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5-Minute Tooth Whitening System

5-Minute™ Extra Gentle Non-Peroxide technology provides guaranteed tooth whitening results that are fast and gentle, even for the most sensitive teeth. Our European formula works by eliminating stains at the tooth surface, through a mild, yet effective oxidation process that does not require peroxide.

Unique duplex mouth tray allows you whiten your upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Package contains:

0.2 oz /6 g /6 mL Accelerator.
1.2 oz /36 g /35 mL Whitening Gel (25 treatments)
2.3 oz/ 65 g /50 mL Whitening Toothpaste
Comfortable Duplex Mouth Tray
Professional Tooth Shade Guide
Information Leaflet
Product: 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System
Brand: Natural White (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: Use Daily
Retail: $10.89
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55 Customer Reviews

mom, wife, grandmother
by deborah cooper

doesnt work so good.... save your money

Works good for smokers
by AdoreTu

I smoke unfortunatly I can't seem to quit. I knowdice a difference from each use. Unfortunatly it is a little harsh on vaneers & only lasts a couple days w/o consistant use. It does seem to whiten faster than the whitening strips do. What I do is brush my teeth before & after w/sensodyne toothpaste. I use a needle after using it to get the deep grooves that the whitening doesn't get. It scratches out easy after, just becareful w/a small needle so close to your mouth. I think the product works great for quick whitening. You do not have to wait two weeks to see whiter teeth. I would not recomend using the product dailey but biweekly would be good. It is a little harsh for dailey usage. I do recomend the product. I actualy purchased it at the dollar store. So it is definatly worth the dollar! I wouldn't recomend paying more than $8 for it though.

by Seanwife

I brought this from the Dollar Store and it only can with a mouth piece and gel. I have beenusing it now for 3 days I see my teeth a little whiter, So I guess I got my dollars worth!

Not in 5 minutes
by Lauren Shaffer

This product does not work. I used it like the directions said and left it on for 5 minutes. I didn't see any results. So I left it on for another 5 minutes and my teeth were maybe half a shade whiter. I would have kept going but this stuff can really damage your teeth if left on to long. So all in all I would say not to waste the 5 dollars that I had to spend on it and get a more expensive kit.

Good stuff
by Kris

This is a great kit if you use it consistently. I drink a lot of coffee/tea and the shade guide really helped me show the difference, and to what I've been doing to my teeth.
If you have the time, it's worth it.

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2 Customer Opinions

It works
by M

I just started using this product today and my teeth are looking whiter already...It does burn a little but the same feel that regular tooth paste gives off.

Don't waste your money
by S

I've tried many whitening products and this was one of the worst. Even the Rembrandt whitening mouthwash worked better. It seems with whiteners, if you want a good one that will give you a nice whitening that lasts, spend the extra money.

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