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by Princess

This product is great. It provides an SPF 15 to help when you are out in the sun. Healthy and good for you at the same time!

Great glow
by J

This product gives a great glow and tan to your face. The best part is that it is a great daily moisturizer for your face also, so you can substitute it for that and within six days you will have a great tan on your face. Keep using it once daily to maintain a great facial tan and glow. Easy product, only problem is that it doesn't smell very good and the cream is a bit thick, no big deal though.

Great Product
by An

My friend was using this product the entire time we were in Florida during the summer. Every time she put it on, she looked great. She was recommending it to me throughout the trip but I didn't have a chance to purchase it.

When she told me the price, I thought it was a little on the expensive side. However, for such great results, it is worth a few extra bucks.

No orange face!
by Anna

This is one of the best tanning products out there because you can control your color--unlike a lot of products that just give you an orange-y hue. I used this in the summer and it didn't feel greasy, like a lot of other self-tanning products, and left my skin with a nice glow. If you didn't want a light tan you could always apply more for a deeper bronze. This is definitely a great product!

Great results
by Elizabeth

Yes, it works and it works well. The last thing anyone of us wants is to be walking around with an orange face! I used this tanner all last summer and loved it. It wasn't greasy and it didn't make me break out either. I was reluctant at first putting extra cream on my face but let me tell you it was worth it. I started out sparingly and then worked my was up to a beautiful looking tan. Also, the color it gave me without having to tan in the sun is priceless. I would highly recommend this one!

Excellent Product
by Sharon

I have used this product for about 6 months now and have found it to be one of the best facial self tanners out there on the market. The product is not greasy and has not caused any breakouts associated with some of the other facial tanners that I have tried. The color is natural and progressive. You will not develop that orange, fake, unnatural look with this product.

It worked for me
by rachel anderson

This product worked well on my face. After applying it several times, it left a wonderful color. It takes awhile, but I was happy with the results

Great for oily complextions
by Kelli

I love this stuff because it doesn't have a lot of oil like regular self tanning products, but if you want a deep than then it's probably not for you. While it does work for light and medium tans, it just doesn't seem to give me a deep tan at all. You also have to keep using it to see results.

Sunless Tanner
by Kate

I had used the gradual tanner for the body, and because my face is naturally oily and breaks out, I wanted to use a a product made for the face. I liked this product more than the tanner for the body... this tanner went on evenly and worked well. It did take a bit longer for the color to show on the face than on the body. I suppose that is a good thing because if there was a mistake, it would look horrible on the face.

Darkens your skin faster than you would think.
by Annie

The product tanned the face evenly but at a rapid rate. After my second application my skin was very dark. The product tends to darken you skin very quickly, you will see a dramatic difference in skin color after the second use. so you must apply it sparingly but evenly to get a touch of color. For people who are looking for a "quick tan" then this would be the product for you, but if you want a gradual tan then keep looking around.

by Mariette

I used this product in conjunction with their build a tan for your body and I LOVED this one! It went on my face evenly - never any streaking. I was able to notice a difference! In addition, I have VERY sensitive skin and this did not bother it at all!! No breakouts, nothing!

by Wendy C

This lotion's texture is two slimy to want to wear on my face. It's oil free, so gives it a non-comedogenic yet gel-like features. Not so nice to have on your skin. The color develops very slowly over a couple of wears. I almost would rather the color develop all at once to avoid having to wear this more than once a week.

Not for me
by NTReviewer

I didn't particularly like this product. It didn't work with my skin tone very well, but I suppose the results could be different for others. I was looking for a natural tan appearance and thought this product made my color look very artificial.

Ompa Loompa,you wish!
by Jessica D

Neutrogena Build-a-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Face SPF 15 is one of the worst self tanning products out there. This goes straight from ompa loompa to just straight up embarassing. If you want to look greasy and orange, this is the product for you!

just say no.
by Amanda

After using this tanner for a week I threw it away and joined a tanning place. Build-a-Tan left my face streaky and orange looking. It also stained my hands and made me feel extremely self conscious. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Love this stuff!
by Aubre Rice

I have used this for a few years now. I have light skin, not pale, but very light and try to avoid the sun on my face to decrease the odds of wrinkles. I do like to look sun kissed though in the summer, so I use this product to give myself a little color. I have found it does "build a tan", and you can control the darkness. The color is natural and not orange. The scent is pleasant, and it works well in moisturizing your face too. I love the color it gives when you just apply it to your cheeks and nose. It looks very natural.

by holly wilson

I was embarrassed after using this product because I was left with an uneven skin tone color and with streaks! It also left an orange tint, which was so unnatural looking. I would recommend trying another product instead of this one.

Leaves strange orange streaks!
by restonapt

This product is supposed to slowly build color on your face. I noticed that after a week or so, the skin under my eyebrows was SO orange, it was very strange (obviously you couldn't see it...but still) and if you were not careful about washing your hands after application you WILL end up with orange hands. I thought it worked reasonably well but would probably try a different product next time.

Build a tan Sunless Tan
by Joanne Bille

I have always used sunless tanning products due to the dangers of the natural sun tanning method. I have to admit I have tried and tried to find just the right one. Many times being left with streaks and lines, especially in the areas of elbows and knees.

I used this and didnt neccessarily dislike it, but did'nt have a love of it either. It seemes to work but the color against my skin tended to be orange in tone.

My face wasn't impressed
by nikki counts

The product does say build a tan, so I know it is suppose to take awhile. But it never did make any difference on my face. I was using a tanning product on my body and looking tanned from the neck down. My face just stayed pale.

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