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GoSmile Daily Vanity

Instantly erases daily stains from coffee, red wine, tea, cigarettes, etc. before they set and polishes teeth.

The two key variables in whitening are concentration and contact time.

Concentration: The higher the concentration of peroxide, the greater the whitening. The highest level allowable over the counter is around 6% hydrogen peroxide. Dentist administered techniques can use higher concentrations (up to 12%) but must be applied correctly and the contact time should be limited to guard against the possibility of damage to the tooth. GoSmile's proprietary ampoule technology allows for a pure and potent form of hydrogen peroxide for optimal efficacy.

Contact time: This is the amount of time the whitening solution is on the tooth. The more contact time, the greater the whitening. However increased contact time also increases the risk of sensitivity. GoSmiles's Advanced formula B1 contains a unique polymer gel that actually increases in potency upon contact with teeth, for optimal result. Never use at-home whitening trays for maintenance because the carbamide peroxide gel is too strong for frequent use. This gel bathes the root surface in a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and can cause uncomfortable sensitivity and possible damage to the tooth (demineralization) if not administered properly by a dental professional.
Product: GoSmile Daily Vanity
Brand: GoSMILE, INC. (More Products)
Size: 30 Ampoules
Dosage: 1 per day
Retail: $59.00
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15 Customer Reviews

Tooth damage
by Nikki

I had my first course (7 days) of Gosmile, and received a timetable of follow-up care - every month I have to use 2 ampules every day for one week.
The first week went well, and my teeth looked noticeably whiter. 2 months later I staretd my first refresher week. Disaster! A portion of my upper front tooth is discoloured, and a crack has appeared. Am devastated and off to the dentist! I have healthy, but very sensitive teeth, and no veneers.

Minty Fresh
by Mary

I like this product because it actually has a taste, unlike most other whiteners, where the only thing you can taste is the peroxide.

by Krista

Go Smile lives up to its name- this product is great for when you are on the go because it is so fast and easy to use. This product specifically is go because it is really convenient for us coffee drinkers, and wine lovers. This product lives up to the hype.

Didn't like
by Julie

It made my teeth look worse then how they look before.

Whiten your teeth!
by maryam

I'm a big coffee drinker and as any coffee drinker knows - that habit has its bad effects! I find getting my teeth whitened at the dentist's office so often to not only be a hassle, but also quite expensive. But I love this product because it solves both of my problems. GoSmile Daily Vanity Teeth Whitening System is easy to find and really simple to use. You just have to apply one of the little sachets to your teeth everyday. I usually just apply it once very early every morning and I can notice the difference all day. It even keeps my breath fresh! While this product is a bit more expensive than the other teeth whitening systems on the market, the price is well worth the product. It is much cheaper than a dentist's visit and really does work! You'll notice a difference after just the first application!

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