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loved this product
by Jess Sharp

Neutrogena sunless tanning foam is a great product. It left my skin with a streakless even tan and no orange tones!

Just threw out
by kelly

Stinky stinky stinky and not even a nice tanned tone on me. I used it only once and then threw it out months later - I probably should have returned it.

not worth it
by Ashley

Can you say orange, this is very hard to apply to any light medium skin tone without an orange effect, and streaking.

by Tiffine

smelly, lines and orange. almost has a flaky look after a few days.

A little messy
by Natasha

This foam can be a little messy, I recommend using their tan towels.

by Shannon Kimsey

I have tried this particular brand, and it looks really good the first day, but it wears off quickly after that.

Hated it
by Nichole Alderfer

This is one of the worst sunless tanning lotions I have used. It turns skin orange and stains clothes (takes forever to dry). Olay and Estee Lauder both make great sunless tanners would recomment either of them. Stay away from this one; you will look like a pumpkin.

by zunisun26

there are so many products out there that this one has too much wrong with it to make it any better:
1. it streaks
2. its too orange
3. it bleeds onto your clothes the next day after you are dry
4. it really smells the next day
5. it is too hard to apply because the dry down time is too soon.
6. it stains your hands really fast--MUST USE GLOVES

by Like the foam

I like the foam because you can see where you have applied it. Not to sure of the smell.

by christina irene jerro

This product works well but can leave bloches and if not evenly applied will be uneven. Usually a tan will last for roughly a week.

by Princess

A total alternative to going to a tanning salon. No UV rays. Safe... and doesn't leave streaks!

I don't recommend
by Linda

My older sister tried this and she does not recommend it. . It left streaky marks, and the worse color of orange. She was disappointed and would not use again.

If you see this product, run!
by D.M.

My best friend used this product as a quick fix to get tan for her birthday...big mistake.

Did it make her look tan? Yes. But, her legs and arms were so incredibly streaky and uneven pigmentation. In addition, the tan was an unnatural, orange-yellow colored glare.

Fortunately, it went away after 4-5 months, and after the first month, the awful color began to fade.

The end point, if your looking for a quick fix for sunless tanning, avoid this product.

by mary mcmenamy

Its okay. It left streaks and orange streaks on my legs. I'm sure there is a product out there that may work better for me.

sunless tanning foam
by carmanmm

Orange as usual don't buy. It just like the rest of them that I've tried.

Sunless Tanner not a Winner
by Billi Walford

Man was I upset. After purchasing this product I will never use a self tanner again. It was very easy to apply to the body I even used the sugar scrub with it. After the tanner dried my skin felt very sticky within an hour I had a very nice ORANGE glow. I ran to the shower to try to get some of it off, and I ended up with white streaks all over that made me look like I was very dirty. I was not able to leave my house for 2 days until it was finally worn off enough not to be so noticable, but it still took another day to be gone. This product is not worth the money at all.

Orange glow
by Lynne Parker

I purchased this product right before my cousin's wedding in October. I was very unhappy with the results. The foam is relatively easy to apply but the tan and instant bronzer that this product supplies are not natural looking at all. It is a streaky orange color that actually starts coming off when wet. It looked absolutely awful after I took a shower---very blotchy and uneven results!

Oooo, that smell
by Steph

I have desperately wanted the tan in a bottle to work for me, but I have yet to discover an affordable brand that works. This stuff makes an attempt to work, but yet again it turned my skin into a lovely shade of orange. Not to mention that awful smell. Some may not mind it, but it made me want to crawl out of my skin. The smell doesn't come off until the orange tan does. No matter how much perfume I applied all I could smell was that fake tanner. I smelled it on my clothes, sheets, and bath towels. Yuck.

Left me orange
by maggie a

This product made my skin orange it was noticeable that I used a self tanner. The only plus to this product was that it was streak free and very easy to apply. The foam allows for a nice thin coverage so that you don't get TOO orange. Make sure you exfoliate and dry first and then apply the foam..and wash your hands afterward.

oompa loompa
by Jen

Not only was this product hard to apply in a consistent manner, it turned my skin a toxic sickly orange. I looked like a streaked and spotted version of an oompa loompa after being hit with radioactive waves from outer space. Although I washed my hands right afterward, it still left traces on my hands, so I couldn't even just cover up the unsightly areas.
This is one of the worst products available for fake tanning unless you think looking like Pink in the "Stupid Girls" video is a GOOD thing.

You better hope it doesn't rain
by pianogoosie

This is an awful product for several reasons. Firstly, this makes you look as orange as a tangerine. Secondly, this makes my skin feel itchy. Lastly, if you get wet it comes off. I would definitely not recommend or buy this product again.

Streaky and Orange
by Jen Cummings

I've used this product several times in the past, and it has never looked natural or good on me. It tends to be really streaky and orange, and tends to be really sticky for a long while after its applied. The only thing I like about it is that its a foam, which makes it easier to apply than a cream or lotion. This might work better on people with a darker skin tone, but for a pale girl like me, it won't be a product I'll repurchase.

The Foam Ain't Easy
by LKH

I am so pale that the only way that I will ever get a tan is if I fake it with some fake bake--and I've tried quite a few in my attempts to get a realistic, natural-looking tan. This option from Neutrogena, though, is not my favorite. It still looks orangey and unnatural and I find that the foam is not the most effective way to apply a self-tanner. It is nice that you can see where you're applying a little better, but I still prefer lotions to all other types of fake tans.

im not an oompa loompa
by brandyn

This made me orange like an oompa loompa. I have tried multiple tanning products and they all seem to fail and make me an orange color. I don't have time to tan so I use these products and looking for one that actually works.

Not a bad blend
by James Zitzmann

I've used this product before because it is hard for me to tan, and it does work well if used in moderation and rubbed in well. Neutrogena's formula, as compared to other compaines, is much more healthy for your skin and definitely more natural.

by Marcie

This product for me, did not blend well. I applied to my skin and rubbed it in evenly as it stated on the bottle but still showed streaks or orange. Product was to orange for me, definitely not bronze.

Why Be Orange
by TP

This stuff doesn’t make you tanner, it makes you orange. I don’t know why you would want to look like you were just painted orange. It doesn’t work well at all.

Sensitive Skin types !
by Kristina Richardson

I tried this after burning and burning every time I went in to the sun. I love its subtlety and and the foam is easy to use. I wasn't looking for a all summer-looking tan but a slight change and this delivered beautifully.

Nuetrogena works wonders
by Leigh Egan

Normally, I choose the darker tanning creams, but I went with Neutrogena's mild tanning foam because it was on sale. Applying the foam is extremely easy, and in my opinion is much easier than the creams because you can easily lather it all over reaching those hard to get spots. After applying, I washed my hands thoroughly, and noticed a light tan had developed within two and half hours. There were no "Orange tints" or streaks, just a perfect shade of light tan. It lasted almost 8 days before I had to reapply the foam again. I would definitely recommend this product to individuals who would like to use a sunless tanner with fantastic results. However, if you are looking for a deep dark tan, please try their "medium skin tone" product. If you are looking for just a light tan that you can gradually increase, then this is the product for you.

Not real impressed
by Laura

Specifics: Smell, not all too pleasing. Color: still orange glow (could be due too my very pale skin), but can live with it. Ease of use: Easy to use, but still streaks. I have found it very difficult not too get streaks or spots where too much gets applied (even though I am very careful) and leave you with orange areas. I would recommend however that if anyone uses this product they not only do it in a bathroom, but make sure you don't do it near any rugs, towels, etc. It stains very badly (as most self tanners do) and you want to wash your hands immediately. Even waiting a few minutes will cause it to stain your hands. Overall I wasn't impressed. This sunless tanner wasn't much different from other sunless tanners that I have used and seeing as how it is a Neutrogena product (which I give high regards too), I was expecting more. I am not sure if the color of your skin can interfere, but I can say that I tried it and it wasn't for me. Maybe someone else will have a better experience.

It's Ok.
by Chas A.

I've used this product in the past. I used it in the dark since I already have a medium complexion. I did notice that it immediately made my skin darker. After you take a shower most of it seems to wash away, and you're left with only a hint of color. The smell is awful, but it was bearable. This product is good if you only want a little bit of color. But, it definitely isn't the best.

Subtle and easy
by Alle G.

This is by far the best sunless tanning product out there. It is reasonably priced and more importantly, it does not give you an "orange" look. The color is quite realistic and not drastic at all. In fact, I am insanely pale and I was a little nervous about using it. I used more because I wanted more color. The key to this is to use a body puff sponge to exfoliate the skin in the shower prior to applying the product. This minimizes streaking.

by carolyn

I saw this at the store and I thought I would try it because everything I had tried didn't work. So I used this daily for about 2 weeks or so and nothing happened. My skin was a tiny bit darker, but not the change I had originally thought would happen.

Streaking Tan
by Mary

I chose this product because I thought a foam would be easier to apply evenly than a lotion. I agree with other reviewers that it left streaks behind knees and ankles. I have light skin and I expected a somewhat darker result after using it three times, four days apart. I wasn't crazy about the scent. For the time it takes to apply these products because of the care in even application, I found this sunless tanning foam to be a waste of my time.

Nice subtle glow.
by Cindy B

I have used this foam and have gone back to it after using other self tanning products. I usually apply it using a pair of disposable latex gloves to avoid "tanned" palms. This product does sometimes streak a little. I would give it a 5 if it did not. I found by using my bath puff on the streak, I can get rid of it quickly. I really like the subtle glow it gives your body. Don't try to overdo it and put it on a few days in a row or it will start to look a bit orange. I use it about every 5 days and I am very happy with the results. If you are looking for a "deep tan", this is not the product to use.

Good for light skin
by JH

People with light skin will benefit from this. I have a darker complexion and it didn't do much, but my girlfriend loves this stuff on her lighter skin. Make sure to have someone apply this for you, especially on the back, since this has a tendency to streak if not applied evenly.

Sunless Tanning Foam Review
by Karla

I tried this product on myself and my boyfriend also used it. It is great for a TEMPORARY sunless tanning. For my boyfriend, it washed off (most of it) after a quick shower. I'm not too keen on the scent. Be careful of streaks, as with any self-tanner. I suggest having a significant other or a friend help you put it on, as putting it on yourself will leave you with areas not covered with the tanner. Plus, the extra set of eyes can help "smooth" out the streaks.

Pretty Good
by Hayley

I found that this product did work well when applied perfectly. I did find that it was hard to apply to certain areas and ended up streaking a little behind my knees and around my ankles. Be very careful not to apply too much, the first time I used this I ended up a little blotchy.

Tanning streaks!
by Annie

The product did give my skin a great "glowing" tan that left my skin looking like i just came home from vacation in Hawaii, however if you are not VERY careful during the application process IT WILL LEAVE STREAKS especially at the back of the thighs and calves where you are less likely to spread the product evenly. The product lets you choose the "degree of tan" that you want. If you want to be darker then you would apply it on a daily basis and if you want to just be sun-kissed then you would apply 3 times a week. BUT BEWARE OF STREAKS.

Give it a chance
by Jody

Of all the sunless bronzers that I've tried, this is one of the best - the results are so natural, *only if* you don't apply too much and too often! The smell is fairly painless too, not laden with chemicals. Make sure to shake the bottle though, otherwise you'll get some spots darker than others!

Love this!
by Lana

I love this stuff (make sure not to get this confused with the foam with bronzer- it is horrible)! This product goes on much lighter than any of the thick lotions out there. It much easier to apply evenly. It is much cheaper, more effective, and more convenent than going to any tanning salon. Be sure to cleanse your body well prior to use. Apply it as evenly as possible with your hands. Let it dry completely (I usually put on my ceiling fan and stand under it). Wash your hands when finished. I have constantly gotten comments like, "Did you go to the beach this weekend?" Love the stuff!!!

Easy to use
by herm

I really liked this product! The foam method of applying the sunless tanner works really well. It makes it easy to tell where you have applied it and easy to tell if it has been applied evenly. The resulting color is very natural and even. I've tried lots of these tanners and I think this is the best out there.

Very Disappointed
by stacy myers

I tried this sunless tanner because I have always had success with Neutrogena products, but I was very disappointed this time. I paid very close attention to the directions, and I still ended up with a very streaked, blotchy, orange tinted appearance, especially on my legs. I tried to reapply and even it out, but that made it worse. I think I'll stick with being pale!

most natural
by nicki

I've tried many of these products since the "60's" - they certainly have come a long way, but even products today leave a orangy type look. This particular product, I felt, left the most natural tan, and I have fair skin.

Tanning Foam
by Crystal Neal

I really liked the ease of application and it gives you a natural looking tan, not an orange look. Easy to see where you applied the product and seems to last days before needing to apply again. After I bought the first bottle, I bought more because I liked it so much .

by fmodi

This product is light and has a natural looking tan that lasts for days! It's not sticky or oily like others feel like... it goes on evenly and smoothly. It also absorbs quickly and dries fast. It sure doesn't look fake, either.

Good Stuff
by Ernest

This stuff gives you a natural looking tan. A lot of other skin tanning products out there give you an unnatural look. Many of my coworkers and friends have complimented me thinking this was my natural skin tone! Great product overall.

Well worth it!
by Jit Patel

Who wants to go out into the cold and spend time at a tanning salon when they could get the same results at home for a fraction of the cost! YES! Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Foam is excellint because not only does it provide excellent coverage, but it dries fast saving you time. A must try!

Why am I an Ompa Loompa?
by Jessica D

I like Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Foam and everything, but if you try and apply more than one coat in a sitting, you look like you belong on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It is a bit greasy, too. But if applied once in one sitting, it does give the appearence that you are a slight darker. Not that much darker though.

Sunless Tanning Foam
by carol1560

This tanning foam is pretty good. It has come a long way from the old spray and hope type. The color is good and you can reapply and get the shade that you desire. You have to make sure that you shake the bottle up so that it foams, if it is runny, you can get into that streaky mode.

Sunless tanner
by melissa

This went on easy with the spray bottle-no mess. I saw the results I was looking for almost immediately. A natural looking tan with very little effort-gotta love that!!

Orange Skin
by Roxane Martindale

I used this exactly as the directions stated, but ended up with very orange skin. I had used other sunless tanners, but this one was the worst as far as the color. Maybe it was because it was a foam, which was why I purchased it to begin with. I thought foam was easier than cream to apply. Maybe it was just my pale skin that caused such a bright orange hue.

Good one !!
by Arvinder

Awesome sunless tanning foam . Used it and am happy to find out the results. You will definitley enjoy the results. The money is not wasted, but is worth it for such a wonderful product.

Pretty Good
by Wendy C

I really like the Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Foam for my self-tanning needs. It is a quick drying foam/liquid that is tinted so you can see where it goes so you don't get any streaks or white spots. It is also relatively inexpensive and portable. The one thing I don't like about this is that it is hard to put in hard to reach areas like your back with any degree of even-ness.

Sunless Tanning Foam
by Christy R.

This sunless tanning foam had no odor and went on easily. It felt a bit greasy when it was first put on, but that is pretty standard. However, I followed the directions exactly and I was extremely disappointed. My skin was left looking orangy, uneven and almost blotchy. I would highly recommend that no one use this product unless you want to resemble a faded pumpkin.

sunless tanning foam
by lala5

As with any tanning lotion, one must be careful. You are at risk of being an "orange" color or getting spots of darker color. Follow instructions exactly for optimal results.

Not good
by holly wilson

If you want to be left looking orange, then this product is for you. The color is gives you is unnatural looking, and it easily washes off in the shower. Plus, after you wait the time it tells you to put your clothes back on, and even if you are feeling completely dry, it still rubs off onto your clothes and stains them.

Works well
by restonapt

I think this is one of the better tanning mousses out there, however the color is STRONG so choose the right match for your skin and don't go too dark or you will look orange. I found that I got the best results when my skin was smooth and moisturized. Wash your hands well afterwards, I ended up with dark orange spots between my fingers. Eek!

It ruined my clothing
by V Rose

I tried this product and will never use it again. Not only did it leave my skin an unnatural shade of orange, it left unattractive obvious streaks on my skin, despite my exfoliation before application. I also did not apply any clothing to the treated areas until an hour after the end of the day, some of the orange had rubbed off onto my clothing, and no stain lifter will get it out. In my opinion, spend your money on something else.

If you have time...
by JoDean Roberts

I used this product after carefully following instuctions and exfoliating my legs. I didn't like the color once it set. It was more orangy brown than tan. It didn't go on as smooth as other products I've tried and there were a lot of blothcy spots where there was just too much left behind. However, a little of this does go a very long way and the price is good if you can get a good color from it.

Not the best
by Renea Champion

I only used this a couple times, because I just was never that impressed with it. I was looking for something that wouldn't streak or cause that fake orange color. It didn't work well on either concern.
The foam was a different application method, and I did like that part of it. Super simple to use and it doesn't have an overpowering tanner smell.
Not bad, but definitely not the best.

Better with Moisturizer
by Carrie Russell

This is one of the best sunless tanning products that I have ever used. The only tip I would give other users, is that if you live in a dry climate, or have dry skin, you should mix it 1/2 & 1/2 in the palm of your hand with a basic lotion or moisturizer before applying. You will be happy that you did!

Naturally Tan Look
by Michele Fair

I usually don't care for sunless tanning products, but this one was pretty good. I didn't experience any streaking or funny colors like I usually get. I have very fair skin and can't go out in the sun, but any sunless tanners usually leave me really discolored and looking strange. I've always been a huge fan of Neutrogena products, so this is yet another one on their roster that I would recommend.

Neutrogena is simply brilliant in all their products
by Laura Frost

My family and I have used these products for years. I love this one because you can have the tan without the danger of tanning beds or sun damage to skin from being outside. I personally love this product and would buy it again and again.

Looked artificial on my dad's legs
by Danica

My father used this product. It was memorable for me, because his legs looked orange in the picture we snapped. I didn't think they were better than his usual white ones. Maybe he had applied it incorrectly, but I saw a very artificial quality.

Sunless Tanning Foam Promotes Color
by Janet Higdon

I have used this tanning foam at times when I did not want to wear panythose. It is very effective in producing a natural looking tan, but you have to be careful and apply it evenly. Also, you need to wash your hands immediately with soap and water after each application.

Worth a Shot
by Kevin Reilly

Neutrogena is a top force in skin care products. This product does a decent job of giving melatonin-challenged citizens like myself a bit of color. Its all in the application . Try on some hidden skin areas first.

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by angelica

Thiughtvit was good

for a foam
by britt

it does a pretty application, good color . ankles tend to get pretty dark though.