventually kill you, nor even to a salon airbrush tan, which will kill your wallet. If you go to the trouble of using the same brand of Pre-Sunless scrub (neutrogena) as suggested prior to using the product, stick to the color just one shade up from your actual skin tone but closest to it, and strictly follow the instructions as to application method, this is much better than the older self-tanning products which left that darker ingrained look on creased body parts, particularly the elbows. After living through the coppertoned 60's, I guess a new method seemed like a winner to me. It even beats a couple of the newer more expensive products hands down for a fairly even light tan, although with lighter skin tones I suppose you may get the slight orange effect others complained of. I myself have an American Indian heritage so I already have a little natural color and this product just boosted me a shade notch and made me look fairly natural and rather tropical, in my opinion. The spray does take some getting used to, and most likely does stain other porous surfaces around you, however, I assumed that might happen before actually applying the product, so instead chose an alternative place for worked very well outdoors after the sun had gone down and with no discernible wind. I wasn't interested in a full body tan, anyway, so didn't mind that I was wearing a bathing suit and would have some tan lines. I just figured that would make the sunless tan hopefully appear more genuine. I would also recommend that you get someone else, a buddy perhaps or a mate, to spray you instead of trying it yourself, so as to get an evenly distributed amount of product. My partner and I experimented with the spray mechanism, which is really more of a light full mister, just a little prior to his actually spraying it on my body. He did a nice light even mist walking all around me carefully twice, not really close in either, and then stopped completely, even though there was clearly further applications in the container. This gave me a more natural appearance after it dried, rather than overusing the product. For the price, this is a decently good product for a pre-season lightly tanned look or for a temporary one time use. My initial application lasted about ten days, through many nice hot showers, and then faded rather naturally, without spotting, especially after I once again I used an exfoliating scrub while showering. I think a lot has to do with the general condition of your skin prior to application, as very soft smooth skin seems to hold the tan and make it appear more even and real, such as on my legs, while the back of my hands which are a naturally drier and rougher texture did not appear as smooth after a few days. The pre-scrub should be a must, as I've warned however, for best results and as mentioned stick to a very light first application, as you're not spray painting a pick-up truck or family van, just ever so finely misting your body. A nice little product, if used correctly, for a little fool-the-eye fun! Just my own opinion.

Do NOT Try This One!
by Ali

Oh, my! After trying many products, I saw this and thought that it sounded good. Well, I was orange, and it didn't even spray on evenly! I, thankfully, put towels down, otherwise my walls and floor would be ruined. I do not suggest this one.

Spray away white!
by Patricia

This is for the advanced self-tanner. The spray is easy to use, however it does take time to get the "art" of spraying down right. I bought this once to keep up my tan, as I was unable to tan in the salon. I do recommend a base tan first, before diving right into this product.

Not for Me
by Stephanie

Desperate for a self tanner that works, I gave this a shot. It is very difficult to tell where exactly the spray is landing, but I can tell you the white wall I was sitting near while using this product was dotted orange within a little bit of no time. I had high hopes for this product, (even knees, even elbows, white palms) and I have to tell you, it was a let down.

Dont bother

This product is horrible. Not only did it stain my skin but also my clothes. Its hard to judge how much you sprayed in one area. If you are going to do a mist, you are better off going to a salon and paying the 20 bucks to get it done.

A bit difficult
by Kelly

This product was hard to use I thought. The spray is a fine mist but sometimes it comes out thicker than just a mist, and it applies too much product and you have to blot it off with a towel. I like the idea of the mist, because it does apply evenly, but you have to press very lightly on the nozzle in order to get the product to spray a light enough mist. If it comes out too thick your left with a huge mess! It WILL stain your clothes and floor, so you need to be very prepared before you use it. You need to cover the floor and everything around you because the mist travels!! I liked the color, but again it will be orangy if too much product is applied. Elbows and knees posed a problem, but works out OK if you moisturize those areas very well first. All in all I think its too much trouble for what its worth. Theres prep time, and clean up time and its too hard to deal with.

Sublime Bronze any angle self-tanning spray
by Sandy B

I have used L'Oreal products forever and thought this would be the same quality as I was used to. However, I was wrong. Orange color, stained my clothes and took a while to get off skin.

So So Kinda Orange
by Jessica D

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Any Angle Self-Tanning Spray is great at getting on evenly as a spray. It is also easy to use. I also liked the fact it had Vitamin E in it to soften my skin. I also like the fact that it had a continuous spray of the product on the areas like my back and the back of my arms. Not much greasiness. It takes a couple of hours to work though. It does make your collars orange though.

Orange Streaks
by Stephanie

I have tried many self-tanning products over the years but this one was probably one of the worst. I don't know if I didn't use it right but I ended up an orange mess that took forever and a day to fix.

by Emilia

I bought this product one day before my sister wedding to use it. I needed to have some color to my skin. I read the instruction, and my sister applies the product. The products left me streaks and turn orange after 30 minutes. It did not look natural. Very hard to get rid of the orange stain from skin.

4 Customer Opinions

by angelica

I like it so much

by Elizabeth

Its not the best but its not the worst, if u dont spread it evenly, it makes a HUGE difference, so to some, this product may not be worth it.

Great product
by carrie

Loved it! Great color and not messy like creams. If you are careful, as it is a self tanner, then it is super easy and great!

by sasha

This is product did not perform well for me. It became streaky and and did not smell right on my skin.